Live From The End

It sounds quite compelling, doesn’t it?

“Live from the end.” But what, exactly, does it mean?

Well, it’s what Wayne Dyer described as a “most troublesome and unconventional idea” – the idea that you can train your imagination so that it accepts anything placed in it by you isn’t about a future experience, but represents your reality, right here, right now.

Video – Wayne Dyer – Attracting, Manifesting & Living From The End

You will, very probably, have heard of manifestation and Law of Attraction gurus who speak of the need to visualize things as though they were present in your life right now.

This is because the currency of the subconscious mind does not appear to involve any sense of past, present or future. In other words, it can’t tell the difference between your imagined image of something that might happen in the future, and something that is a reality right now.

It looks like Wayne’s technique is all about increasing the efficiency of visualization, the most common method of manifesting anything.

Of course, Wayne is right when he makes the observation that you are being asked to put your five senses into a box, so they can’t persuade you about what they perceive as reality right now.

But in a religious framework, using quotes from the Bible, such as Romans 4:17, Wayne explains what he means: “call those things which do not exist as though they did.” In other words, when you turn your imagination to the highest principles of your higher self, and you imagine a picture in your mind as though it was already a reality, you align yourself to the way God works.

God, or the Universal Intelligence, or the Great Mystery, or the Cosmic Consciousness – whatever you prefer – is of course beyond time and space, for he/she/it is everywhere, simultaneously, and always has been. “Live from the end” therefore means exactly this: you visualize matters as you wish them to be at the end of the affair.

You picture your goals as though they were already your reality.

You imagine the way you want the world to be.

And it comes true. Your wishes are granted, the universe responds by manifesting your desires.

This is, of course, the way the Law of Attraction works. You are, effectively, already God, and you have the power to shape reality.

As the 20th century sage Neville observed, “disregard appearances, conditions, in fact all evidence of your senses that deny the fulfilment of your desire. Rest in the assumption that you are already what you want to be, for in that determined assumption you and your Infinite Being are merged in creative unity, and with your Infinite Being (God) all things are possible. God never fails.”

This is indeed powerful stuff for anyone interested in manifestation. Of course your imagination is powerful, for it is the link through your subconscious to the creative intelligence around you. Yet at the same time your five senses are also powerful – and they’ll certainly be attempting to convince you that they are the only way in which you can see reality as it is.

So how can you overcome their power? As Dyer suggests you can explore this area further: for example, say aloud to yourself “by placing my new reality into my imagination my future dream is a present fact.”

And as you do that, which of your five senses seems to be most resistant and irritated by your assertion that your future reality exists right now?

No matter how resistant your senses are to perceiving your new reality right here, right now, you can remind yourself that you do indeed have the power to use your imagination as you see fit, and that everything you wish to manifest in the real world – the physical world – around you has to start in your imagination and end in physical reality.

As Neville observed, “to incarnate a new and greater value of yourself, you must assume that you already are what you want to be and then live by faith in this assumption… in confidence that this new valuable state of consciousness will become incarnated through your absolute fidelity to the assumption that you are that which you desire to be.”

In other words, within your imagination you have the power to visualize everything that you want to be the reality of the world around you. You have to do this with absolute certainty. You aren’t hoping for a good outcome. You believe totally that your outcome is assured.

Law Of Attraction Requires Desire, Belief and expectancy

It’s the force of your assurance and faith – call it belief if you prefer – which will drive the process of manifestation, and the more you practice this, the more able you will become to resist the seduction of your five senses which are trying to keep you attached to a way of being that does not help manifest your desires.

Thinking from the end is thinking from a position where you know what you want to happen will indeed happen, where your imagination will come true.

And of course this requires considerable force of will: but then living a life of determined outcomes – living from the end, as Wayne Dyer has it – is a demanding way of being. This is why so few people who practice manifestation actually achieve what they want, or at least what they say they want.

(And you have to bear in mind many of these people are lukewarm about their desires anyway, so their failure may be coming from a failure of desire rather than a failure of belief.)

If you can reach the state where the picture you create in your imagination is already your reality, then you are literally already where you want to be.

This is no mere play on words – it is the way the Law of Attraction works. The universal, ineffable Law of Attraction, which will not let you down, when you meet the conditions under which the universe operates.

Can you imagine yourself living in a mindset where every image that you sum up represents your reality, and you are 100% certain of that fact?

Life has probably taught you less than positive things about yourself: the truth is that most children have many negative experiences in life, where they learn they are not smart, or good enough, or loved, or clever, or they can’t get what they want, or they have no power or control over their lives… And as adults, that’s how they continue to live.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Attract your reality and change your life.
Get what you want by living from the end.

The very fact that you’re reading this demonstrates you are not average. The very fact that you’re reading this demonstrates you have a desire to rise above where you are in life right now.

Overcoming the beliefs given to you by other people during your childhood about what you could and could not do involves considerable work. But it is possible.

If you want proof of how possible it is, read the book Dying To Be Me.

This is an example of a woman connecting with the highest possible level of self: the part of her – and you – which represents your connection to the divine, to the universe, to the energy of something much greater than yourself.

Wayne Dyer suggests that you run through “as large an inventory as you can of the things that you would like to define your life.” And then, he encourages you to shift from saying that you are not, or you are hoping to become, to “I am”.

For example, shift your thinking from “I am poor” to “I am rich and increasingly wealthy with every day that goes by”.

Shift your thinking from “l’ll never get a job” to “I have many excellent qualities to offer an employer, and employment is assured.” Shift your thinking from “I’m not good enough” to “I’m more than good enough in every way.” From “I’m poor” to “I’m rich.”

Defining yourself at the highest level possible will expand your power, transform your energy, and put you into contact with the higher elements of yourself that connect with the higher energies of the universe.

Think only positively about yourself, and constantly affirm your own magnificence. Use the form “I am”….. as in I am capable, I am magnificent, I am confident, I am worthy, I am growing, I am a powerful human being, I am an agent of the divine, I am everything I wish to be, I am in ultimate control of my destiny.

Practiced enough, you will soon come to understand that there isn’t a shred of doubt about the power you have, and your ability to manifest whatever you want.