How The Law Of Attraction Works

We’ve all heard of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne – this was a film which she produced in 2006, which was later turned into a book, which purported to explain the secrets of how you could manifest reality by using the power of your mind.

Of course there’s nothing new about that idea – Napoleon Hill was writing about it in the early years of the 20th century, and Neville Goddard was writing about it at the turn of the 19th to 20th century.

What has changed now is that we understand how the the Law of Attraction works.

And how does all this work?

To explain the Law of Attraction, and how you can use it to manifest anything you desire, let’s just think for a moment about the interactions between you and the world around you.

As you probably know, quantum physics has demonstrated that matter and energy are interchangeable.

So everything around you is energy, including your body. You can perceive some of that energy through your five senses, but the majority of it is beyond the reach of your eyes, your ears, and indeed your other senses as well.

But it is possible to attune your mind at a deeper level to connect with that energy. This is probably what people do during meditation – they connect with the universal energy around them.

Your “sixth-sense” or intuition is another important part of manifesting your reality. That’s because it allows you to tap into the energy around you –  as either broadcaster or receiver.

As broadcaster, you’re sending out instructions to the universe about what you want.

As receiver, you’re ready to pick up the fact that the universe has heard you, loud and clear, and has sent a message back to you telling you that your desires are on their way.

Every event in your life is indeed a manifestation of your thoughts and feelings. If things are going well for you, if you’re “in the zone”, that’s because the thoughts you are putting out are positive, encouraging the universe to respond by supplying positive events in return.

When things are not going well with your work on the Law of Attraction, you can rest assured that it’s because you’re not in the frame of mind where you can achieve success and fulfillment, let alone manifest whatever you want.

You Need Power and Control

Creating your reality by influencing the energy of the universe is NOT about wishing for things in a weak and unfocused way. The power within you doesn’t work that way.

For one thing, the Law of Attraction is much more likely to work when you’re trying to create something that serves not only your highest good but also the highest good of all concerned.

It’s also possible that the universe may send you something other than that which you asked for, an interesting phenomenon when it happens, to say the least.

(The reason this happens is because the universe knows that you need a steppingstone on the way to your new reality. If you ever find yourself asking “why haven’t I got what I wanted?” You can be almost certain that this is the reason why.)

Attracting & Manifesting Reality

So how does this work in practice? Well, the universal Law Of Attraction is waiting for your clear and concise instructions at all times. And the energy you need for successful manifestation is the energy of desire, belief, expectancy and action.


Conscious creation

Conscious creation must have seemed like an utter mystery to our forebears and ancestors, since it involved sending out mental imagery into the world and finding that it produced an effect on physical reality in the environment!

No wonder, then, that the knowledge was held secret by sages and wizards and wise men and women, crones and elders, priests and witch doctors!

Fortunately, nowadays wise counsel prevails, and this knowledge is freely available to everyone – even so, few people appear to be able to make effective use of it, especially when it comes to overcoming fear or anxiety and changing their lives for the better.

Interestingly enough, some experts on the Law of Attraction and manifestation have suggested that this is because we are culturally indoctrinated to believe that we are inadequate or inferior, not good enough, or simply unworthy. The result?

We adopt a pattern or way of being in the world which protects us from the discovery of our “inadequacy” by preventing us from ever striving to be magnificent or to express the full potential that we all embody.

Be that as it may, it seems obvious to me that if more people had evolved a higher level of consciousness, or conscious awareness, there would be more people in the world who were manifesting a different reality for themselves by using all that the Law Of Attraction has to offer!

Even so, none of that prevents those who are interested in striving for a better life from adopting positive mental attitude and using visualization techniques to imagine their desired end result.

And what might that desired end result be?

Well, very often it’s increased prosperity or financial abundance, but there’s absolutely no reason that it shouldn’t be some psychological thing such as a better relationship, a more balanced emotional mind, better health and well-being, greater mental acuity or less fatigue.

Those are just a few examples of the possibilities that are open to you through using the techniques used in the Law Of Attraction methodology.

Problems, problems

One of the problems, of course, that people find in using the law of attraction – which means changing their very reality – is that they come up against a very firmly indoctrinated set of beliefs which limit their potential.

And that in turn indicates the need for a complementary program to overcome limiting beliefs that you hold about who you are, what you can accomplish, and your general status and position in life in relationship to other people.

I would suggest that one of the best ways of dealing with these problems is self hypnosis, preferably before you seriously begin to  engage in any kind of manifestation type mental exercises.

Nonetheless, the techniques which I describe can be found all over the Internet – there’s no mystery about where you can get them. Nor indeed, is there any mystery about how to use them.

Your degree of success or failure using principles of attraction is almost certainly going to depend on nothing more or less than whether or not you apply them consistently and with genuine belief in their capacity to change your life.

And please be well aware that they can change your life dramatically – we’re not playing with something theoretical here.

These are techniques that you can use to adapt every aspect of your life, including the level of fear you feel,  into something that you find much more desirable and functional, both in relationship to yourself, and in relationship to others.

Just imagine the possibilities that that opens up to you in terms of improving the quality of your life: having a better relationship with your partner, manifesting better communication with your children or workmates, not being inflamed into emotional states which feel like they’re completely out of control… and, indeed, finding access to greater reserves of energy and willpower which you can use to assert yourself in the world without feeling fear.

Now, doesn’t that feel like something worth exploring?

Getting to Grips With A New Reality

It’s probably bizarre, and possibly surprising to you, but we all have the capacity to manifest things, whatever we want, in fact, in our objective environment.

Video To Explain Law Of Attraction


First you need an extremely clear objective.

Then, you create a passionate desire for a specific goal.

Naturally, there must be a good reason, a pure motive for you to desire your objective – just idly wishing for a million dollars is not adequate, either spiritually or practically. The concept of karma is important too!

This is because without a driving reason, without some genuine soul-driven reason to do something worthwhile (i.e. worthwhile by your own values) with the cash, with your new found resources, you won’t possess enough of the emotional force that empowers the process of manifestation.

As many authors, aspiring manifesters and would-be gurus have written, ardent desire and total belief about the probability, the overall likelihood of you succeeding, of achieving your aim, are both vital… and so is a genuine desire to do good in the world.

Suppose you want a million dollars…. then you might, for instance, want to found a charity or help homeless or crippled people . 

The soul-driven purpose is something that makes your heart lift- and doing it alone is not good enough. As Hill additionally highlighted – you must get support in the process of using the law of attraction.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, recommended forming a “mastermind group”, consisting of like-minded individuals who would be completely devoted to your success and also very encouraging of you as you strive for a particular outcome…..

And yes, for sure, when you’ve a group of minds operating as one, the level of creativity and empowerment you get is many times greater than you’d expect simply from people working together – why?

Because a mastermind group generates an energetic field of immense power which fires up, triggers, sets in motion, the Universal Laws of Attraction – which helps you achieve your goal.

One essential component that Hill spoke of many times in Think and Grow Rich was the need to have unquestioning faith in what you are doing. 

In other words, you must have NO doubts, and you MUST believe that you can attain your aim, your outcome, your wishes and your desires….. but how?

Well, if doubtful thoughts get in your way, then you have to dive into into your unconscious mind, and reframe your doubts and anxieties – or, better still, replace them with a set of more realistic beliefs which empower you.

Although conventional counseling is a good way of doing this, it is a long winded process, and so if you want to attain results QUICKLY you can try some other, more proactive curative work such as Shadow Work or Family Constellations.