How Spiritually Evolved Are You?

Reasons Why Things May Not Be Happening For You

First of all the Law of Ascension.

It will not have escaped you, I’m sure, that despite the assertions you hear over and over again that each and everyone of us can use the Law of Attraction equally well, some people do seem to be more successful than others.

Could it be that they are spiritually more evolved?

Some people seem to manifest things effortlessly. Indeed, I have experienced this myself: sometimes just a simple thought has been enough to make things change overnight.

Other people can practice and practice and practice, yet manifestation never seems to deliver for them.

What Michael Mackintosh calls the Law of Ascension is a way of representing our level of conscious evolution.

Conscious Evolution & Manifest Success

It’s our level of conscious evolution that determines how much power we have when we attempting to manifest using Law of Attraction principles.

You see, like it or not, it is a fact that we are not all equally developed or evolved as conscious human beings: I think you only have to look around you to see how true that is!

And the simple fact of the matter is that in terms of connection with the universe, the higher your level of consciousness, the the higher your level of spiritual evolution, the more power you have to manifest things.

This is because with a high level of consciousness you are nearer the plane of spiritual evolution that leads to enlightenment.

By definition, enlightenment is connection with the universal life force, the field from which everything emanates. To put it another way, the higher your level of consciousness (or spiritual evolution), the more of the time you’re going to be in close connection with the universe.

This makes manifestation much easier and consistent.

Regrettably, if your level of spiritual evolution is low (in other words, if your level of consciousness is low), then your personal power is low, and your connection with the universal energetic field from which everything manifests is much weaker and – probably – less consistent.

What that means is that you’re less likely to be able to manifest anything. And indeed, if you do manifest things, these outcomes will probably appear inconsistently in your life.

Now, it may not seem fair to you that we do not all have the same level of consciousness, but it is a regrettable fact. Even though we live in a democracy where we are all supposed to be equal, the truth of the matter is that as far as manifestation is concerned, there is no such concept of equality .

Some people are more gifted at manifesting, at co-creating reality, than others. It’s as simple as that.

And it equally follows that if you wish to become more effective at using the Law of Attraction then you need to increase your level of consciousness, or engage in a process of spiritual evolution.

That’s because simply sitting there “thinking about something” won’t be effective in bringing it into physical reality in your world unless you have the energetic power and the level of evolution of consciousness necessary to focus your mind in a consistent way.

To put this another way, it’s like saying that manifestation is not the product of the effort you put into it. Rather, it’s the product of the level of spiritual power and conscious evolution you have.

So, if you don’t have the power to feel good, to think positively, and to attract new things, then you may use Law of Attraction – at least as it is traditionally taught – day in, day out and you’re going to have zero success.

Manifest Success

The more evolved an individual is (in other words the higher they are up the spiritual evolutionary tree), the more remarkable their manifestation will be – effortless, easy, and consistent.

Indeed, in states approaching enlightenment, manifestations appear so often they make an individual’s life look like a series of constant miracles and synchronicities.

Regrettably it can be shocking to people to discover the real truth about this. (We are not all equal, after all.)

But when you know that how well the Law of Attraction works for you depends on your level of conscious evolution, you are empowered…….. because you can do something to advance your spiritual evolution.

Some of things that can help you to do that include

  • spiritual practice
  • meditation
  • deep psychotherapy
  • clearing out the emotional wounds from your past
  • not investing your emotional energy in defending against those wounds
  • accruing more energy to focus outwards into the world and the objectives you want to achieve.

Of course when your spirit is diminished energetically because your vital force must be used to defend against emotional wounds from childhood, you’re less likely to have energy available for spiritual practice of any kind

Maybe that’s why manifestation doesn’t work for some people who haven’t taken any steps along a path of personal development.

Make no mistake about it: letting go of old limitations and delusions about “where you are in life” will unquestionably allow you to access higher energies that can raise your level of consciousness….. and therefore make manifestation more successful and reliable.

The truth is that no matter how enlightened you or any of us may feel, we are all still carrying emotional baggage from the past which will, to a greater or lesser extent, be affecting our ability to see the world as it truly is.

That means we cannot manifest reality in the way that we might want, nor can we focus the energy which we need to drive the process of manifestation.

In short, you may not be seeing the world as it is – you may be seeing a distorted version of the world because of your obscured perception and comparatively low level of consciousness.

So how easy is it to let go of old limiting beliefs and develop a high level of spiritual evolution?

Make no mistake – the object here is to become innocent and work towards being “the person you always were”. And that’s a truly wonderful path through life.

But it takes time…. so I suppose my question is: “Are you willing to make conscious evolution a part of your life, so that the inhibitions and limitations of the past will drop away from you, and you can manifest what you want in the world today?”

Or will you give up, as you may have given up with different things many times before, and live a dreary and banal life, dying as a loser?

One technique which can definitely help here is surrendering to a higher power. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to believe in “God”.

It seems to be a fundamental human need to believe in some kind of higher power – an energetic force or entity which is given various names by people such as the Divine, the Creator, Cosmic Consciousness, the Great Mystery, the Unity, and of course many other names as well.

But whatever you believe, it’s certainly true that if you have some kind of spiritual relationship with a higher power, you’re going to find it easier to raise your level of consciousness than if you don’t. (By the way, synchronicities reveal as much. They occur much more often for spiritually evolved people.)

Why? Because having a relationship with a higher power that is personally meaningful reminds you that in fact you are part of the universe, and not an isolated individual being here on the planet Earth. 

Sidebar: You are part of the whole, and as such, it would only be natural for you to have an ability to communicate with the universe and to connect to it in such a way that you can influence how things manifest in the world at large.

And along with this, there is some responsibility on you to be loving to all life, and to respect and honor both the planet that you live on, and the other lifeforms with which you share it.

Ego Desires and Heart Desires

As you can see around you all the time, every day, when things come from the ego, or when actions and thoughts and feelings are driven by ego, selfishness and self-interest (at the expense of other people) tends to be the order of the day.

When you’re working from your ego, what you see is the world distorted through your own desires and needs and wants. Click here to learn more.

That’s when you don’t see the world through a vision of love and cooperation, of sharing and harmony.

It follows, therefore, that the more you can stay in a place of love and acceptance, a place where you honor all living beings and the world around you, the more likely you are to be in a place from which you can communicate effectively with the universal energies.

This idea has been expressed in various ways, including the concept of surrender to the highest good – also described as “aligning with the divine”.

But the essence of it is simple: the principle which drives everything positive in the world is love, so when you align yourself with love, you are aligning yourself with universal forces and divine power, as well as surrendering to the highest good for all concerned, and letting go of attachment and ego….

And this, perhaps more than anything, can help you to manifest what you want as quickly as possible. With the proviso, I might add, that you are seeking to obtain something for the highest good of all concerned rather than your own self-interest.

(As we discussed earlier, when self-interest comes into play, things tend to go wrong with the process of manifestation.)