Can You Manifest What You Want?

Do we actually have the power to manifest our own reality?

This might appear counter-intuitive but, as a matter of fact, it is the truth. Sure, a lot of people will no doubt see the preceding statement to be preposterous to say the least! But to be honest, this can be expected among individuals who have no information relating to The Laws of Creation or faith in manifestation! 

The same thoughts explained in the Laws of Attraction, and the presence of these universal laws is indisputable – given the intensity of one’s faith and drive, and placed in the ideal circumstances – each of us possesses the capability to manifest or make real the material or situations that we long for in our lives. This is all about taking charge of your life, stepping into your sovereignty and being fully embodied in the King archetype.

The thought of shaping your very own reality is not a new idea or concept or invention; in fact, it’s a proposition that harks back to the learning of our ancestors. A quick survey of the archeological findings has revealed that the system  was respected even in antiquity – the early Egyptians were demonstrably familiar with the science of manifestation and “conjuring” reality long before their grand monuments were even finished!!

Of course, this sort of system might sound mysterious or supernatural, which probably explains why the details have been blanketed in secrecy through the ages. Yet you are a modern sorcerer, perhaps obsessed with understanding and applying the Laws of Creation, Attraction and Manifestation to change reality.

And you know what? There’s actually nothing baffling about this practice. It’s an innate human capability. It actually shows up in the Bible, which itself is quite clear about the manifestation process (ask and it shall be – well, you know the rest, yes?)

So. Modern days! The first modern rendering of the ideas of manifestation was in a book by an author named Napoleon Hill, writing in the 1930s, at a time when the Great Depression was destroying millions of homes and livelihoods all over America. Hill summed up the main ideas of this Active Co-Creation process in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. This well-known book has remained a favorite among enthusiasts of all stripes ever since.

I have this irksome suspicion, however, that many of Hill’s readers are unable to thoroughly grasp the ideas that the old gentleman explained in it. Hill made the observation that there were clues contained in all chapters of his book about the processes and requirements of manifestation. It certainly feels like he thought that only people who could actually grasp his core ideas were worthy of the wisdom he was imparting!

Yet, ironically, it’s not not really indicated in Hill’s writing just what he did regarding the secret of manifesting reality. To be fair, he did describe all the points, principles and ideas that are essential to successfully produce one’s own reality –  independently of whether your burning desire is financial wealth, an ideal sexual relationship with your soulmate, fame and recognition, or some other equally compelling objective.

Invariably, in any discussion of a theme that suggests manifestation is worthwhile, the core factor is always to start with a pretty definite goal in mind and to picture your own circumstances AS IF you currently possess that objective in your life. Every aspect is invaluable, because by imprinting your vision on your subconscious as a painstakingly detailed image, you are able to summon up intense motivation for this particular form of your desired outcome.

Of course, there needs to be a compelling enough reason, a profoundly significant reason why you should want your stated objective. This is because without a driving force, or without sufficient motivation to accomplish something noteworthy, you will almost certainly lack the intense emotional or mental energy that powers the process of manifesting reality.

Manifestation: Imagine Your Relationship In Every Detail

As many prominent thinkers revealed, including Napoleon Hill, desire and belief, both locked into the possibility of you achieving your goal, are indispensable for the vision to appear as a reality. 

The idea here is to find something which makes your heart sing, and then move forward with clear intention to accomplish your goal. Moreover, Hill also highlighted the necessity to have a group of people, for which he proposed the term a Mastermind group, which is made up of like-minded friends who will be completely behind you as you manifest reality.

And for sure, when you have a group of minds supporting each other, the ingenuity and enthusiasm generated is, without question, much more than one would probably anticipate, because this tight circle of like-minded individuals generates an energy field which nurtures your belief in the reality of accomplishing your desired outcome.

Why does that matter? Because with any self-defeating ideas, doubts or beliefs, or if you yourself are not totally convinced that you have the power to accomplish your goals, there just isn’t the slightest hope that it will become part of your reality.

And to deal with doubts that prevent you realizing your objective, you really need to explore your subconscious mind, and establish what those negative beliefs might be.

When you get past this, you will have to reframe them in some manner to enable you to replace them with a personal belief structure that permits you to work naturally towards your dreams. Then, and only then, can you apply the Law Of Attraction in your life easily and effectively.

The Law of Attraction is a reality – we know this because it has been proven over the years by the experience of people who manifested whatever they want to bring into their lives.

This includes money, wealth of all kinds, prosperity and abundance, good-quality relationships, new jobs, new employment, new attitudes of mind, and improved quality of relationships, both sexual and nonsexual.

