Finding Your Purpose

Deborah Price has written a book called Money Magic, where she describes some really interesting ideas about how we can all achieve our true potential in the area of prosperity – and fulfillment.

She says in her introduction, “The advertising and media industries have convinced is that we are nothing without money and material possessions. We have been brainwashed into believing that material possessions are what we are supposed to want, that fulfillment comes from what we have rather than how we live and feel….

[Shopping malls and Internet virtual shopping malls] allow us to shop 24 hours a day – all to fill a void that we deeply feel but failed to understand.

Meanwhile, the billions of dollars we spend exploiting a mass addiction for buying things we don’t really need could be used to save the Earth as it teeters on the edge of disaster.”

And how true this is! How exactly she has summed up the overriding drivers of the human being,  a species on this rich planet, and like every other species, dependent on each other for our continued survival.

There seems to be something about human nature which is fundamentally acquisitive. Perhaps it’s a genetically determined survival “program”. Perhaps not.

Surround yourself with people who share your ambition
Surround yourself with others who share your approach to life and philosophy. Keep your spirits, energy and motivation high.

In either case, perhaps it’s not too late for us to change. Maybe even to save ourselves.

For although we may feel that acquisition of material goods and financial wealth is somehow important, it can hardly be our individual or collective purpose on this planet.

The truth is you, I and everyone else was born to do something on this planet other than accumulate wealth and material possessions!

True prosperity and abundance are about fulfillment, about finding a life purpose which expresses the essence of who you are, and justifies your existence on the planet.

For it is true that you have the power to make a difference, and to become part of the conscious few who present solutions to the difficulties facing us. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

The Role of Money In Being Human

Why do you wish to manifest money
What does money represent to you?

Of course money itself is not inherently evil or bad – in fact, you can see it simply as an energy. It can be used to create, and it can be used to destroy. It is both spiritual and material. And of course it can energize and propel us, or cause us fear – or even terror which paralyzes us.

But when we find a way to look beyond the power that money has over us, we can surely manifest a better way of being in the world, and if then we can make money from that way of being – well, how wonderful our lives would be.

And I don’t want to give you the impression that I believe every attempt to manifest money – or, if you prefer “financial abundance” or “prosperity” – needs to be based on a spiritual dream.

What I’m really talking about is the need for personal fulfillment, and also the (hopefully obvious) fact that if you are doing something you love, the energy of the money which you acquire through doing it will be more gracious and wholesome.

Compared, I mean, to the money you acquire by doing something way out of line with your basic values and personality.

What is fulfillment?

So let’s start by considering what personal fulfillment really is.

I like to think of it as being the internal experience of satisfaction that comes from doing something in line with your deepest values, something that makes you understand what your life purpose is. Something that uses your true talents and abilities.

The sad fact is, however, most people on this planet are indeed disconnected from their soul.

You only have to look at the way people behave towards each other and towards themselves: addictions, illness, violence, conflict – all of these negative experiences, including disconnection from the planet, indicate a loss of connection with soul.

(And if you want another definition of soul: the part of our being that connects us to our higher selves, the part of our being that makes us know there is more than the physical world and the physical life that we live in it.)

Worse, we have lost the spiritual mentors and teachers who can guide us to a greater understanding of our soul purpose and our connection with God (or, if you prefer, the universe, the universal energy, the cosmic consciousness, spirit, the great mystery… Whatever you call it is fine by me).

And in the absence of such spiritual mentors and teachers, we struggle to find a purpose in life ….  indeed, we struggle to find fulfillment.

These are concepts fundamental to the idea of manifestation using the Law of Attraction.

Negative beliefs which stop he Law of Attraction working
Could life really be this simple? Or do your limiting beliefs about yourself get in the way?

We grow up, emotionally wounded, deliberately or more likely accidentally by our families, the people around us, and our experiences in the world, and with each wound our vulnerability and openness becomes closed down until we finally reach the point where we are disconnected from ourselves and each other.

But those wounds control how we run our lives as adults, making our decisions for us about our occupation, our spouse, our relationships, and our partners, and our children.

All these decisions are based on the unconscious beliefs we learned about ourselves as we were growing up. And those beliefs can prevent us using the Law of Attraction effectively – or indeed at all….

So finding our path becomes ever more difficult: finding ourselves becomes ever more difficult.

And yet, it can be done. We’ll look at this more in the next post.