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Resolving Emotional Issues That Prevent Success

A Word About Emotional Healing Workshops

Imagine that when you were a child your mother was too concerned with her own emotional wounds and difficulties to provide you with the loving care and attention you deserved. Maybe she was openly hostile or somehow conveyed the message she didn’t love you. Ever since then you’ve found it hard to trust women or to open yourself fully in an intimate relationship.

Instinctively you know this lack of trust and openness arises because somewhere inside you there’s a young and tender “inner child”, a part of you which was wounded by your mother’s actions. You also instinctively realise that as an adult man, making yourself vulnerable to women may open you to re-experiencing that pain.

Or maybe you don’t realise that, because every time you get into a relationship, the same thing happens – you get hurt again, or you regress to being a little boy with his mummy. That’s because of the unconscious beliefs inside you which only know a certain way of being with a woman.

That’s just how it is. At some time, for some very good reason, you unconsciously created a set of beliefs about how you “have to be” in a relationship with a woman if you’re to get love, or what passes for love. Of course, this was all based on what you learned about relationships with women from your mother.

No matter what the exact situation, this example illustrates why we all behave in ways which recreate emotional challenges or pain, or indeed a total or partial lack of success.

And you won’t really understand why you aren’t successful – in love, or business, or life more generally.  I could offer you hundreds of examples of why men (and women) come to my, and other facilitators’, emotional healing workshops. Only the details differ, the principles are the same, whatever we are dealing with. Speaking of which, what are we dealing with? You name it, we work to repair, heal, and rebalance it. This is the essence of shadow work.

What’s going on here? When we do not get what we want, we have put some essential quality of ourselves out of sight, repressed and denied some fundamental aspect of who we are. This denial or repression is called putting aspects of ourselves into shadow. And although we may know that we put anger, sadness and so on into shadow, we may not be so clear that we are putting strength wisdom, power, expectation, positivity, hope, faith, love and so n into shadow. That is often why we cannot make money or achieve other measures of success. (Read more about the human shadow here.)

Robert Bly spoke of how grief was the unexpressed burden of so many men. Loss of loved ones, lack of love. Shame, humiliation, disrespect. Boarding school. Bullying. Issues with sexuality. Lack of sexual interest. Absent fathers (oh, the number of men who had inadequate or absent fathers). Absent mothers. Smothering mothers. Narcissistic mothers. Angry mothers. Abuse, be it sexual, physical, or emotional. Your lack of leadership in your own life. Not knowing what you want, or not knowing how to get what you want. A sense of powerlessness, impotence or inadequacy. Lack of self esteem. Poor boundaries, an inability to say no. Lack of assertiveness.

Not knowing what love is or how to find it. Being overwhelmed by the need for love. Inability to stand up to the masculine. Inability to stand firm in the face of the feminine. Not feeling masculine, or feeling too feminine. Dysfunctional behaviour. Loneliness. Lack of friendships. Rage, grief, despair. Not seeing any reason to live. Life purpose, and its absence. Addictions. Depression. Despair. Unmourned losses and the grief you carry.

Well. You get the idea, I’m sure.

Video – Robert Bly speaks about the emotional wounds of men.

Emotional Process Work / Shadow Work

Is it too much to suggest that before you can achieve success (whatever that means to you) you must heal your emotional wounds?

In short, no. Watch this video to discover why.

Shadow work video: a means of healing emotional wounds.

Shadow work in groups

In a shadow work or emotional process work group workshop, participants and facilitators start by getting to know and trust each other, so the group develops both strength and safety; enough safety for everyone to explore their problems and challenges, their desire for change, without the fear of being hurt once again.

My colleagues and I are noted for creating a safe “container” in which men (and women in our mixed groups) are safe from being shamed and are in control of the process at all times. Men and women who place their trust in us deserve our respect, and they can stop the process at any point if they feel it is not going in the right direction for them.

There are many ways we can explore and “hold” the parts of you which carry your emotional wounds. There are many techniques available which allow us together to replay the drama of the past, and this time give it a different outcome. It’s like rewriting the last act of the play so that you get the outcome you desire – which in the example at the start of this session might be the ability to open up to women and show your vulnerability so that you can give and receive love fully, openly, and without feeling fear.

The results of our process work can be truly miraculous, because they go right back to the heart of your deepest emotional issues. Our techniques work fast because they are action-oriented and direct. In fact I believe that three months of one-to-one classic counselling or talking therapy is equivalent to a 90 minute session of deep personal work in a group setting, a safe space where you can re-enact your drama and experience a different outcome. Most of the wounds which men and women experienced during childhood were borne alone, so to be witnessed doing your personal healing work in a group can be powerfully restorative and reparative in itself. In addition, each group generates a very special heart-centred energy which helps to hold the participants and hasten their emotional transformation.

