Is Finding Your True Purpose Compatible With Making Money?

I think it’s fair to say that most people using principles of Law of Attraction and manifestation to improve their lives are looking for increased prosperity.

That’s a tribute to the power of money in our society.

Far beyond a commodity, money has become a symbol of power, a symbol of influence, a symbol of importance, and more than anything else, perhaps, a symbol of self-worth.

What strikes me as sad about this is that self-worth has much more to do with a sense of being productive or useful in the world than how much money you have.

Because when you’re being productive or “useful” in the world, you’re probably doing something related to your soul purpose.

Your soul purpose, of course, is the thing that you were born to do – the thing that will give you the most fulfillment and satisfaction. And, ironically, it’s the thing that also holds the greatest potential for your prosperity.

You see, from a spiritual point of view, when you manifest your soul purpose, whatever that may be, you act for the greatest good of all concerned.

And not only that, but you act from a place of heartfelt desire. That’s a place that can sustain your ambition and your work far more easily than desires which are driven by the ego.

Desires driven by the ego tend to represent money, wealth, and outward symbols of status or wealth; they can also represent your own measurement of your self-worth if you have forgotten that, in fact, self-worth is about fulfillment.

And regrettably, most of us have forgotten that. Instead, most of us somehow believe that self-worth is measured by money or by the trappings of material success.

The paradox here is that by fulfilling your soul purpose, by working for the greatest good of all concerned, and by doing what will make your heart sing with joy, you are able – if you choose – to earn more money than you could ever imagine.

Now, that’s not to say that you can’t manifest money from a place of ego. You can. It’s perhaps more challenging to manifest a fortune from the ego than it is from your heart’s desire or your soul purpose, but it can be done.

(The reason it’s more challenging is because when you come from a place of ego, you don’t feel the passion that sustains your desire; and that makes it harder to keep the energy associated with your attempts to achieve your objectives high… But that emotional energy, as you may know, is what fuels the process of manifestation.)

It’s fair to say, I think, that for most people the desire to manifest a fortune is driven by greed or by fear.

We live in an atmosphere of fear of lack of money.

We live with the consciousness of lack and shortage, and the fear of what will happen if we have no money.

And so, because of this, we strain constantly to have more money. We may even cling desperately to what we have, as though hoarding would create a stockpile, a resource for hard times.

This is not surprising. Everything we are taught about economics in this society centers on the importance of money, and the need to provide for oneself.

That must be the supreme irony in an age where companies abandon their workers to the minimum wage with no benefits and little or no security!

No wonder that fear and insecurity about lack seem to be all around us, all the time.

How is it possible, I wonder, to create a wider prosperity consciousness when the societal background of fear of the consequences of a lack of money is so strong?

And indeed, since we see the consequences of lack all around us every day, how can we overcome our belief about shortage of resources?

Well, we can start by realizing and understanding at a visceral level that what we see around us is an illusion – at least in a spiritual sense. That, of course, reflects the spiritual nature of the Law Of Attraction.

You see, the reality is that the universe is an abundant place with sufficient resources for all.

You might have heard the expression “all I need is within me now” – and you might have regarded it as just a simple affirmation to encourage people to think more positively.

Yet while this may be a useful and positive affirmation, the truth is it goes far beyond the obvious implication that your personal resources are greater than you know.

For what it signifies is that you are a part of the universal intelligence, the universal consciousness, and as such you have access to unlimited resources of every kind.

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Lenedra Carroll describes in her book, The Architecture of Abundance, how she went through a period of ill-health and financial deprivation.

She was, of course, frightened: her concerns were about taking care of her children, paying the bills, affording healthcare… And so she prayed and meditated about how she could proceed… And every time she prayed, she received the same answer: “Pray for what you need now.”

And of course, her understanding was that she was doing exactly that – praying clearly and strongly for help with money for food, various payments, rent,… And all the rest of it.

But despite weeks of prayers, nothing changed.

How then, in the face of this apparent lack, could anybody suggest that the Law of Attraction was manifesting what she needed?

Her understanding dawned, in a moment of inspiration, when she saw that actually, she was free, and in that moment of her life she realized that right then she actually needed nothing.

And in this moment she seems to have achieved something which I could describe as a state of grace: the understanding that actually the moments in which she had need of money were far outweighed by the moments in which she had everything she needed.

And in that knowing, came freedom and understanding: by setting the requirements we need, particularly around money and prosperity, we are limiting the ability of the universe to express this to us, to  manifest this for us.

This is probably the true meaning of what we are told to do so often when trying to manifest reality – to surrender.

But if so, surrendering represents a visceral process, one of the heart, not of the mind.

And so perhaps the reason comparatively few people succeed with manifestation is because they don’t fully understand that giving themselves completely over to the power of the universe is an act of faith.

It is an act of faith which says quite clearly “I understand that the universe has provided everything for me already. I understand that all I have to do is to ask from a place of certainty, and everything I need will be provided for me.”

It is that certainty and knowing which allows each and everyone of us to relinquish our fears about lack, our desires and needs to be in control, and to give ourselves over in a state of complete surrender to the power of the universe.

But (and isn’t there always a “but”?) how practical is this for those of us who do not live the life of grace and humility which might enable us to know this in each and every moment of our lives?

That’s a difficult question to answer, and probably underpins the doubts and fears that most people have about the Law of Attraction not working for them.

But the spiritual reality is rather different: you can speak your requirements softly and certainly, knowing they are already there for you, so that all you are doing is asking the universe to give to you what is already yours whenever you wish.

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