The Law of Attraction – Part 2

Video: Conflicts And Success – Anthony Robbins

Why creating your reality with the Law of Attraction doesn’t always work.

Seize The Moment

When you use the Law Of Attraction, seizing an opportunity whenever it presents itself can be very important.

Sometimes the universe provides you with an opportunity, coincidence, spontaneous event, or synchronicity which offers itself to you for a moment, or a minute, or a day. Rarely, in my experience, do they hang around for weeks. (Yes, that might just be my belief system talking. You may think differently. We are probably both right.)

Even so, it’s been my experience that if I don’t take what’s offered when it presents itself, I need to expend a lot more effort to recreate that moment again in the future.

Somehow it almost seems to me as if the universe is testing my desire. So my advice to you is be ready for that moment, and when it appears, grab the opportunity with both hands.

And sure, that means overcoming your fears: it may mean abandoning safety, and taking a risk. This is where your intention counts for everything.

If you decide beforehand that you will take an opportunity when it presents itself, without fear, bravely knowing  the universe would not have offered it to you without the opportunity for greater success lying just beyond your fear, then you will succeed.

The skeptics speak about The Law Of Attraction (aka The Law Of Creation).

I recommend you don’t read negative material; no matter how interesting, it will help you more if you keep your mind on the positive.

But the believers use The Law Of Creation to change their lives.

People say to me: “But how can I discern if an opportunity is being presented by the universe,  or if it’s nothing of the kind – just a meaningless coming together of time and place?”

The answer is to use your intuition. And here rises another interesting challenge. If you’re not in the habit of using your intuition, then you may make the wrong decision.

Using your intuition to correctly know when something is right, or not, can take practice, particularly if you haven’t been doing much intuitive work recently.

And yet the only way to develop your intuition so you can rely on it more is to take decisions based on what you feel. With such practice, your intuition will rapidly “tune up” and you’ll soon be able to distinguish between false hopes and the inspiration of the universe.

So to sum up at this point…. no, heck, let’s take a real life example.

Making Your Imagined Reality Real

Suppose you want a new house. Well, just thinking about the house you’d like isn’t going to bring to you.

But being passionate, forming a clear vision of the house you want, developing an intense desire and, above all, feeling your joy and happiness as you see yourself living in the house in your imagination – all this can set in train a series of coincidences and events which really will bring that house to you.

For example, some years ago I was looking for a new house because my neighbors could have been better. Around the corner was a beautiful development, in a secluded close, convenient for all the local facilities. And strangely enough there were three houses left unsold.

Although I knew the price of the houses was well beyond what I could afford, I went round one Saturday afternoon to look at them and (by chance) the sales rep for the building company was taking a party round. She invited me in to see one of the houses.

In every way it matched my requirements, for me as a single man at the time, with front and rear gardens or yards, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, fitted kitchen… and all the other fittings which make a house desirable.

Knowing I was there for a clear reason (i.e. to own the house) made me bold; and so did my desire and my joy and my happiness at finding such a beautiful house to live in.

So, I worked out what I could afford, compared it to the price that the house was marketed at …  and, on realizing the size of the difference (not in my favor!) immediately visualized – with intensity, clarity and feeling – shaking hands with the sales representative and taking the keys from her.

I had no idea how that was going to happen, because the price was 50% higher than I could afford. But I believed – I knew – it would happen. The Law Of Attraction is immutable. Given certain conditions, it always works.

My intuition nagged at me – why were these three houses were left unsold, 18 months after all the others had been sold. What had changed on the development?

A quick visit to the council planning department revealed that a large supermarket was going to be built behind these properties. People were running scared, and so these three houses remained unsold….

But it didn’t scare me. I knew I had the Laws Of Attraction – call it the Laws Of Creation, if you prefer – working for me.

And I saw immediately that the supermarket wouldn’t be a problem. All the car parking and the entrance to the supermarket were planned for the opposite side of the building, far from the back fence of my property. (In my mind the house was already my property.)

And putting a gate in the fence looked like a great way to get groceries quickly! (Which it was!)

This was an opportunity indeed, and I grabbed it with both hands, making an offer to the builders of a mere 40% of the sale price.

