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Michael, who saw this website, sent in this inspirational success story about how he manifested a loving relationship.

Because of my background – an unwanted child, brought up in an emotionally abusive family by parents who were limited in every way – I found it hard to trust anyone as I grew up, and at some point I came to the conclusion that I would always be alone.

After all, that seemed like the safest way to be in the world.

At the same time, I was very adept at making friends – though interestingly enough, those friendships never lasted long when circumstances moved us physically apart.

And yet of course there was a consequence as I moved through puberty and adolescence into early adulthood – one I never expected: it seemed impossible for me to establish a long-term intimate romantic relationship.

Perhaps because of my desire to explore the world, I was never lacking short-term relationships – even one night stands – but that intimate, close relationship? It never appeared.

So finally, at the age of 39, I decided I’d had enough of this and things had to change. So the first thing that I did was to address my belief that “I’ll always be alone.” After all, when you think about it, there could hardly be a worse belief to hold if you’re looking for an intimate relationship than this!

How did I deal with it? By doing deep personal therapeutic work. To be exact, Shadow Work (look it up on the internet if you want). Now I’m not suggesting that everybody needs to do this to achieve success with their goal setting. But the Law of Attraction is a law that only works when certain conditions are met.

But I do believe that if you have deep-seated beliefs about yourself which are directly oppositional to your desired outcomes, you will have a hard time believing you can get what you want.

Since belief is essential to the process of manifestation, it’s not the work of a genius to see that things are going to be – shall we say – more challenging than they otherwise would be.

It’s entirely possible to reprogram your subconscious by using self hypnosis, autosuggestion (as Napoleon Hill and others so wisely suggested almost a hundred years ago), and simple repetition and affirmation.

You’ll find your own way, I have no doubt… and I see there is a page on this website about overcoming limiting beliefs which might be helpful in guiding you to different solutions to this challenge to manifestation.

So having done my “work”, I then needed to set my goal. And that was very simple: an intimate relationship with a beautiful woman who would be my soulmate for life, in a relationship of strength, quality, and mutual respect.

It was a long time ago now, but I seem to recall setting this goal in April, and applying a deadline of July 31 to getting this outcome. That’s often helpful, by the way, because it focuses the mind; but, like the goal itself, you have to believe it’s possible.

Just to reiterate, once again, if I hadn’t done the work on my belief that “I would always be alone”, it doesn’t seem very likely that I’d have been successful in achieving my outcome.

And my belief system at the time told me that if I set a target of achieving that outcome within, say, one week, I wouldn’t be successful. You get the point, I’m sure. Do what you believe in!

And so every weekday for three months, I spent about half an hour every afternoon visualizing myself in a loving relationship, enjoying the most wonderful experiences imaginable.

Wayne Dyer - Wishes Fulfilled
Wayne Dyer – Wishes Fulfilled

Now, when we talk about the emotional energies that can fuel manifestation, some of the most powerful appear to be love, gratitude and joy.

Indeed, Wayne Dyer, in his book Wishes Fulfilled, speaks of love as the only emotional fuel for manifestation.

Video: Wayne Dyer at Wanderlust Festival

Of course when I was imagining (or “envisioning” – a word which absolutely sums up the nature of this process) this particular outcome, or, to put it another way, seeing and feeling my relationship in my imagination as a current reality, it was easy to summon up the energies of love, gratitude and joy. After all, in my mind, that was the very nature of my “experience to be”!

My desire was so strong for this relationship that I didn’t question it would happen. My self respect had reached the point where I believed it was possible, that I was a good enough person to have a loving relationship which would last, and I enjoyed my visualizations.

And then at some point in this process, a catalogue from a holiday company dropped through my door.

This was from  a company which owned a holistic holiday retreat center on a Greek island, where I’d visited a couple of years before. On impulse – or by design? – I signed up for a holiday in a particular two-week period in July.

I guess if I am honest about it, I did imagine that might be place where I could manifest a soulmate… particularly since most participants at this particular retreat center were women! But I can’t honestly say that I went there with the specific intention of meeting a partner.

And then, something arose: I think, looking back, it was some kind of important family gathering, but I’m not sure. The outcome, however, I remember very clearly: I had to move my two-week holiday back to start on 30 June.

And so, on June 30, I took the 24-hour trip by train, plane, boat, coach, another boat, and another coach to my destination. And on the way I traveled with my fellow holidaymakers, meeting, I thought, almost all of them.

Well, you’re probably ahead of me now. What happened next? At the introductory meeting on July 1, sitting in the opening circle, I looked across and I saw the woman I knew was there for me. How did I know? Well, how does one know these things?

And it was easy and delightful and exciting, and we’re still together 20 years later. Perhaps the most interesting point about the story is this: my beloved had to alter the dates of the holiday she’d booked, because of an invitation she’d received to a wedding. In fact, she had to move them in the opposite direction; she had to move the holiday forwards two weeks. And so her time in this beautiful holistic retreat center coincided with mine.

ow, what business is it of mine to know how the universe might have arranged and rearranged our lives, and arranged and rearranged everybody else’s lives so that the exact combination of circumstances that was necessary for us to meet was manifested in our physical reality?

The answer I think is clear: don’t mess with the Cursed Hows! Set your goal, have faith, keep the faith, supply the emotional energy, take some action, and one way or another the universe will manifest whatever it is you want.

When you hear a story like this, “miracles” become commonplace. And I suppose, for The Universal Force, God, Divine Intelligence, The Great Mind – call it what you will – miracles really are commonplace. After all, they happen every day….as our universal Law Of Attraction makes clear.

As Mike Dooley says: “Never give up. Everything that’s happened and is happening now is playing to your favor. Let this be your modus operandi and remember: throughout every journey, the miracles of progress are almost always invisible. What surrounds you today is no indicator of what’s going to unfold tomorrow. Where you are is never who you are.”

Video: Mike Dooley