Levels Of Consciousness

Making Success Manifest

You probably wonder what makes success apparently so easy to achieve for some people and so difficult for others (you, perhaps).

Is it effort, is it determination, is it willpower?

Well yes, to some degree it’s all of those things. And it’s also about intelligence and courage and vision.

But then again, when you look at some people who’ve achieved success, it seems inconceivable that they could have done so using those qualities – because they don’t seem to possess them!

(I think we all know somebody who seems to have achieved something in life that seems difficult to understand when we look at their talents and abilities.)

So what is it that sets you apart form successful people?

The answer is simple: their minds are somehow ready to attract abundance in a way that yours may not be.

And this isn’t just about positive thinking, although that’s certainly major part of it. It’s actually about the Law of Attraction

You see, the thing is that very few of us actually know how powerful the human mind is.

And make no mistake about it. That power is available to each and everyone of us, including you.

Which raises the interesting and obvious question of why we are not all as successful as Bill Gates or Richard Branson.

And the first answer to that is: most people don’t focus on a particular objective. They may not even know what they want…. and if they do, they may not be able to stay focused on it.

People let opportunities slip by, or their minds jump from one topic or question to another, never making a decision to pursue one thing with single-mindedness, and perhaps never even identifying what it is that really drives their passion.

(Often the thing about which a person is most passionate is the thing in which they could find fulfillment and success most easily.)

Yet it’s no wonder so many people fail to achieve!

Our society is stressful, and each of us is required to juggle many different balls, think of many different things, hold many different responsibilities, and the stresses and strains people experience go far beyond anything the world has known in previous generations.

It’s no wonder that in this kind of environment people fail to use their minds in the way that their minds were, quite frankly, designed to be used.

Because, make no mistake about it, manifestation isn’t a gift given to a few people. It’s potentially open to everybody.

Law of Attraction Made Manifest

The Law of Attraction – which is to say the law by which the universe responds to the thoughts and feelings that we put out into it – is exactly the same for everyone.

I agree that it’s true you need a certain level of consciousness to be able to manifest what you want with Law of Attraction. But again, developing that level of consciousness is a possibility for every single human being on this planet.

And the truth is, very few of them will ever do so.

But so what? That’s their responsibility. Your responsibility is to take care of yourself, to learn how to use Law of Attraction as best you may, and benefit from it as is your natural right.

That leads us to a place where we can summarize the qualities necessary for manifestation to take place successfully:

  • Learn to focus and relax.
  • Deal with the beliefs and behaviors that inhibit you from achieving success. (Mostly negative beliefs about yourself and the world around you.)
  • Find out what it is that you really desire more than anything else in life.
  • Decide that you’re actually going to achieve it, come what may.
  • Develop a state of mind in which you have absolutely no doubt whatever that you can achieve it.
  • Expect it to manifest in your world.
  • Take action immediately, no matter how small to take you in the general direction of what it is you want to achieve.
  • Be grateful for everything and think positively.
  • Don’t allow any negative thoughts to cross your mind and destroy your belief in the reality of your desires.
  • Associate with other people who will support you and reinforce your self belief.
  • And above all visualize what you want every day.

It’s a simple list, or so it seems, but many people would say that actually it’s impossible to do those things – just because their environment is so disordered or chaotic or distracting… Or, no doubt, because of some other excuse.

Yes, excuse! To me none of those are explanations for failure. They are simply excuses from people who are scared to succeed, or who don’t believe that they can succeed and who would rather “sit” in that belief than do something positive to change their lives better.

Harsh? Well, you’ll probably be having a reaction if you see some truth for you in what I just said. In fact you’ll probably be denying the reality of what I’m saying!

And in fact it’s not easy to dispel negative beliefs about yourself – if it were, the world would be a much more positive place, and people would generally have a much higher opinion of themselves than they actually do.

There are many obstacles to thinking positively. For some reason the mind seems to be programmed to move more rapidly and powerfully towards the negative than towards the positive.

That’s an expression of human nature, sadly.

