To Ensure Your Success

As we’re beginning to see, manifesting reality isn’t as simple as The Secret made it seem!

No surprise there, I guess!

But if you’re really trying to get something that you want, and it’s just not working, what are you going to do about it?

To start with, have a look back at some of the other posts on this blog, which deal with this very problem. Then come back here!

In this post we’re going to look at more ideas you often see repeated by writers on The Law of Attraction, and see how true they are.

But What Do You Have To Actually Do?

Something that you hear a lot when people talk about the Law of attraction is that it’s not your job to make anything happen….

It sometimes seems all you have to do is form the vision, believe in the vision, expect the vision to be created and it will manifest automatically.

But this is so wrong.

And if you believe that idea, then you’re being more than a little bit naive – the universe works according to certain universal laws, and the Law of Attraction high on that list, but another universal law is “you don’t get something for nothing”.

You actually have to do something.

Yes, that’s right, you have to take action if you want to manifest your desires.

I suspect very few people would find that a surprise – were all custom to the law of cause and effect work in our lives: you do something, something happens.

Some physical action, I mean.

But even here, the “experts” don’t agree. Some say you have to take “Massive Action” (goodness!)

Others say that all you have to do is just take some small action which demonstrates to the universe the are actually serious about your intention.

Again, how can we to sort out the truth from the flim-flam?

Well, it’s obvious that you can’t just sit around visualizing your objectives and hope they will manifest.

You do have to do something to give the universe plenty of opportunity to manifest it in your life.

So taking tangible steps isn’t just about proving to the universe you’re serious about what you want. Indeed, it’s by taking action, by creating opportunities, that you allow the universe to deliver what it is you want.

I don’t agree with the proposition that you really have to act as though there was no other possible truth for you (ie take Massive Action) – that’s called burning your bridges, and while it demonstrates commitment, I don’t think the Law of Attraction or the universal consciousness require it of you.

But I do think you need to demonstrate your commitment in some very positive and tangible way – for example by taking steps towards your objective that are realistic for you.

Taking massive action can destroy your belief in what you’re trying to achieve. If I wanted $1 million, and I visualized that appearing in my bank account, for the purpose of buying a beautiful retreat center in natural woodland, let’s say, the concept of “massive action” might include going to the bank and raising a $1 million mortgage before the money had appeared….. oh dear.

Indeed, it might do, and for some people that probably would work.

But for many others it would destroy their faith and belief in the process, and cause them more difficulties than they can cope with.

In other words, they would be taking a step too far for their belief system to cope with!

You, like everyone else, must take steps that are geared to your belief system, geared to your capacity to believe in what you’re trying to do, and match your ability to influence events in the physical world.

There are so many aspects to this: when you start believing, really believing, in something that you really desire, and you take action to manifest it in the world, the universe will start offering you extraordinary coincidences and synchronicities which can rapidly take you further towards your goal.

These are your opportunities, and they may only be around for a short time – your challenge is to grab them when they present themselves.

Indeed, it’s your challenge to pay attention to the signs and clues that are presented to you, and then it’s your challenge to act upon them.

So Is Massive Action Necessary?

No:  in my opinion it’s not.

You can manifest your desires by taking small actions: get on your phone and speak to someone whose name cropped up in a conversation. Get some information on how to achieve a certain objective. Start researching the informational resources that you need to bring your dream into reality. Buy the domain name for your website. Post the package. Take the trip…. Whatever it is, do it now.

The Universe Is Calling You to Action

Make no mistake about it: ideas don’t turn into reality on their own.

Ideas become reality because you take simple tangible steps that drive you constantly towards your goals.

Vision alone is not enough.

You know what your vision is, and you hopefully also know that you are not concerned with what are known as “the cursed hows” – in other words, the exact way in which your desire is going to manifest.

But make sure you keep a journal and a record of the things that occur to you, of what the universe seems to be telling you, of the opportunities that present themselves.

When ideas and plans occur to you, write them down. Why? Because if you try and remember them all, you’ll forget them.

Next, prioritize what you need to do, and focus on a few selective things that will get things moving.

You don’t have to be all things to all men. You don’t have to do everything that occurs to you.

But you do have to do something. Choose the things that you believe will give you the biggest impact with the least effort.

And stay focused! Don’t allow the distractions of Facebook (and all the other stuff available to you) to take you on a different path, for example.

And there are plenty of other distractions on the Internet: but a sign of your sovereignty, the strength of your inner king or queen, is your ability to stick to the path that you have chosen and work towards getting what you want.

It’s all too easy to find other things to do while you should be working on your goals, but they won’t serve you in the long run. Even when your mind is bored, or your attention distracted, there’s always something you can do which is more profitable and more useful in keeping you on the path to your ultimate objective.

So in this regard, make sure that your days are structured, and you know what you’ll be doing when.

Remember: You Don’t Know Everything

And nor can you. And nor should you. Get help and support where necessary, find information wherever you can, and take the opportunities that the universe offers you to improve your knowledge and skills.

Constant self-development – not necessarily in a spiritual sense, but in a practical sense, may really help you to achieve your objectives faster and more easily.

Only you can know the skills that will help you get to where you’re going: learning a language, developing greater computer skills, training in some craft, taking a course in business administration…. When you open your eyes to the possibilities, you see one thing that generally escapes us in life: opportunity is everywhere.

And YOU therefore need to make the choice about what’s most important for you, about what will drive you towards your goal fastest.

One thing’s for sure: if you’re off track, the universe will give you a sign and an opportunity to get back on track.

A Mastermind Group Can Help Manifest Anything

One of the ideas that you come across repeatedly in reading about the Law of Attraction and manifestation is the idea of the mastermind group.

I think this came originally from Napoleon Hill’s writings. He described a group of people working together as having brainpower and emotional energy many times greater than that of an individual working alone.

The effect is not additive, it’s geometric – in other words the power of five people’s minds working together is much more than five times the sum of their brainpower.

That’s why you need to be around people inspire you: you need to be around people who excite you: you need to be around people who are successful: you need to be supported by people who can mentor you and show you what success really means.

You could do this alone, of course, but why believe some old story about nobody being there to help you?

The truth is there are plenty of people who would willingly accept you as an apprentice, a partner, a colleague, a supporter –  and show you what to do to be successful.

When you form a mastermind group, make sure that the people in it are truly supportive of you and what you want to achieve. Meet regularly, and discuss ideas in a positive and supportive way.

Brainstorming with a group of people like this who are on track to achieve the same or similar objectives can be a massive step forward in making your own success manifest.