More About The Law Of Attraction!

We’ve been exploring the way in which the Law Of Attraction works. Find the first post in this series here.

Most experts who know anything about the Law of Attraction agree that the reason the Law works is because we are all part of the same energy field.

You can think of this field as an energy that holds the potential of everything that could come into existence in the future. And when the human mind interacts with that, the energy field will respond in some way.

It may, for example, respond by bringing about coincidences which allow particular events, circumstances, and objects to manifest in the physical world. Or it may respond by bringing people together in some way.

That idea is, of course, the basis of the saying “thoughts attract things”. And indeed, “like attracts like”.

And here’s another principle behind the Law of Attraction: your thoughts can impact what’s created in your world.

Energy & The Attraction Of What You Want

The idea of an energy field is a simple explanation for something that we don’t really understand.

Here’s a video on the subject.

A lot of people like to think of the Law of Attraction as having something to do with quantum physics. As you know, that includes the well proven fact that energy and matter are indivisible and the same at the level of the atom.

(There’s an idea floating around that this is all to do with the brain acting as a quantum computer.)

That’s true, but it doesn’t necessarily explain how the Law Of Attraction works. What I think we can say with certainty is that there is an energy field around which can be impacted by our thoughts.

At this point many people will object by saying, “Sure, but if that’s so, then why don’t ALL the things that I think about manifest?”

It’s a little bit of a naive question. Haven’t you noticed how thoughts in themselves are generally short lived and transient? They usually don’t hold enough energy to affect the universe.

If you’re setting a goal or an objective that you want to create in your life, it’s necessary to be – well, if not obsessed, certainly focused and clear about your intention to manifest whatever it is you want.

Most people set an objective, then the minute anything else important comes along that seems even slightly important, they get totally distracted and forget all about it.

To manifest anything, not only do you have to believe that it will appear in your life, but you also have to to maintain your focus for as long as it takes to get it.

That doesn’t mean thinking about something every minute of every day, but it certainly means thinking about it a lot! In fact it means thinking about it a lot more than most people ever think about their so-called objectives or goals.

Persistence and determination are very necessary here.

Besides those qualities there’s another one that’s needed for this to work: the energetic force that propels your desires into the universe needs to have sufficient energy to change physical reality. And this energy is the energy of your feelings.

Because even though maintaining a high level of emotional energy around your your expectations of achieving your objective sounds like a simple thing to do, the truth is that most people pretty quickly lose their excitement and enthusiasm.

They get bored, they get distracted, they stop believing. And all of those things bring the process of attracting, or co-creating, a new reality to a complete stop.

The Negative And The Positive Are Equally Attractive

Bear in mind that this energy doesn’t have to be positive, although most writers on the Law of Attraction suggest that you should use joy and excitement to help yourself manifest things.

In reality, any intense feeling will propel the process: that includes hatred, and anger, and the other negative emotions such as rage and jealousy and fear.

(Which of course is why the things we fear, if we think about them consistently, will often come to pass.)

In general most people writing about the Law of Attraction suggest that you visualize your objective and then feel the energy associated with its manifestation. Which of course is meant to be joy and delight, at least in most cases!

So let’s just summarize where we are at now:

  • You need a clear objective you can believe in.
  • You need to believe in the process of reality creation and you need to believe that the Law of Attraction is able to deliver what you desire.
  • You need emotional energy of some kind associated with that thought going out into the world.
  • And you need to have a positive goal that is for yourself or your own benefit.
  • None of this is very complicated. But how easy is it?

That’s the rub, of course. Most people find it quite difficult to manifest anything other than trivialities like a parking space. (Try it! Believe it will open up for you. It usually happens. Coincidence? Hah.)

You see, that’s the power of belief – most of us can believe in a parking space appearing. But you may not necessarily believe that bigger things – like having a million dollars in your bank account – can happen.

Read more about the idea of quantum computers here. And the associated idea of a form of consciousness which could manifest reality on that last link.

The Feelings Which Drive The Law of Attraction

It’s probably better if these feelings are positive rather than negative. The reason being that when you send out negative energy to help yourself manifest something, you’re often opening up the possibility of experiencing negative emotions yourself.

However, I have used anger very successfully to propel my desires and outcomes into the world, so I don’t want to deny something that is true for me and may well be true for other people as well.

I think many of us don’t really feel much joy in life. And if we are trying to use the feelings of gratitude and joy, and happiness and excitement, that we expect to feel when our vision manifests, there may simply not be enough energy behind our desire for the Law of Attraction to operate effectively.

But if you were in debt, and you were somehow able to summon up an intense feeling of anger about how you got into that situation, you could very well use that emotion to propel your thoughts out into the universe – as long as they were thoughts of abundance.

However, if you focus on fear, and you’re constantly thinking about how much you owe and the size of your debt, it’s pretty obvious that your focus and attention will be mostly on the negative aspect of being in debt. You do not have a prosperity consciousness.

A lot of people have asked me how they can deal with that problem.

Here’s a tip that I picked up from Mike Dooley, a great manifester: when you feel disbelief or fear of a negative outcome, or any other negative thoughts pop into your mind, just allow yourself to doubt your negative experience is true.

In other words, set your objective as a positive expectation, visualization, goal or objective – use whatever word and whatever technique suits you. And then, when negativity or negative beliefs or fear strike (as they surely will) you can gently just allow yourself to doubt that your disbelief is correct.

You see the power of this? You offer both your conscious and your unconscious mind (this is the same thing as your “subconscious”) the possibility that, in fact,  your fear may be misplaced and your doubt about future outcomes is in error.

And that allows for the possibility of something different happening.