There are 74,000 searches a month in Google for “Abraham Hicks”.

So he’s really important when it comes to talking about things like Law Of Attraction.

The only question is, who is Abraham?

Well, to answer that, we have to turn to a couple called Esther and Jerry Hicks, Jerry sadly deceased in 2011.

Esther and Jerry said that Abraham was “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension” – in other words, cosmic consciousness, or the universal intelligence, or the energy of source, or pure love … you can use your own words here, but essentially Abraham is part of infinite intelligence and the source of all things – according to Esther and Jerry. They call his words, delivered through Esther, the Abraham – Hicks teachings.

So could Esther and Jerry Hicks be acting as a channel for infinite intelligence, or cosmic consciousness, as you will. Well, who knows?

I suppose, really, the question that matters most is whether or not they have anything to teach us about Law Of Attraction.

What I like about the Abraham – Hicks teachings are the fundamental truths that we all know but might have forgotten! People create reality with their own thoughts. Emotions can guide you to where you want to go. And life is supposed to be fun and easy.

Fantastic philosophy! None of us would disagree with any of that.

There are some more tenets to this philosophy, all of which are in keeping with the principles of the Law Of Attraction:

  • People are creators, they create things with their thoughts.
  • Whatever you can imagine completely, and totally believe in, you can have, do or be.
  • You can choose your creations by choosing your thoughts.
  • By relaxing into your natural well-being, and knowing that all is well, you can make life an easy process of allowing things to happen.
  • Possessions and money are by-products of the way you think.
  • Any desire in any person can be fulfilled.
  • And so on: it’s all classic motivational stuff, and it’s all in keeping with the Law Of Attraction.

So what relevance does it have to us in learning how to manifest our desires?

On the Abraham-Hicks website, Esther & Jerry claim that this is the original source material for the current interest in Law Of Attraction that is sweeping the world. She claims that the Law Of Attraction is explained in “the teachings of Abraham”.

And these teachings are available in a series of recordings, which are effectively Esther channelling the words of Abraham.

Personally, I feel that what’s being said is coming from her subconscious, because these are universal truths that have been available to people for generations.

It’s not as though Abraham was the source of information about the Law Of Attraction. This knowledge has been around for millenia. No matter where it comes from, whether it’s Esther’s subconscious, or whether she’s acting as a channel for a higher power, these are truths that have been available to the world in one form or another for very long time.

You can see some of the other people who offered this information to the world on the links above: Napoleon Hill knew all about the Law Of Attraction well over a century ago, and others have followed in his footsteps since then, including Rhonda Byrne, with her powerful presentation of this material in The Secret.

I suppose what’s intriguing to me is that everyone who discovers this material sets it all out as though they discovered it for the first time.

Still, what does Abraham have to teach us about Laws Of Attraction?

To be honest, although there’s a lot of common sense, there isn’t much here that’s new or different.

Sure, the fact that Abraham’s information about Law Of Attraction is set out in CD and MP3 (voice recording) form will be great for those who like to listen rather than read this material. But to be honest, I think some of it’s a bit simplistic.

For example: “Law Of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. And what it says is ‘that which is likened to itself is drawn’. This is evidenced in your language as ‘birds of a feather flock together’. You are a magnet, attracting that which you are thinking and feeling. And so if you are feeling fat you cannot attract thin. If you feel poor, you cannot attract prosperity. When you come to understand that you are a magnet attracting unto you, only then will you pay attention to what you are thinking.”

Abraham also talks about the Law of Deliberate Creation, which is basically a way of saying that if you think about something, or you think about the absence of something, you’ll get it. No surprise there!

Next comes the Law Of Allowing: this seems to be something about tolerance of difference, allowing each and every individual to be who and what they are.

The “Process of Segment Intending” seems to be about recognizing that there are many different things that you want, and paying attention to the one that is most important at the time.

There’s also some more (simple) stuff on listening to your intuition, becoming aware of what “Abraham” calls the Christ consciousness, or the Kingdom within.

One thing that seems clear to me about this is that although this is a simple way of representing Law Of Attraction material, it isn’t practical scheme for actually making it work in your life, for achieving success, or getting what you want. It’s more of a philosophy than a system, in my opinion.

For that you need something different: you need to know exactly what steps you need to take to manifest whatever it is that you desire.

Whether that objective be a loving relationship or financial success (in whatever form that takes for you), or anything else, the real secret of success lies in actually having a practical system that you can use on a day-to-day basis to get, to manifest, whatever it is you want. And that’s the idea of this website.