The Law Is Not Infallible

Michael Mackintosh has written an e-book explaining why the Law of Attraction doesn’t always work for people. If you are one of those people, and you want more consistent success in manifesting your reality, it’s well worth reading what he has to say.

As you might expect, there are several reasons why your attempts to manifest reality using principles based on the Law of Attraction might not be working.

Soul Purpose

First of them, perhaps is that you’re not coming from a soul purpose.

In other words, what you’re trying to achieve, what you’re trying to co-create in your world, is actually driven by egotistical desire rather than spiritual need.

For it would seem that universal laws of attraction respond best to people who manifest reality from a spiritual motivation.

To have both spiritual need and spiritual motivation, you must of course engage in a process of spiritual development.

And then the question which comes up is – well, yes, but what exactly is spiritual development (or spiritual evolution as it is sometimes known)?

And of course it’s not easy to define, but what we can say is that it involves a transpersonal connection to an energy or system or concept greater than oneself. And that seems to be easier for people who have invested in some form of spiritual development.

And spiritual evolution is the product of a spiritual practice of some kind, done on a daily basis – for example, meditation, praying, or conversation with God.

If it’s true that being a spiritually developed individual leads to greater success and co-creating reality, then you may well feel that you want to adopt a spiritual practice.

Bill Harris has written about several principles which he describes as personal development, but which seem to me very akin to spiritual evolution.

Video: Bill Harris On Spiritual Evolution

I offer some of his ideas here in the hope that if you choose to adopt any of these practices, you may well find that you become more spiritually “evolved”, and better able to establish the personal relationship with the divine, or the universe, or God – no matter what you call it – that will help you to manifest more easily and more successfully.

Here we go with some principles of spiritual evolution.

First of All, Let Whatever Happens Be OK

You see, there’s a sense in which everything that happens to you, and everything which happens on this planet, is inevitable.

Every moment is the product of all that has gone before, and until the influence of your past history on YOU is removed from your present situation, you may find that your attempts at manifestation aren’t as easy or as successful as you might like.

Of course it’s easy to say something as banal as “let whatever happens be OK” when things are going well.

But mastering this principle – which is very definitely a spiritual expression of your humanity – maybe harder when things are difficult.

It stands to reason that your motivation for using Law of Attraction techniques is going to be a massive factor in whether or not you have enough self-discipline to engage in a spiritual practice of one kind or another.

For that, you need to be convinced that both the rewards available to you by using LoA and manifestation techniques, and the improvement in your personal well-being you may get by following a more spiritual path, are sufficiently rewarding in some way to make it worthwhile the investment of time and effort that you’re going to put into them.

But for people who want to be in charge of their lives, people who want to control their destiny, there’s no real alternative.

No matter what your resistance, you need to overcome it to move on in life to a better and more developed place.

The problem is, of course, that those things which hold you back are the very things which you created for yourself in childhood because they seem to offer you safety from whatever threatened you.

Changing those patterns, which are deeply impressed into the neural circuits of the brain, can be very challenging.

And when resistance comes, you can make a choice to overcome resistance or not. And it is that choice which will allow you to move forward in life or keep you stuck where you are.

It follows that the more resistance you feel to engaging in a spiritual practice or a path of personal development is a direct reflection of the benefits you might obtain by doing so.

So the first principle is that of letting whatever happens be OK.

I mean, when you think about it,  the things in your life that you don’t like are as they are anyway, whether you resist them or not.

To say that you should accept them as OK doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t seek to try and change them, or indeed change yourself.

Far from it! What it means is that you give up your addiction or attachment to things being the way they are, and you open yourself up to the possibility of difference.

This is a philosophical position which enables you to accept anything that happens to you in life as a lesson which can teach you something you need to learn. (Now, what can I learn from this adversity?)

It’s an evolved spiritual position too, because most people regard adversity as an assault on their being, or as unfair, or as random chance, when in fact it is an opportunity to learn something for your own benefit.

Keep in mind also, that to the extent you can actually accept that whatever is happening to you is OK, you’re going to lessen your suffering.

Any rule that you have, any guideline, any “internal map” of the world, or any beliefs about how the world is “supposed” to be, are going to make you less comfortable, and cause you stress of one kind or another.

I’ve mentioned many times in my writings on manifestation and the use of law of attraction, how one of the biggest obstacles to people’s success in manifesting what they want is the fact that they don’t believe they are either worthy of the outcome, or that the outcome can actually occur.

The same principle applies to beliefs about who you are and how you should respond, as well as beliefs about how the world should operate – these are probably historical beliefs that hold you back, and if you believe that the world should be a certain way, then you’re almost certainly interfering with the universe is ability to manifest reality for you in a particular way.

You probably also suffer in some way when other people break the rules which you hold dear, because they are your map of the world!

Would it be possible, perhaps, for you to consider that there are other ways of being, and that somebody else’s behavior or attitudes, or their thoughts and feelings, are indeed theirs alone and need not impact on you?

For example, if you’re surrounded by people who don’t believe that law of attraction is a real concept, or if you’re surrounded by people who disrespect how you are trying to improve yourself, can you accept that that is OK?

When you think about it, this is really quite a spiritual place to be. Such acceptance of “what is” has an immediate and obvious benefit of reducing the amount of stress you feel about your place in the world, though.

And more – such acceptance is actually a route to transformation and healing, to the release of unresolved mental or emotional blocks.

By releasing things in this way you can detach yourself from the toxic attitudes and beliefs you’ve absorbed in the past – which were almost certainly never yours, but were given to you by somebody else whose best interests may not have matched yours.

You may recognize the truth of all of this, but you actually need to do something practical: you might need to do a daily meditation, or you might wish to find a self-hypnosis program which can help you maintain your center in the face of any “attack” that might be launched on you.

Read more in the next post about another principle of spiritual evolution.