Why Are You Not Wealthy?

Prosperity Consciousness

If you’re trying to create prosperity using The Law of Attraction, there are some things you should know.

You probably have a belief system about money which you picked up from your culture, your social background, your family background, and your own reasoning and observations during childhood.

Most people have very confused and conflicted views about money. Their belief systems range from the completely outrageous, such as money is the root of all evil, to the sublime, such as money makes the world go round.

Yet none of these belief systems are completely correct or based on reality. They’re are all judgments of one kind or another.

For example:

  • money is the root of all evil
  • everyone should get a job and earn their own money
  • I should help everyone who begs on the street
  • there is never enough money to go round
  • there can never be too much money
  • if I get money I can’t keep it
  • money gives you power
  • money gives you control
  • I can’t be happy without money
  • I can’t be secure without money
  • people who haven’t got any money are losers
  • people without money haven’t got anything to offer
  • you can only make money if you’ve got skills talents and abilities
  • you are weak if you have to ask other people to lend you money
  • never a borrower nor a lender be
  • people take advantage of me when it comes to money
  • money doesn’t grow on trees
  • the love of money is the root of all evil
  • money is the root of all evil
  • it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven
  • I must have money to provide for my dependants
  • when I die I want to leave something for my family
  • my family depend on me to provide for them
  • I need a lot of money before I feel secure
  • there isn’t enough money to go round
  • everything depends on money
  • I can’t get what I want without money
  • the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
  • the poor, like taxes, will always be with us
  • how can you get on in life without money?
  • he’s filthy rich
  • he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth
  • prosperity is born, not made
  • prosperity s made, not born
  • and so on, and so on, and so on…

Of course you could go on like this forever; and you could substitute the words love or power (or many other words) for the word money in all the above statements, and they would probably be just as true for just as many people.

But what does this really tell us?

Well, consider carefully some of those statements above – make an effort to go beyond your pre-existing belief system, and consider whether or not these statements are true or whether they are merely lies and meaningless sayings which sound familiar just because they’ve been repeated so often.

Yet if you’re building your preconceptions around money on the basis of unexamined judgements, myths, lies and fatuous sayings like these, how conscious are you about your desire to manifest prosperity?

More to the point, how successful are you likely to be?

Do you attract success or failure
Do you measure your success in financial terms?

Read about some incredible men and their beliefs about money.

I have told the story elsewhere of how a client of mine came from a working-class family where poverty had always been the norm. Over time, we examined the beliefs that he held about money and we came to several conclusions – or rather, he came to several devastating insights about why he continued to be poor, despite his obvious intelligence and his great ability in many fields.

First, because he’d grown up in an environment where poverty was almost respected. There was an unspoken concept called the virtuous poor – which appeared to be an attempt by the family to disguise their shame at living with such financial deprivations. Something like being the opposite of “filthy rich”, no doubt.

While there was a lot of working class pride in their achievements – the family being artisan craftsmen – they’d never been paid very much, and they never accumulated wealth. There was prejudice galore about rich people who were seen as upper-class toffs, arrogant and stupid, and inherently inferior to the working class people of this family culture who, as he so eloquently said, “built the nation”.

But building the nation is little consolation for grinding poverty.

Another client realized that his poverty had a lot to do with the messages he got as a child: which mostly seem to have consisted of statements like this – “if you go on spending money like this you’ll never have any” and “you’re never going to amount to very much” and “we can’t afford it”. What sort of messages do you think a child growing up in that environment would pick up about wealth creation and abundance? Let alone his own self-worth….

The fact is, every one of us has a personal economy which is the result of what we believe to be true about money and our individual relationship to it. If you believe, for example, you are a person who is unworthy or worthless, then you’re very likely to be living a life where you measure your worthiness in terms of income and how much money you have…. which, I suspect, won’t be very much.

Oh look - money does grow on trees, after all.
Oh look – money does grow on trees, after all.

One of the most common observations I’ve made about self-employed tradesman over the years is that few of them are capable of pricing jobs in line with the value of their skills. This is a clear indication of somebody’s self-worth.

A therapist who came to me for help with money issues was absolutely at the top of his game – a powerful, committed, and very experienced therapist who wrought massive change in people’s lives. Yet he was completely incapable of charging anything like the amount of money that he was worth, and constantly experienced financial difficulties.

Essentially he hadn’t realized that his own belief system around money dictated that money was the cause of all the trouble in the world.

We could go on, but I’ve made the point, I hope.

How To Attract Abundance And Prosperity

As Lenedra J Carroll recounts in her book The Architecture Of All Abundance, Buckminster Fuller, the philosopher, suggested that everyone quit their jobs and just go home, and stay there until they fully understood what it is and is not necessary to do, what they were best suited for, most passionate about doing, and most fulfilled in.

And then, once we had established that, Fuller recommended that we should return to work, bringing those capacities and energies to what we do, and even then only doing what was absolutely necessary. If we did this, he believed, we would have a vastly improved society.

Valuing yourself both financially and spiritually can be an overwhelming task. Understanding how you tap into the money flow that goes on constantly all around you can also be challenging.

Of course money is mostly a theoretical concept in our society, a series of numbers which  pass invisibly through electronic systems, and it can be hard to appreciate your relationship to it. Yet understanding that flow, and appreciating how it moves through your life, is absolutely essential to becoming a friend to money, and creating more abundance.

Money makes the world go round….. and you can manifest it.

Your relationship with money must be clean and clear, not inhibited by prejudice and judgment, and certainly not by fear of the lack of money.

You see, there is more than enough to go round – we have plenty of resources for everyone on this planet. The problem is that it’s not distributed equitably, or that it doesn’t flow around fast enough.

Our deficits are not in fact about lack – they are much more about our belief system around money and how we act on that belief system.

Changing that belief system can make everything different in a very short space of time, even when the need seems greatest and your faith in manifestation and the Law of Attraction are tested to the limit.

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