Principles of The Law Of Attraction

A lot of people want to know how the Law of Attraction and manifestation work. Fortunately there are a lot of authors around who can help us understand that very question.

Gabrielle Bernstein is one of them, and she’s written an article called “five tips to manifest miracles”.

In it she puts forward five simple and straightforward principles which guide manifestation for her – and you might find it interesting to read what she has to say, if you’re experiencing difficulties with manifestation or not getting the results you want.

First of all, she says it’s obvious our intentions create our reality. So  if you’re not getting the results you want through manifestation, it also logically follows that you must be doing something wrong. The whole principle that we’re working with here is that thoughts create things.

One of the most likely reasons for that, according to Gabrielle, is that you might be thinking low-level thoughts. In other words, you are experiencing energy, feelings and beliefs which prevent you from receiving what you desire. This means that the way you’re thinking now may be creating failure around manifestation.

Naturally enough, the process of manifesting usually involves clearing out these blocks so you are certain about your ability to manifest…. and equally certain about the likelihood of it appearing in your life.

And, make no mistake about it, these beliefs operate at very subtle levels. There are millions of beliefs in each and everyone of us, beliefs we inherited from our family of origin when we were growing up.

What’s holding you back might be a belief you grew up with around money or prosperity or personal power… or something else.

The problem is that you have to find these limiting beliefs, because they are stopping you manifesting what you want, and you have to clear them.

You can do this with whichever psychological and emotional clearing technique works for you.

Once you’ve done that, the next step is to become absolutely clear about the goal you are trying to achieve.

Absolute clarity alone is not enough, however, because you also have to be absolutely clear about the circumstances in which that goal can manifest.

So for example, if you’re trying to manifest a new job, then you should not only try to manifest the salary and the conditions but also the environment and the people around you, and how you will feel… Because as always, feeling good is the most important aspect of manifestation.

You see, feeling is the emotional driver behind the process of manifestation, both before and after you’ve achieved what you want.

So before you achieve what you want, the feeling energy which you put out into the universe will allow you to generate an energetic connection to whatever you want to bring into your life.

And also, maintaining a state of positive energy will allow you to manifest more easily and effectively as time goes by.

Feeling good is a kind of “sovereign” energy which puts you into your leadership and your power, makes you the owner and manager of your life, and allows you to manifest whatever you want – provided, of course, that you’ve dealt with the limiting beliefs you hold, and you are clear about the nature of your goal.

Gabrielle’s message in this context is that you should rely entirely on your internal state rather than on the external conditions you’re trying to manifest.

I agree with her to the extent that feeling is absolutely vital in manifesting anything, and concentrating purely on the external form of what you want to bring into your life is likely to be less successful.

Although it’s harsh to say it, let’s suppose that you lose your job: could that be an opportunity for you to learn something about self-worth and self-reliance?She refers to this process as clearing space, and she makes the point that if you’re getting things you don’t like – in other words circumstances are “bringing up all your shit” – then you may be getting a learning experience from the universe.

Could such a thing be an opportunity for you to learn something about how to step out of fear and into your own power?

From one perspective, the answer is obviously yes – because in every adversity, as Napoleon Hill put it, “there lies the seed of a greater benefit”.

So let’s assume that you’ve cleared the blocks and you’re absolutely crystal clear about what you want to bring into your life.

The next question is “Can you believe it, think it, and feel it, as if it is real right now?”

And how do you do that? Well, the answer is with a process of visualization, relaxation or meditation (any of which will allow you to get into the mental state where you can connect to the part of you which manifests reality in harmony with the universal force – aka “God”).

This attunement is absolutely essential, because without the correct energetic vibration of your mind, driven by your thoughts and feelings, resonating with the energy of what you want to manifest in the cosmic consciousness, manifestation is unlikely to occur.

Even when you achieve that, certainty is absolutely critical as part of your manifestation process.

If you are certain about the outcome – in other words if you completely and utterly believe you will get what you want via manifestation – then you can relax and allow the universe to manifest your desires in its own good time.

There’s often a moment of knowing, of absolute certainty (which you will recognize instantly when you experience it) during a visualization process. This signifies that the universe has heard you, and is going to manifest whatever you want.

I might add that it’s not always necessary to feel this moment of certainty, but when you do, it is an absolutely definitive indication that something is happening, somewhere in the universe, which is going to bring you what you have asked for.

And finally, the question of time boundaries arises. We are often told that when we’re trying to manifest something we should set a deadline. However, many authors who write about manifestation with the Law of Attraction will tell you that setting a time limit on manifestation is not necessary. And that, in reality, the universe should be allowed to manifest for you in its own good time. You decide!