Guess what? They were so eager to sell that we finally settled on exactly the price I could afford, and I took possession of the keys in precisely the way I’d imagined in my mind. That was one of the happiest houses of my life…

This is the way Law Of Attraction works: first, it finds the things you want and which are looking for you. Then, it matches you together through a series of intuitive events, coincidences, hunches, insights, opportunities and serendipity.

The Power of Visualization

Of course, people talk about visualization when they speak of the Law Of Attraction: and, sure, it can certainly be powerful, but it won’t bring you what you want if you have any doubts or negative beliefs about getting what you want.

No matter how detailed your visualization, and how happy, joyous or powerful you may feel while visualizing, you have to BELIEVE!

So if you want a luxury car you can visualize it all day every day, but it won’t show up if you have even a shadow of a doubt in either your conscious or subconscious mind about getting it.

And the easiest way to find out if you hold such doubts or negative beliefs is to think about how you feel when you visualize it.

I wrote earlier of my objective to make a million dollars by a certain deadline. That seemed highly desirable – yet when I started visualizing the money in my bank account, I knew I was a doubter. I just wasn’t ready for that level of wealth.

And, sure enough, when I changed my target to half a million dollars this immediately felt completely achievable.

There was a sense of “rightness” about this target which left me certain I held no limiting beliefs around my ability to create half million dollars in the same time scale.

Negative Beliefs And The Law Of Attraction

Yet these beliefs, these negative beliefs, can be very subtle.

Suppose you wanted a beautiful new car, but at some level you were doubtful about whether it was right for you because, say, you always use your car to take the dog to the beach, and that might ruin the new upholstery!

Underlying this could be all number of negative beliefs about yourself, including the possibility that anything beautiful or nice you have gets ruined, or that there’s no point you trying to get something nice because you can’t keep it…..

So it’s absolutely down to you to come up with an objective that you can believe in wholeheartedly. The strength of your belief about the likelihood of getting what you want is the most powerful factor in determining whether or not you get it.

Watch this video to understand more

Mike Dooley has a very interesting little trick up his sleeve here: he says that when you find negative beliefs threatening you, then you can put your mind into a more positive frame simply by allowing yourself to doubt that your negative belief will come true.

Nothing more than that! This seems almost magical, but it really works in its most profound technique for shattering limiting beliefs: just allow yourself to doubt the reasons why you might not get what you want.

But then again, people say but you don’t have to do anything to get the Law Of Attraction to work. It just is a law, like gravity, and so it works regardless of what you do.

Well, it is certainly true that you create your reality. All the time everything around you, is created by every thought you ever had up to this point in time.

The very place you are in time and space is the product of every thought you’ve ever had, every belief you’ve ever held, and if we wish you’ve ever expressed to the universe. And here’s the problem: because the process works all the time, non-stop you are creating things and situations and events in your life all the time by default.

And since you’re not paying attention to what you’re creating, things will manifest that you don’t really want. If you don’t pay attention to your relationship, a poor relationship will manifest.

If you don’t pay attention to the welfare of your children, they may go off the rails. If you don’t pay attention to your own health, or how many chips you’re eating, it may be that you manifest obesity. In short, what you have to do is create deliberately, to create consciously, remembering just how powerful you really are all the time.

And above all, one of the most interesting and powerful ways that you can tell if you’re doing it right is whether or not you’re having fun. If you’re not having fun, then something is wrong.

So now you might be thinking “Oh my God, I have to watch every thought I ever have!” No! That’s not true. One little thought won’t make any difference, really.

The problem is having the same thought over and over and over again until it becomes firmly seated belief which really does control how things manifest around you. So once again it’s back to your belief system: to get what you want to have to root out the things that might hold you back from achieving it.

Take this interesting example: you’re driving down the street, and you think “I hope I don’t get in an accident”. What happens next?

Some people might think that putting such a thought out there means you attract an accident. But the truth is more subtle: your future depends on whether your underlying belief is that fundamentally you’re safe while you’re driving, or that fundamentally you’re unsafe when you’re driving.

One of those is a lot more likely to create or attract an accident than the other: I’ll leave you to decide which!

In short, it’s the overall emotional tone of your thinking (your expectations) and the specific nature of your belief system which will determine what happens to you.

Take money: if you basically believe you come from a family where poverty is the natural order of things, or you believe that for some reason money can’t be attracted to you, then that’s exactly how your life will manifest – until you get a new set of beliefs.