When you hear this, it sounds like some kind of modern day scam that is trying to persuade you to invest your money! You know what I mean – the kind of thing that goes “have it all, with no effort whatsoever!”

But of course the law of attraction requires a considerable amount of your time and effort – and it’s certainly no pushover to make it work. As I mentioned above, being in your King archetypal energy is necessary to get results. (Find out here what the King archetype is all about.)

If there’s any doubt surrounding the law of attraction, it exists entirely in the minds of the people who successfully persuade men and women that with a few minutes’ visualization every day, and by engaging in some ridiculously simplistic rituals, they can manifest their deepest desires.

Now of course this may sound like the esoteric way to get what you want, but in fact it is a natural part of being human. But it isn’t about getting something for nothing! Life isn’t like that, as you have probably realized, although you may still be hoping that some part of your being the discovery that things come easily!

Forget it. If you want to use the law of attraction (and this is the place to get a full understanding of it!) to manifest anything – a sexual relationship, money or anything else – then you have to work quite hard.

What that work looks like is this: being absolutely clear about what it is you’re passionate to have in your life, and then believing in that dream with more commitment than you might have ever shown for anything in your life up to this point.

Now I know that you probably want something very badly indeed right here in this moment, but I wonder whether you have the intense desire that will sustain your motivation when you’re faced with the everyday problems and challenges of life around you.

For, make no mistake about it, unless you do have a consistent and persistent desire for something within you, and held consistently with intense commitment, nothing is going to manifest any time soon.

When people talk about the Law Of Attraction they make it seem very simple, but it isn’t. Or at least, the principles are simple but the execution of it is rather more complicated than you might imagine.

Manifestation: Imagine Your Relationship In Every Detail

I’ve already alluded to the need for intense desire to make manifestation work, but not only do you need intense desire (which is sustained over a long period of time), but you also need an absolute belief in the certainty of your being able to manifest whatever it is that you’re trying to attract into your life.

One of the reasons for this is that the process of manifestation depends on you putting sufficient emotional energy into it, to convince – and I use that word loosely – the universe that you’re sincere and your desires to have whatever it is you’re envisaging.

But whatever the exact nature of the mechanism, we know that a high level of energy on the part of the person’s visualizing is very necessary for it to manifest in their lives – and that includes you, just as does anybody else who wants to bring about a certain outcome.

Beyond desire and belief, you also need expectation – expectation is a quality which allows you to believe that these things can happen for you, and that they will happen for you. You may well have a belief that other people can be rich, for example, because there are plenty of examples of them around the world – and you could hardly deny their existence!

But could YOU be rich? Perhaps that’s a slightly more challenging thing to believe in?

So expectancy is the expectation that something is going to manifest for you, no matter what your background, no matter what your history, and no matter what your cultural circumstances.

This, I think, more than anything else is where a high level of evolved consciousness may be necessary to people who want to change their lives for the better.

What I mean by “evolved consciousness” is this: it’s quite obvious that people don’t have the same success as each other in manifestation – some manage to do it all the time, and some don’t manage to succeed at all.

Whether or not you succeed is probably a reflection of your commitment to the process, at least in part.

In addition it’s also a reflection of the amount of time and effort that you’re able to bring to the process of visualization or meditation which is the fourth adjunct to co-creation (another word for manifestation).

Visualization or meditation are processes which require you to enter a slightly altered state – one in which your brainwave frequencies slowly down into the Alpha frequency range of 7 to 14 cps.

For some reason that is not entirely clear, it appears that this brain frequency (and what we refer to by brain frequencies is the frequency of the electrical activity that pulsates through the brain) is somehow a facilitation device which enables you to connect to the universe at large. This connection seems to act as some kind of “carrier wave” that will carry your desires and intentions to the universe.

Now I need hardly say, I’m sure, that this is rather a challenging thing to do, because we’re all faced with a busy everyday life that keeps our brain highly active and maintains our inner brain frequency range far removed from the Alpha waveband.

So you will be required – and it’s an absolute requirement, for sure – to sit down and relax and meditate and to develop the habit pattern of doing this until you are adept at it. Without this frequency of brain patterns, you will not be able to visualize whatever it is you wish to bring into your life in a way that will make it happen.

And finally, you won’t be surprised, I’m sure, to hear that the very final step of manifestation is to take action of some kind that demonstrates to the universe that you’re committed to achieving your goal. Even so, manifestation is worthwhile, and the core factor is always to start with a definite goal in mind!