Making The Law Of Attraction Work For You

The Law of Attraction

What if, in your imagination, you could create the world you actually want to live in, a world complete with all the things that you desire, a world complete with all things that you need, the world complete with all the things that would actually fulfill you?

Doesn’t that sound like an absolutely fantastic way to live? So that was open to you, is a possibility, why would you not take advantage of it, and actually do so? Why would you not live that way?

You see, the thing is this – it is absolutely possible to live in that way, it is absolutely possible to have everything you want, to eliminate health issues and health problems – including, I might add sexual problems, mental problems, emotional problems, relationship problems… Problems of any kind whatsoever, and it is absolutely possible to get whatever you want in your life.

Now I know that perhaps one of things that you’re thinking at this stage is – well, if it’s so easy, then why doesn’t everybody have everything they want?

How to create or manifest your reality? It’s easier than you think! Read on to find out more.

But of course the reality is that most people aren’t willing to make the slightest effort to get what they want, on any level of their lives – which is why people are content to put up with poverty, ignorance, stupidity, deprivation and abuse.

For those who have reached the level of consciousness which is sufficient for them to understand that there is in fact another way to run their lives, manifestation and law of attraction often escape route from poverty and deprivation in every form that it can manifest on the planet surface.

But why don’t more people take advantage of this?

Law Of Attraction

The simple answer is that most people want an easy life, and don’t understand that the simple techniques set out in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne are not in fact so simple.

Manifestation requires person to do considerable work on themselves to raise the level of consciousness to a point where they are actually able to use the techniques that will result in successful manifestation.

You see, every negative belief that you hold about yourself is an objection or an obstacle to creating reality using the Law of Attraction. For example, if you believe that your self-worth is quite low, or indeed if you believe that your entitlement to money or wealth or riches is limited, then your chance of manifesting great wealth and riches in your life is negligible. Regrettably it’s an absolute truth that you can only manifest reality around you to the level that your belief will accommodate.

This is something you can understand more clearly by closing your eyes and considering what level of cash you think you are actually going to be capable of manifesting – not what you would like to manifest, and not what you want to manifest, but what you truly actually believe you could manifest if use used all techniques available to you correctly.

Now there’s usually a huge discrepancy between what people want, and what they realize they’re actually able to sustain as a belief – and only those things that you can sustain is a belief are going to manifest in your life, because frankly, the universe knows better than you do.

What I mean by that is that if you are not capable of believing that a certain level of wealth is available to you, or that you not worthy of a certain level of wealth, then the universe is never going to present it to you, simply because it knows that you cannot handle it.

There’s no better example of this truth than the fact that 90% of lottery winners are back (financially) where they started within two years of winning a lottery jackpot. Their subconscious minds are programmed to believe that they deserve a certain wealth level – or, more likely, a certain poverty level – and as soon as the world produces a jackpot on the lottery, which disturbs the status quo, then their sense of self-worth (or lack of self-worth, to be more accurate) switches on…. after which their subconscious mind starts to bring about a series of actions which will bring their wealth level back in line with the subconscious mind’s firmly held beliefs about that person’s capacity to hold abundance or wealth.

We all know how lottery winners lose money as fast as they got it. It’s about what they believe their capacity, their right, their very right to have money or wealth or abundance that determines the circumstances in the world. It’s not about intelligence, it’s not about education, and it’s not about physical or mental ability.

We’ve all heard of people with limited ability in many different ways who are quite capable of establishing and keeping huge wealth. There is no better demonstration than that of the fact that working on the limiting beliefs that keep us subservient to others, keep us poor, or deprive us of the things we want, is absolutely the first and most essential step to changing our lives.

People often ask me how it’s possible to change limiting beliefs, and the answer is that it’s much easier than you think. While the subconscious mind is always ready to manifest whatever it believes to be true at a particular point in time, it’s also very ready to manifest something different – all it needs is persuading that there is a new reality available, one which will actually allow you to enjoy life much more, and perhaps also to gain greater wealth and freedom of spirit.

So, to this end, you might choose to use techniques like hypnosis or self hypnosis, you might choose to use deep therapy work, or you might choose to engage in a process of examining and changing limiting beliefs by using many of the techniques that are available on the Internet, some of which are quite revolutionary.

But make no mistake about it, you’re certainly not going to be wealthy any time soon unless you actually start by changing the limiting beliefs which determine what you think you’re worth. Then you can manifest successfully.

You’re not going to find a new job or a new partner or a new relationship of quality, if you believe that you are only entitled to a second-rate relationship or a second-rate job or a second-rate place in the world.

The universe, while not capricious, certainly responds to what people expect of themselves, and manifests the reality that matches precisely what they regard as true about themselves – so if you haven’t yet started the process of self forgiveness, which by the way depends on forgiveness of others as well as forgiveness of self – or you haven’t started the process of changing the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, then it’s high time you began to impact your ability to live in the world happily and healthily by doing exactly that.