How To Manifest Successfully – Part 2

Video: Michael Mackintosh

Here, we talk about two more factors you need to know about when you’re using the Law Of Attraction to manifest anything.

First: Constantly obsessing about what you want will stop that thing manifesting for you.

We’re all told that to manifest anything, we have to visualize and think about the things we want pretty constantly.

Well, Michael’s view of the process is rather different. He says that he finds it works better when he first of all gets clear about his heart’s true desires. Then surrenders to the divine. And then he lets go of any desire to have the thing(s) he is trying to manifest.

He says that’s when the magic happens, that’s when things become attracted to him.

What I think he’s referring to here is a state of mind that a lot of people have spoken of when they’ve been successful in manifesting.

It’s that moment of absolute “knowing”, a moment when you absolutely know that the universe has heard you, and will be manifesting your desires very soon.

And that is a moment at which you can actually let go of your desire.

Sure, I’m saying that the knowing comes first and the letting go comes second, but I rather suspect that we’re talking about the same thing.

He sums this up elegantly by saying, quite correctly, that it’s one thing to imagine you have a nice car, and you’re feeling good because you are daydreaming about it. It’s quite another to feel happy and contented with the way things are right now, regardless of whether or not you’ve manifested that car in your life.

That’s a beautiful analogy, a beautiful way of putting it. In fact, it sounds a bit like experiencing a state of Grace. And he says that manifestation won’t work if your desire is to merely get stuff.

Well, again, I’m not sure I agree with that. But let’s agree on one thing: you should only be trying to manifest those things which your heart truly desires.

So what can you do about the paradox between the two methods for manifesting which are taught by various law of attraction “experts”:

  1. Those who tell you to focus on something with a “burning desire” and
  2. Those who tell you to “completely let go of attachment to whatever it is that you want”.

Not an easy dilemma to solve! Indeed, a complete paradox! Maybe the common factor here is whether you are trying to manifest something from your heart and soul, rather than from your ego?

So first, reach a point in life where you know what you actually need (and want) to manifest for your good and for the good of all concerned. Then, the question of burning desire and/or letting go become irrelevant.

Perhaps at that level of knowledge, your intention is enough.

But  indeed, surrendering and releasing your desires is not so easy. Michael offers an interesting idea to check that you’re on the right track when trying to manifest something.

He suggests you first experience – in your imagination – the acquisition of something that you want. Next, he suggests you visualize it in a magic bubble floating up to the universe or God, and you saying to God: “Here, take this dream… If it’s for the highest good of all send it back [i.e let it manifest]. If not, send me something else. I’m open to whatever is the greatest service for all.”

I like that idea. Interestingly, a lot of people who try to learn the art of manifestation will tell you that often what appears in their world is not what they intended to get, but something which appears to serve them better in the long run.

Maybe the key here is really identifying your true desires, the ones which lie in your deepest soul. Perhaps that, ultimately, is what the universe wants to manifest for you.

Second: You have to work at what you want.

The Law of Attraction will only manifest your desires if you are willing to take action.

But I don’t believe it has to be massive action, as Michael suggests.

I think any action which indicates to the universe that you’re serious about getting what you want is enough. He calls this “engaging” with the world.

And he mentions another paradox: on the one hand surrendering your desires to the highest good of all, and on the other making things happen.

Well, it’s only a paradox if you believe it’s a paradox. Let’s see how this fundamental aspect of manifestation can be resolved.

I can imagine it’s quite easy to let go of desire and attachment and at the same time rest in a place of faith and certainty that what I want is going to appear. That’s why taking action seems like a good idea!

According to Michael, when you finally know what you really want from a soul based place, the universe is going to start sending you ideas, guidance and opportunities. Those signs are indications that things are working for you. And at that stage, you have to actually do something.

Of course nothing is complete without an action plan, so Michael kindly provides us with precisely that!

Manifestation and Action In The World

Here is his three step system to make things happen:

1 Download Your Ideas & Prioritize

Which basically means write everything that you’re doing, everything you want, and all the indications, signs and signals from the universe which you receive, on paper.

You’ve all heard of the 80/20 rule – basically it says that 20% of your activities produce 80% of your results. You will get more results with less work by looking at the action steps you’re taking. Work out which ones are part of the 20% of your activities which produce most of your results.

Obviously if you focus all your manifestation energy on that 20% of your activities, you’re going to save energy, get a lot more done, and achieve better results.

Michael offers three questions to help you decide what are the most important things you need to be doing in your life:

  • If I only had two hours per week to work on making my dreams come true – what would I do?
  • What actions can create the biggest impact with least effort?
  • What actions will move me towards my dreams the fastest?
  • What needs doing first, and then in what order do other things need to be done?

It’s a simple and straightforward plan, but it’s a very practical one, and it’s going to make a massive difference to your efficiency and effectiveness from the moment you start applying it.

But there’s more! You also need to be asking yourself if the actions you’re taking are directly moving you closer to the manifestation of your dreams.

There’s no better example of this than the way that the Internet can distract people from their true objectives. Do you spend your time writing or learning, or do you spend your time on Facebook, watching videos of cats crawling into boxes and getting stuck in them? (Like you are doing by watching those videos.)

Of course certain things are tedious, and yet need to be done. Somethings are difficult, and need to be done. Some things are very routine, but need to be done.

Those are not distractions. They are necessary activities if you are serious about trying manifestation.

What you really need to avoid are things that just distract you from profitable and purposeful activities which serve you and your end result.

By discarding things that are not helpful to you right here, right now, you can have a much better life than the one you’ve got.

2 Knowledge Is Power

A lot of people think they can use the Law of Attraction for manifestation regardless of their level of knowledge and skill.

The truth of the matter might be a bit different. Read about people who’ve been incredibly successful in life, and who got what they wanted. You will almost always find that one part of their success was an avid search for knowledge.

They are passionate about learning how to do things and about other people’s experience. They are passionate about exploring points of view and information that would help them gain greater insight and understanding.

The question for you in trying to manifest your desires is: what skills do you need, and what systems do you need to set up?

3 Set up a Mastermind Success Team

Again and again, if you read about manifestation, you’re going to come across the concept of a mastermind group.

This is about being supported by people can help you get what you want. Because you need support from people who understand what you’re trying to achieve, and who have themselves walked the path that you are walking.

Find people who inspire you, and follow their example. Establish relationships with the people whom you admire. Live with people who are incredibly successful. Take an apprenticeship with people who are successful.

Do whatever it takes to be around those who have the qualities and the success you want. Just by being in their energy you will find that you are uplifted on every level, and many more possibilities open up to you.

Mastermind groups are particularly useful, because they are an alliance of people who have come together to help each other achieve a particular objective. When you’re passionate about each other’s success and well-being, you can find success wherever you are.