Using The Law Of Attraction

The universal law of attraction operates in a dimension where there is no time or space, no concept of good or evil, no concept of good or bad. It is, quite simply, an energetic force which responds to the commands given to it.

Obstacles To Getting What You Want

When faced with obstacles, would you give up, or would you see them as challenges that the universe has presented to you to test your commitment?

It’s often been said that people’s greatest success lies one step beyond their greatest failure.

But I’m not too sure about this.

I rather suspect the universe is not capricious, and doesn’t need to test people whose desire is sincere. What I think’s more likely here is that people who are challenged have a belief about the difficulty of manifestation. Or, rather, they have a belief that they are going to be challenged on the way to achieving their desired outcome.

And of course if that’s what they believe, that’s what the universe will give them. There’s no reason why manifestation should be difficult, and there’s no reason why the universe should challenge you on the way to your final outcome.

If you believe that the law of attraction will produce what you want easily and effortlessly, then that’s what’s going to happen.

If, on the other hand, you believe that you can only achieve some desired outcome with a struggle, then that’s what will happen too.

One of the ways I’ve overcome my limiting beliefs is to take part in shadow work processes – a deep form of psychotherapy which changes the fundamental beliefs by which a person lives. I realized before one major piece of work that somewhere I held the belief that “life is a struggle”.

And of course, that was how my life had been up to that point. Hardly surprising, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So I did my piece of therapy work, and I brought my belief that life is a struggle into the light, transformed it into something else, and went on my way.

Going home, I stopped at the first service station I saw to pick up some groceries. I had about four or five items in my arms, and I carried them to the checkout and placed them on the counter.

The man behind the counter looked at the purchases, then looked at me, and he said: “Would you like a bag,  or are you going to struggle?”

Make of that what you will, but for me that was a clear reminder from the universe about making life easier for myself.

And it’s true: a whole series of coincidences may develop which lead you to question the law of attraction and doubt what’s happening. But like I said before, it’s not your job to know what’s happening. It’s your job to trust.

All you have to do is just accept that you will get what you want.

A long time ago I decided I wanted to work in the film industry (movie industry for you dear American readers).

And I happened to live near the offices of a small documentary film producer. I remember being consumed with the desire to work in the film industry for months. I can’t really even remember why from this distance, 30 years later! Perhaps I thought it was glamorous, or romantic, or exciting occupation…Who knows?

But it was an obsession of mine for a long time. And finally I picked up a pen and paper and I wrote my letter of application. Which landed on the desk of the managing director on the day after an employee had left the company.

What do you think happened next?

Now how does that work? Again, it’s not our business to know. It is our business to take advantage of opportunities which the universe creates for us.

And so I did, and so I spent a year in the film industry, doing a menial job while dining in the studios alongside major stars, flying round the country, and indulging my sense of self-importance, which was clearly what I needed to do at the time.

After a year, however, the universe manifested a different reality for me and I knew it was time to move on.

A good piece of advice here is this: accept that you can never tell what will happen next. Stuart Wilde says, “Watch for signs, use your feelings to help you decide, and if, after that, you’re still not sure, do nothing.” That’s actually a pretty good way of using your intuition, because if a direction is right for you, you’ll know it automatically.

But the problem is that many of us don’t listen to our intuition, so we go through great worries and difficulties in making our minds up, so we can be sure whether or not we should follow a particular option.

As a rule of thumb, remember that if you have to think about something it’s generally a mistake. When the universal law of attraction gives you what you want, you’ll know it very clearly!

And another excellent piece of advice is to start your list of requests or expectations or desired outcomes – call them what you will – with something fairly modest.

You’ll feel shock when the universe delivers them, for sure, but the point is that you will also reinforce your belief about what’s actually possible. And that it makes it possible to set out to achieve bigger objectives next time…..

Video – stick to your goals – attractive reality

Whatever you accomplish, do remember to express gratitude to the universe. And in the moment when you feel a sense of extraordinary accomplishment or surprise or joy or gratitude that this process actually works, just linger on that for a few moments.

That feeling will help you manifest even more successfully next time.

Overcoming Doubt About The Law 

How The Law Of Attraction Operates

One of the best ways to overcome negativity and self-doubt in the process of manifestation is to use a constant process of affirmation. But affirmations have been much misunderstood, especially around the law of attraction.

In general, people think that if they adopt a positive mental attitude and repeat an affirmation to themselves over and over again it will become true for them. But life isn’t so simple, as we’ve seen!

Simply telling yourself something which is manifestly untrue isn’t going to drive it into the subconscious, because your conscious mind will act as a filter and annoyingly remind you about the truth of what you’re saying.

But what affirmations can do is to slowly and gradually change your attitudes, and thereby make manifestation and using law of attraction more easy.

So you might, for example, use them before you go to bed at night, when you wake up in the morning, and perhaps during the day: repeat them three times, slowly and thoughtfully, and confirm to yourself that they are indeed becoming true. Here are some examples of affirmations:

“Everything I need comes to me effortlessly and easily.”
“I attract fulfilling and mutually supportive friendships.”
“I am part of the infinite consciousness of the universe. I do not judge others. I accept them who for who they are.”
“I see only beauty and the people around me, and we mutually strengthen and refresh each other for the highest good of all concerned.”
“I’m a powerful and positive individual, and everything that happens to me this day is from my highest good. I tracked only positive events people and places towards me.”
“I follow the energy of my highest evolution at all times.”

Affirmations like this can, as Stuart Wilde says, “act like small twigs in a fire”, and by constantly putting more affirmations into the fire, you can build a more and more positive attitude, a hotter and hotter energy, if you like, that can drive things forward for you at a speed that will astonish you.

You can complement that process by manifesting what you want continually. After all, why put up with less than you can have, be less than you can be, and live with things that interfere with your ability to be who you truly are?

A final word: as you open up to new energies, always protect yourself with white light or golden light, imagining it flowing around you before you set out into the everyday world, and understand that this energy represents part of your connection with the universe, your connection with the living spirit, the cosmic consciousness or the infinite intelligence.