One To One Work On Your Shadow

A very good alternative is to do your personal emotional healing work in a one-to-one setting with a qualified facilitator, a shadow healer, well experienced in working with these emotional wounds and issues. There are many of these facilitators – for example, see the register of certified shadow work practitioners on the Healing The Shadow website.

Sure, the techniques are different, but the outcome can is just as dramatic: you will quickly resolve the issues you want to change. The benefit of working in a group is that you are not alone. 

The benefit of working one to one is that you can move at the pace which suits you best. The session is more focused on you, and you have the full attention of the facilitator for as long as you are in the room.

Perhaps the best way of doing your work is to combine a series of personal session with a group session every three months or so. This seems to really speed up progress for most people.

Can You Manifest What You Want?

Do we actually have the power to manifest our own reality?

This might appear counter-intuitive but, as a matter of fact, it is the truth. Sure, a lot of people will no doubt see the preceding statement to be preposterous to say the least! But to be honest, this can be expected among individuals who have no information relating to The Laws of Creation or faith in manifestation! 

The same thoughts explained in the Laws of Attraction, and the presence of these universal laws is indisputable – given the intensity of one’s faith and drive, and placed in the ideal circumstances – each of us possesses the capability to manifest or make real the material or situations that we long for in our lives. This is all about taking charge of your life, stepping into your sovereignty and being fully embodied in the King archetype.

The thought of shaping your very own reality is not a new idea or concept or invention; in fact, it’s a proposition that harks back to the learning of our ancestors. A quick survey of the archeological findings has revealed that the system  was respected even in antiquity – the early Egyptians were demonstrably familiar with the science of manifestation and “conjuring” reality long before their grand monuments were even finished!!

Of course, this sort of system might sound mysterious or supernatural, which probably explains why the details have been blanketed in secrecy through the ages. Yet you are a modern sorcerer, perhaps obsessed with understanding and applying the Laws of Creation, Attraction and Manifestation to change reality.

And you know what? There’s actually nothing baffling about this practice. It’s an innate human capability. It actually shows up in the Bible, which itself is quite clear about the manifestation process (ask and it shall be – well, you know the rest, yes?)

So. Modern days! The first modern rendering of the ideas of manifestation was in a book by an author named Napoleon Hill, writing in the 1930s, at a time when the Great Depression was destroying millions of homes and livelihoods all over America. Hill summed up the main ideas of this Active Co-Creation process in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. This well-known book has remained a favorite among enthusiasts of all stripes ever since.

I have this irksome suspicion, however, that many of Hill’s readers are unable to thoroughly grasp the ideas that the old gentleman explained in it. Hill made the observation that there were clues contained in all chapters of his book about the processes and requirements of manifestation. It certainly feels like he thought that only people who could actually grasp his core ideas were worthy of the wisdom he was imparting!

Yet, ironically, it’s not not really indicated in Hill’s writing just what he did regarding the secret of manifesting reality. To be fair, he did describe all the points, principles and ideas that are essential to successfully produce one’s own reality –  independently of whether your burning desire is financial wealth, an ideal sexual relationship with your soulmate, fame and recognition, or some other equally compelling objective.

Invariably, in any discussion of a theme that suggests manifestation is worthwhile, the core factor is always to start with a pretty definite goal in mind and to picture your own circumstances AS IF you currently possess that objective in your life. Every aspect is invaluable, because by imprinting your vision on your subconscious as a painstakingly detailed image, you are able to summon up intense motivation for this particular form of your desired outcome.

Of course, there needs to be a compelling enough reason, a profoundly significant reason why you should want your stated objective. This is because without a driving force, or without sufficient motivation to accomplish something noteworthy, you will almost certainly lack the intense emotional or mental energy that powers the process of manifesting reality.

Manifestation: Imagine Your Relationship In Every Detail

As many prominent thinkers revealed, including Napoleon Hill, desire and belief, both locked into the possibility of you achieving your goal, are indispensable for the vision to appear as a reality. 

The idea here is to find something which makes your heart sing, and then move forward with clear intention to accomplish your goal. Moreover, Hill also highlighted the necessity to have a group of people, for which he proposed the term a Mastermind group, which is made up of like-minded friends who will be completely behind you as you manifest reality.

And for sure, when you have a group of minds supporting each other, the ingenuity and enthusiasm generated is, without question, much more than one would probably anticipate, because this tight circle of like-minded individuals generates an energy field which nurtures your belief in the reality of accomplishing your desired outcome.

