5: You Must Take Action!

Action Is Essential

Elsewhere on this website we discussed ways to help you believe in your outcome, why your desire needs to be passionate, and how the fuel of emotional energy somehow seems to drive the process of manifestation.

But the thing that people often forget is the need to take action: to move in the general direction of your desires and desired outcomes.

You see, the thing is this: nothing will ever happen unless you demonstrate the universe that you’re actually ready, willing and able to take some kind of responsibility for your desired outcome.

Now, the actions you take don’t have to be massive: writing a letter, making a phone call, building a website, talking to a friend, even just getting information – all of these actions, and millions more, demonstrate clearly to the Universe that you’re serious about your desire to manifest something in life.

But, as Mike Dooley observes, “I can’t tell you how many people have come to me after a talk and said something to the effect of, ‘Mike I’ve watched The Secret 82 times, when is my life going to start changing?'”

You see the point? The universe expects you to do something!

In terms of the analogy that we’ve spoken about already – a GPS navigation system – remember the system won’t help you in the slightest unless your car is in gear and moving along the road.

Without that simple action, the entire system gets the message that you’re not yet ready to go, you’re still making up your mind… And when the Universe sees you as undecided, or ambivalent, or waiting for “a sign”, or some other excuse (because, when all’s said and done, that’s what this is), it will respond accordingly. To reiterate: it will wait for you to show that you understand how manifestation and Law Of Attraction really work.

One other point: when you’re using a GPS SatNav system, you don’t even have to start driving in the right direction, because the navigation system will tell you to turn around and take another direction.

Likewise, the Universe can send you whatever information you need to get back on the ideal path if you happen to start out in the wrong direction.

So the importance of action is this: you get greater belief in the rightness of your outcome and you are out in the world where things can happen.

What things? To start with, those happy coincidences and strange synchronicities which the Universe usually manifests for you on the way to your goal.

And there’s also another important aspect of this work to which you need to pay attention.

Mike Dooley points out to us that if you’re using a SatNav, and you’re going to a destination new to you, along a road where nothing is familiar, you must have faith or belief in your outcome! And most of us probably do have complete faith in our technology: we expect, without doubt, to reach the right destination. That’s because the system has worked for us so many times in the past.

Manifesting your goals and desires is no different!

Once you have faith that the Universe will provide, will direct you to the right path, and will manifest what it is you want, then you don’t need to question or consider what’s going on.

You might think things aren’t going well if you judge your progress with your conscious mind, just as you might begin to worry whether the SatNav is directing you to the right place as you drive along unfamiliar roads.

Such doubts and questions can sabotage your success because they put out the message to The Universe that your belief is not complete or total.

And yet, given faith, given complete belief (plus of course the emotional fuel generated by desire and expectation), you will always reach your destination.

And when you get there, the route you took will be an irrelevance. And why you took it, why the Universe guided you that way (or to go back to our analogy, why the SatNav chose to take you on a certain route that looks illogical) is no longer your concern.

And finally – The Cursed Hows

As Wallace Wattles so wisely said, you don’t need to mess with the Cursed Hows. Why? Because universal principles like Manifestation and Law of Attraction are wiser than you are!

That’s to say, you don’t need to know how your goal is going to be achieved or reached. You can try and tweak details, you can try and bring about certain circumstances you think will help you achieve your goal, you can interfere with the Universe’s grand plan… But it won’t do you any good.

In the end, The Universe will have its way with you, because there are so many ways to reach your goals. If you try and insist one one particular route, you will only limit the ability of the Universe to give you what you want.

Your job is to generate a clear goal, believe in it passionately, desire it with intensity, take general action to move towards it, keep the faith, and let the Universe do its work.

Perhaps your most important job is simply to keep the faith. To know, without doubt, that what you want will manifest.

Video: Mike Dooley on Manifesting Your Reality