Why Isn’t Your Manifestation Working?

Like so many people, when he first tried to use it, Michael Mackintosh discovered that the Law of Attraction didn’t manifest anything for him – no matter that he really needed help!

At one stage in his life he found himself lying on his bedroom floor crying for hours at a time after a relationship breakup, unable to pay his rent. And although he practiced meditation, he was simply not getting any results with techniques supposed to manifest reality.

Fast forward six months – and he’s living his dream life in Hawaii and he’s in a fantastic relationship.

Like he says, “It was such a shocking upgrade, I wasn’t honestly sure if I was awake or dreaming.”

(Mind you, many people who have had success in manifestation with the Law of Attraction will recognize that reaction!)

But many more people fail to get results than actually succeed.

So despite the fact that The Secret has sold hundreds of millions of copies worldwide, it hasn’t really changed many people’s lives.

Yet as Michael says, his life has just got better and better; his partner is a “no drama” kind of girl, and she co-creates a beautiful life with him.

As a result of his gratitude, he’s made it his mission to serve as many people as possible so that they can create their dream life too. Well, this sounds like a guy who’s worth listening to!

The Law Of Attraction Can Change Your Life

First and foremost, we have to understand that the reason manifestation succeeds so rarely (come on, you know it’s true!) has nothing to do with the Law of Attraction itself – but everything to do with the way people use it.

They are missing some critical pieces of the “creation conundrum”.

Indeed, Michael says that the fundamental thing that’s missing for most people when they try and manifest a new life is an understanding of how what they are doing with the law of attraction fits into the universal laws of creation and existence.

He believes lots of people believe they only have to think about what they want – and they believe that’s enough to make it happen. Well, that’s not true!

And he then launches into a summary of how the Law of Attraction is usually taught – which is the simple formula Ask – Believe – Receive.

But it’s quite obvious this isn’t the whole story! It doesn’t work (or at least, it doesn’t work reliably)!

And to show how it’s not the whole story, Michael lists 4 results of using what he calls “traditional” Law of Attraction methods (Ask – Believe – Receive) to manifest things.

Manifest Success – Or Not!

1 The first is that some people have hit and miss success. Their results are unreliable and inconsistent.

2 The second is that people don’t manifest anything, no matter how hard they tried.

3 The third is that some people have “unpleasant side-effects” which manifest alongside the things they wanted!

And indeed, this is a real outcome to a lot of people’s attempts to manifest. They use a technique which leaves them somehow worse off than they were before… either spiritually, or emotionally, or even financially. Not great.

4 The fourth is actually more to do with the person trying to manifest than the laws of manifestation and attraction: some people simply can’t control their thoughts – particularly if they’re depressed or miserable. In fact, most people have a hard time mastering their thoughts, period!

So Michael’s key to making the Law of Attraction work is to set out what he calls a “new method”:

Ascend – Discover – Surrender – Engage

This means there are four essential elements to the process of manifestation.

Number 1: The Law of Ascension

He’s quite right in saying that we don’t all have the same capacity to manifest things. At least, not in the way we’ve been taught.

It’s obvious we don’t all get the same results from applying the same processes. Rather obviously, we’re not all on the same level of consciousness, or conscious evolution.

Indeed, he is quite right when he says that “if you already have a high level of consciousness you will be able to automatically receive manifestations even if you’ve never heard of the Law Of Attraction”.

We all know that people don’t have the same level of consciousness – it’s perfectly obvious when you simply look around you at the people in the world.

It’s not that some people are more naturally gifted or deserving. It’s simply that some people do indeed have a higher level of consciousness: they’ve done more personal work on themselves, and they have more inner power.

Michael is saying that we all need to raise our level of consciousness, and with it, our level of power, before we can use the law of attraction for manifestation successfully.

Video: Successfully Bring Your Wishes & Desires Into Being

Naturally enough, you’re probably wondering how you can do that.

He talks about four ideas:

  • being humble – that is, embracing humility.
  • surrendering to the divine – which seems to mean connecting with God or universal energy.
  • being loving to all life – where evolution leads you to a life that is aligned with the concept of service and loving others.
  • surrendering to the highest good for all.

Number 2: Ask For What You Really Want

But the problem with this idea is that many of us don’t actually know what we really want. You see, here we are talking about what people want at a soul level.

In other words, what would actually feed your soul, not your transient ego?

Furthermore, there is the very obvious fact that sometimes when you ask for something you do indeed get your outcome, but you may also get burned at the same time. And as we all know, that can be quite painful.

Not only that, but by asking for manifestation of those things you desire from a place of ego, you won’t have much energy to sustain the process. You will give up easily. These things lack power and motivation for you. Often they are just sops to the ego, or comforters to your own damaged inner child.

And frankly, if ego is what’s driving your life, then you’ll find that even if you get to your destination, you’ll also acquire more than a few problems along the way.

So the moral here is: only ask for the things that your heart really and truly desires, things that will serve you in your own growth and development.

Michael claims that your heart’s desire will always be related to sharing your gifts, and also to serving others, and making a difference in the world.

He claims that money, abundance and love come as a consequence of living your true heart desires. I’m not sure I completely agree with this – I think that’s rather an extreme position. But basically what he’s saying is: be driven by the things that feed your soul, not the things that feed your ego.

And in that, he’s quite right.

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