Why does that matter? Because with any self-defeating ideas, doubts or beliefs, or if you yourself are not totally convinced that you have the power to accomplish your goals, there just isn’t the slightest hope that it will become part of your reality.

And to deal with doubts that prevent you realizing your objective, you really need to explore your subconscious mind, and establish what those negative beliefs might be.

When you get past this, you will have to reframe them in some manner to enable you to replace them with a personal belief structure that permits you to work naturally towards your dreams. Then, and only then, can you apply the Law Of Attraction in your life easily and effectively.

The Law of Attraction is a reality – we know this because it has been proven over the years by the experience of people who manifested whatever they want to bring into their lives.

This includes money, wealth of all kinds, prosperity and abundance, good-quality relationships, new jobs, new employment, new attitudes of mind, and improved quality of relationships, both sexual and nonsexual.

When you hear this, it sounds like some kind of modern day scam that is trying to persuade you to invest your money! You know what I mean – the kind of thing that goes “have it all, with no effort whatsoever!”

But of course the law of attraction requires a considerable amount of your time and effort – and it’s certainly no pushover to make it work. As I mentioned above, being in your King archetypal energy is necessary to get results. (Find out here what the King archetype is all about.)

If there’s any doubt surrounding the law of attraction, it exists entirely in the minds of the people who successfully persuade men and women that with a few minutes’ visualization every day, and by engaging in some ridiculously simplistic rituals, they can manifest their deepest desires.

Now of course this may sound like the esoteric way to get what you want, but in fact it is a natural part of being human. But it isn’t about getting something for nothing! Life isn’t like that, as you have probably realized, although you may still be hoping that some part of your being the discovery that things come easily!

Forget it. If you want to use the law of attraction (and this is the place to get a full understanding of it!) to manifest anything – a sexual relationship, money or anything else – then you have to work quite hard.

What that work looks like is this: being absolutely clear about what it is you’re passionate to have in your life, and then believing in that dream with more commitment than you might have ever shown for anything in your life up to this point.

Now I know that you probably want something very badly indeed right here in this moment, but I wonder whether you have the intense desire that will sustain your motivation when you’re faced with the everyday problems and challenges of life around you.

For, make no mistake about it, unless you do have a consistent and persistent desire for something within you, and held consistently with intense commitment, nothing is going to manifest any time soon.

When people talk about the Law Of Attraction they make it seem very simple, but it isn’t. Or at least, the principles are simple but the execution of it is rather more complicated than you might imagine.

Manifestation: Imagine Your Relationship In Every Detail

I’ve already alluded to the need for intense desire to make manifestation work, but not only do you need intense desire (which is sustained over a long period of time), but you also need an absolute belief in the certainty of your being able to manifest whatever it is that you’re trying to attract into your life.

One of the reasons for this is that the process of manifestation depends on you putting sufficient emotional energy into it, to convince – and I use that word loosely – the universe that you’re sincere and your desires to have whatever it is you’re envisaging.

But whatever the exact nature of the mechanism, we know that a high level of energy on the part of the person’s visualizing is very necessary for it to manifest in their lives – and that includes you, just as does anybody else who wants to bring about a certain outcome.

Beyond desire and belief, you also need expectation – expectation is a quality which allows you to believe that these things can happen for you, and that they will happen for you. You may well have a belief that other people can be rich, for example, because there are plenty of examples of them around the world – and you could hardly deny their existence!

But could YOU be rich? Perhaps that’s a slightly more challenging thing to believe in?

So expectancy is the expectation that something is going to manifest for you, no matter what your background, no matter what your history, and no matter what your cultural circumstances.

This, I think, more than anything else is where a high level of evolved consciousness may be necessary to people who want to change their lives for the better.

What I mean by “evolved consciousness” is this: it’s quite obvious that people don’t have the same success as each other in manifestation – some manage to do it all the time, and some don’t manage to succeed at all.

Whether or not you succeed is probably a reflection of your commitment to the process, at least in part.

In addition it’s also a reflection of the amount of time and effort that you’re able to bring to the process of visualization or meditation which is the fourth adjunct to co-creation (another word for manifestation).

Visualization or meditation are processes which require you to enter a slightly altered state – one in which your brainwave frequencies slowly down into the Alpha frequency range of 7 to 14 cps.

For some reason that is not entirely clear, it appears that this brain frequency (and what we refer to by brain frequencies is the frequency of the electrical activity that pulsates through the brain) is somehow a facilitation device which enables you to connect to the universe at large. This connection seems to act as some kind of “carrier wave” that will carry your desires and intentions to the universe.

Now I need hardly say, I’m sure, that this is rather a challenging thing to do, because we’re all faced with a busy everyday life that keeps our brain highly active and maintains our inner brain frequency range far removed from the Alpha waveband.