It seems to be something about the fear response we have to so many people and situations. (It might even be a genetically programmed emotional response that is designed to keep us safe from strangers or novel situations.)

Perhaps the way this hinders success is by causing us to diminish or deny possibilities and to find reasons not to pursue our aspirations.

So when I talk about people having to have a certain level of consciousness what I really mean is that people have to be prepared to work at overcoming the obstacles that stand between them and success.

And anything that takes hard work and a certain amount of effort doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone!


Many people think that manifestation using Law of Attraction is an easy process, and that they can succeed simply by visualizing what they want for a few minutes twice a day.

And of course there are a lot of people who have propagated that viewpoint. (The Secret, anyone heard of it?)

But it isn’t true, for this reason. Most people have a vague idea of what they’d like. A bigger house, a big car, rate of financial wealth, perfect relationship… that kind of thing. But when they start visualizing it their minds immediately produce all kinds of and objections. No, it’s not for you…. you can’t have it….. you aren’t worth it…. you can’t do it…. and so on….

Want a million dollars? Sure, so sit down and visualize it. Oh dear, as soon as you start visualizing it you may realize that you don’t believe for a minute you’re capable of generating a million dollars.

And such a limiting belief means that you won’t be able to manifest
what you want.

Make no mistake about it, it really is as simple as that.

You see, the universe picks up on positive energy and it responds to it by producing whatever it is that people expect to have. Provided, of course, that their belief is total, their expectation complete, and their desire absolute.

Those are hard criteria for all but a few of us to summon up, and unless you’ve done a great deal of personal development work you may find it a challenging indeed to develop firm belief in what you’re trying to manifest.

So that’s probably why a lot of authors in this area advise people to try and manifest things that are just a little beyond their current level of abundance or achievement.

It’s because that’s believable.

Video – Believing What You Can Manifest

For most people, believing that something a little bit beyond where they are at the moment can be achieved is easy enough. But believing that you can generate a million dollars if you happen to be finding it hard to put the next rent check together – well, that’s something else altogether.

On the other hand of course those authors who talk about setting your aspirations far beyond where you are moment are probably  speaking from their own experience: they – most likely – have no difficulty believing they can manifest immense wealth.

And that’s the key – this process will work invariably and without fail, provided that you believe and expect to get what you want. 

People who have achieved great deal of success have got where they are by single-mindedly focusing on what they want.

And they almost certainly don’t even realize what they are doing: for them, living in a state of complete belief about the reality they can manifest is natural. There’s no self-doubt inside them!

So how can you, as an ordinary person, going to be able to manifest great success if you can’t summon up the same level of self-confidence and self belief?

Well, you could try to eliminate limiting beliefs with Shadow Work or Self Hypnosis – programs are easily available these days on the Internet.


I’ve met people who think that by sitting in a chair visualizing themselves slim, they’ll be able to lose weight.

Do you really think that that’s possible?

(As a matter of fact, I actually do think it’s possible, but I know that 99% of the people in the world believe that to be a ridiculous idea – so it’s not true for them. It’s as simple as that!)

So what that means is that you actually have to take some action.

You have to do something.

Want to lose weight? Exercise daily and stop eating junk food might be a good start.

Want a partner? Get out and meet people. That might help.

Want a new car? Decide what it is you want. Immerse yourself in that knowledge.

And of course at the same time you should be visualizing yourself achieving your desired outcome.

By doing that, you feed your mind with positive energy and images that it can use as a template for the new you, with success manifested.

You see, the thing is this: you actually have to have the right intentions before the universe will “co-operate” with you.

When we talk about Law of Attraction, what we mean by that is that certain things need to happen in a certain order before manifestation can occur.

Remember, I said earlier that a certain level of consciousness would help people to manifest reality – indeed, some would argue that manifestation needs a fairly advanced level of consciousness.

In essence, what this means is that Law of Attraction will only give you abundance when you are ready for it – both mentally and spiritually.

And of course you can develop your readiness by taking small steps, by achieving incremental targets one at a time.

The question, really, I think is this: are you actually ready to write your own destiny? And if you are, how much time and effort are you willing to commit to it?