A Few Things That Help Manifest Success

Considering how important the Law of Attraction can be in our lives, it’s surprising that more people don’t make an effort to understand how it operates.

Why? Well, when you are thinking, for most of the time your thought energy will be too disparate and unfocused to impact the world around you.

Only when you’re thinking in a very focused way with a clear objective in mind, and you do it repeatedly, will you be likely to send out enough energy to impact the universe.

It follows that you need to be able to control your mind to make sure that you’re sending out both the right messages (to get what you want) and you’re doing it in the right way (to ensure the universe responds).

Take, for example, the way in which people attempt to find love by using the Law of Attraction.

Video: Jack Canfield – Law of Attraction & Love

It Must Be Love, Love, Love… Nothing More, Nothing Less…

But does it work? Many people report that while they may get a few dates, they tend not to meet the partner they expect to spend the rest of their lives with.

On the superficial level, I’d argue that the universe is giving you what you expect – so if you don’t really expect to get the partner of your dreams, your belief isn’t strong enough, you won’t get it… The universe always responds in kind to your thoughts.

But that’s too simplistic. Certainly you need to stop the negative thoughts going through your mind, and replace them with positive ones.

And there’s more to it than that. What you’re trying to do is tell the universe that you need AND WANT something positive.

Start from the position that you’re actually in complete control when you use law of attraction.

Remember the law of attraction is called a “law” because it always works (as long as you’re using it correctly!)

Decide whether you going to try and manifest an extremely specific vision of the person you want – which might, for example, include hair color, occupation, age, weight, size and so on – or if you’re going to try and just manifest some more general qualities such as happiness, love, fulfillment or intimacy.

That’s a critical decision, because there are plenty of ways of obtaining happiness (or love, or fulfillment, or intimacy) – some of which you won’t even thought of yet!

By taking this route, you’re giving the universe more opportunities to give you what you want.

Yet of course it could be that you really want something very specific, for whatever reason. Just bear in mind that it may be hard to manifest a more specific vision than a more general one.

Another common use for Law of Attraction is in manifesting prosperity.

Once again, you have to send out the right messages to the universe before it will respond by manifesting what you want. This was emphasized in The Secret.

Obviously, if you’re thinking of prosperity then your mind will be attuned to opportunities for you to gain greater prosperity.

If, however, you’re thinking of limitation, lack and debt, then the universe may respond in kind to those thoughts.

And even if you can summon up a strong belief that the law of attraction can manifest things for other people, you might not be able to believe that for yourself.

This can be a sticking point which requires you to deal with deep-seated beliefs about yourself. Some of the most common beliefs that people experience when they’re trying to develop a prosperity consciousness are: “I’m not worth it”, “I might not be able to cope with success”, “I don’t deserve it”, “This isn’t the way things should be for me”, and so on.

Boosting Self-Esteem

Of course you can use Law of Attraction to manifest intangible things and states of mind, just as you can use it to manifest prosperity and tangible goals.

One of the most useful things for anyone in this world of ours is to have high self-esteem and a positive attitude. Of course we all have a negative side, and we all have limitations of some kind.

But you don’t get anywhere in life by focusing on your limitations!

What you might wish to do, when trying to manifest anything, as you may well imagine, is to radiate positive energy, optimism, gratitude and clear focused goals.

Easy to say, harder to do?

Perhaps that’s only true if your belief system tells you that’s true.

The practice of gratitude is an extremely helpful technique for changing the mindset that is predominantly negative into one that is predominantly positive.

You’ll find that after only three weeks of daily practice of gratitude – which need be for no more than five minutes twice a day – your whole mental attitude will switch from a negative orientation to a positive orientation.

You can reinforce this by writing up and pinning your goals on your walls where you can read them every day, by writing about your expectations and things that you are grateful for in a journal, and by only associating with positive people.

Think And Grow Rich
Think And Grow Rich

If you have a serious lack of positive people in your life, then create an imaginary council of advisers in your mind, who will support you unfailingly in everything you do. (That’s the basis of the Mastermind Group described by Napoleon Hill in his classic work Think and Grow Rich).

It needs hardly be said, I’m sure, that if you’re working on intangible objectives such as losing weight, or creating a more successful future for yourself, it’s important to be conscious of how you’re thinking and feeling at all times.

What that means in practice is having a greater level of awareness of your thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t necessarily mean stopping negative thoughts from occurring, but it does mean replacing any negative thoughts you have with positive ones.

And another aspect of using Law of Attraction that people sometimes overlook is the necessity for consistency.

Changing your goals and objectives from moment to moment will not lead to success.

If you do that, the energy behind your thought processes is too disparate.

Equally, you need to use law of attraction principles every day for the law to work successfully for you. And no matter how hard that may seem, no matter how much resistance you may have to doing so, it’s that consistency which will make manifest what you want in the world around you.


People sometimes ask about positive affirmations: and no wonder, because there is a lot of misunderstanding around the subject.

We all know that affirmations are things that we tell ourselves – but it’s amazing how rarely they seem to come true. That’s probably because most people don’t actually believe the affirmation they’re repeating to themselves!

After all, they have a lifetime history of negativity to battle against.

Think about it: it’s hardly likely that just repeating an affirmation a couple of times morning and evening is going to change your mindset around a particular issue.

The way to use affirmations correctly is to ensure that you’re in a state of mental and physical relaxation before you use them.

Napoleon Hill, one of the first and most well-known self-improvement gurus, suggested that you could simply repeat affirmations forcefully over and over again, and that sheer force of repetition would drive them deeper and deeper into your mind.

Maybe that’s true; but why would you put yourself through something so challenging?

By engaging in a process of self hypnosis or trance visualization, you can drive positive affirmations much deeper into your subconscious – and you can do it much more easily.