Turn Manifestation Failure Into Success

Why Doesn’t The Law of Attraction Work For Everyone?

According to Michael Mackintosh, an important secret that’s missing from most people’s understanding of manifestation is this:

Not all desires are the same.

So, according to conventional thinking, when you use the Law of Attraction, you can manifest anything you want, and, within reason, you should be happy as a result.

But think of lottery winners – a classic example where manifestation  – or at least good luck – turns sour so often. Did you know that 90% of lottery winners are back in the same financial situation with two years of their win?

Clearly if they haven’t been able to use their winnings in a good way – which they presumably haven’t if they return to their previous  financial status quo – then you have to conclude there are things we can achieve, acquire, manifest and desire that are not in our best interests.

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The interesting thing here is that the Law of Attraction will give you what you think you want to make you happy ….. even if it’s going to make your life worse.

In other words, as I’ve said before, the Law of Attraction and the universal energy behind it are neutral.

They won’t discriminate between what’s good for you or what’s bad for you, between what’s going to have a good outcome for you and what’s going to have a bad outcome for you.

They will give you what you want…. at least some of the time.

And if it’s true that most of the things you think you want will not result in you being happy or fulfilled (e.g. lots of money, big houses, big cars, etc), then it follows that you need to be REALLY discriminating about what you’re trying to manifest.

Only by being discriminating and careful about what you’re asking for can you have a reasonable chance of acquiring something that really fulfills you.

And the further conclusion which seems to stem from this is that if you ask for something, and you get it, this may not be a particularly good thing for you.

In other words… you need to be able to handle the consequences of actually getting whatever you ask for.

Manifest Success Not Failure

Now, how on earth are you going to be able to tell what is going to be good for you and what is going to be bad for you?

The answer seems to be that you need to identify and distinguish between wishes that come from your heart and wishes which come from your ego or your mind.

Things which come from your heart are probably the things you really do need in life to be happy or fulfilled.

Things which come from your ego, your thinking, or your mind are less likely to be fulfilling for you.

You might know that already – for example, when you come from your heart, you are much more likely to establish a meaningful relationship with other people than when you come from your head.

Why is this? Perhaps because the energy of heart desires is much more subtle – and powerful – than the energy of ego-driven desires. In fact, some say that wishes and desires which come from the ego are weak and superficial.

They may be the kind of “here today, gone tomorrow” wishes that don’t deeply ingrain themselves into your soul, or excite you when you think about them.

And in truth, if you are able to look into your heart and ask yourself what you truly want, then you might find things that are driven by your ego are just illusions, and that you don’t really want them at all.

Don’t forget that if you get something which doesn’t serve you in a spiritual sense (if you don’t understand what that means, think of it as being something that serves your highest good, and the good of those around you) then you’re likely to be given a “learning opportunity” for spiritual evolution!

To be honest, a learning opportunity for spiritual evolution means something which can show you what you need to avoid in future.

That doesn’t apply to everyone who manifests something from the ego: some people just remain stuck at the same level of evolution in life, learn nothing, and go on to live a life just as miserable as it was before they manifested whatever they thought they “truly desired”.

The fact is, simply manifesting something from your head – like a lot of money – can result in drama and chaos, because it’s not a true spiritual request.

As Michael Mackintosh points out, one of the ironies of The Secret  is that many of the people involved in it ended up in legal squabbling!

Far from being in the joy which The Secret was supposed to be about, they’ve ended up in unpleasant, very “real-world” consequences which are far removed from the spiritual aspects that should underpin manifestation.

So how can you identify your heart’s pure and true desires?

Well, you can start by coming from a place where you see yourself as a truly wonderful part of the universe – an eternal being whose essence is love and power and joy.

If you can do this, in a spiritual sense there’s very little you will need to complement your existence.

And Another Viewpoint Of Manifesting Reality?

While we are beings with our heads in the clouds, we surely have our feet on the ground, so it’s worthwhile manifesting things that can make our earthly existence better.

To do this from a pure place, from a spiritual place, in other words from your heart’s true desires, you can meditate and reflect on what it is that you really want.

And Michael Mackintosh has a few questions which should allow you to identify the truth about your desires….

For example, he asks you to consider “What would be the highest physical manifestation of your inner nature?”

And he suggests you consider this: “At the end of your life, what would you like to be remembered for?”

And since the essence of manifestation from the heart is about service, perhaps one question you could ask yourself is “What would be the greatest service I could render to the planet, the one which would leave me most fulfilled?”

If you want to know the other questions, I suggest you buy Michael’s book – you can find it here. (Title: Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Most People.)

These are not small questions. They are very spiritual questions: finding your heart’s true desires and then manifesting a way to enact them is highly spiritual.

When you think of this kind of manifestation you’re thinking of people like Florence Nightingale, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Nelson Mandela. And you’ll observe that for those people there was a great deal of personal sacrifice involved in the manifesting their dreams and desires – because they weren’t ego driven.

They were driven by a heartfelt desire to improve the world around them.

Find A Mission That Matters

To feed your soul, you might engage in a mission which involves helping other people find their true level of fulfillment and satisfaction.

That way, you’re almost certain to have your own needs met and your own problems solved.

And this is the meaning of something that you may have heard before when looking for ways to manifest your desires: “Follow your heart and the money will follow”.

This is a principle that suggests that money, and not only money, but also abundance and love, will come because of what you’re doing.

In other words, when you find a state of being (such as happiness) which comes from a desire to truly serve others, you’re more likely to find a way of making money from it.

For example, if you manifest money for a specific purpose which is in tune with your best interests and the best interests of the world around you, then manifesting money is fine.

That’s because money becomes a resource from which you can develop other possibilities to serve.

In other words, to put it more simply, money in itself is not evil or bad, nor is it good.

It’s just a commodity which you can use in a spiritual way for service or an ego-driven way for materialistic purposes.

Another way of putting this: if you are planning to use money in a way that seems more spiritual, then you’re more likely to be successful at manifesting, simply because your ego is “out of the way” and your spiritual purpose is aligned with the universe.

But interestingly enough, some people do not know if their desires are really what they want (i.e. heart driven desires) or an illusion that serves to indulge themselves (i.e. ego driven).

Michael Mackintosh offers four methods you can use to establish the nature of your desires.

Number 1: Simply to ask yourself “does it feel natural?”

Number 2: Tune into God and the universe, to ask them what is right for you, and be open to a new and different vision.

Number 3: Consider how the product of number 2 feels.

Number 4: Relax, allow, and let go of your expectations, so that you can stop trying to produce an answer to your questions and instead wait for the answers to come to you.

And in keeping with the old mantra “Ask and it shall be given unto you”, it is possible to ask for answers to the most fundamental question of all – “What are my heart’s true desires? What should I be asking for?”