So you will be required – and it’s an absolute requirement, for sure – to sit down and relax and meditate and to develop the habit pattern of doing this until you are adept at it. Without this frequency of brain patterns, you will not be able to visualize whatever it is you wish to bring into your life in a way that will make it happen.

And finally, you won’t be surprised, I’m sure, to hear that the very final step of manifestation is to take action of some kind that demonstrates to the universe that you’re committed to achieving your goal. Even so, manifestation is worthwhile, and the core factor is always to start with a definite goal in mind!

Making The Law Of Attraction Work For You

The Law of Attraction

What if, in your imagination, you could create the world you actually want to live in, a world complete with all the things that you desire, a world complete with all things that you need, the world complete with all the things that would actually fulfill you?

Doesn’t that sound like an absolutely fantastic way to live? So that was open to you, is a possibility, why would you not take advantage of it, and actually do so? Why would you not live that way?

You see, the thing is this – it is absolutely possible to live in that way, it is absolutely possible to have everything you want, to eliminate health issues and health problems – including, I might add sexual problems, mental problems, emotional problems, relationship problems… Problems of any kind whatsoever, and it is absolutely possible to get whatever you want in your life.

Now I know that perhaps one of things that you’re thinking at this stage is – well, if it’s so easy, then why doesn’t everybody have everything they want?

How to create or manifest your reality? It’s easier than you think! Read on to find out more.

But of course the reality is that most people aren’t willing to make the slightest effort to get what they want, on any level of their lives – which is why people are content to put up with poverty, ignorance, stupidity, deprivation and abuse.

For those who have reached the level of consciousness which is sufficient for them to understand that there is in fact another way to run their lives, manifestation and law of attraction often escape route from poverty and deprivation in every form that it can manifest on the planet surface.

But why don’t more people take advantage of this?

Law Of Attraction

The simple answer is that most people want an easy life, and don’t understand that the simple techniques set out in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne are not in fact so simple.

Manifestation requires person to do considerable work on themselves to raise the level of consciousness to a point where they are actually able to use the techniques that will result in successful manifestation.

You see, every negative belief that you hold about yourself is an objection or an obstacle to creating reality using the Law of Attraction. For example, if you believe that your self-worth is quite low, or indeed if you believe that your entitlement to money or wealth or riches is limited, then your chance of manifesting great wealth and riches in your life is negligible. Regrettably it’s an absolute truth that you can only manifest reality around you to the level that your belief will accommodate.

This is something you can understand more clearly by closing your eyes and considering what level of cash you think you are actually going to be capable of manifesting – not what you would like to manifest, and not what you want to manifest, but what you truly actually believe you could manifest if use used all techniques available to you correctly.

Now there’s usually a huge discrepancy between what people want, and what they realize they’re actually able to sustain as a belief – and only those things that you can sustain is a belief are going to manifest in your life, because frankly, the universe knows better than you do.

What I mean by that is that if you are not capable of believing that a certain level of wealth is available to you, or that you not worthy of a certain level of wealth, then the universe is never going to present it to you, simply because it knows that you cannot handle it.

There’s no better example of this truth than the fact that 90% of lottery winners are back (financially) where they started within two years of winning a lottery jackpot. Their subconscious minds are programmed to believe that they deserve a certain wealth level – or, more likely, a certain poverty level – and as soon as the world produces a jackpot on the lottery, which disturbs the status quo, then their sense of self-worth (or lack of self-worth, to be more accurate) switches on…. after which their subconscious mind starts to bring about a series of actions which will bring their wealth level back in line with the subconscious mind’s firmly held beliefs about that person’s capacity to hold abundance or wealth.

We all know how lottery winners lose money as fast as they got it. It’s about what they believe their capacity, their right, their very right to have money or wealth or abundance that determines the circumstances in the world. It’s not about intelligence, it’s not about education, and it’s not about physical or mental ability.

We’ve all heard of people with limited ability in many different ways who are quite capable of establishing and keeping huge wealth. There is no better demonstration than that of the fact that working on the limiting beliefs that keep us subservient to others, keep us poor, or deprive us of the things we want, is absolutely the first and most essential step to changing our lives.

People often ask me how it’s possible to change limiting beliefs, and the answer is that it’s much easier than you think. While the subconscious mind is always ready to manifest whatever it believes to be true at a particular point in time, it’s also very ready to manifest something different – all it needs is persuading that there is a new reality available, one which will actually allow you to enjoy life much more, and perhaps also to gain greater wealth and freedom of spirit.

So, to this end, you might choose to use techniques like hypnosis or self hypnosis, you might choose to use deep therapy work, or you might choose to engage in a process of examining and changing limiting beliefs by using many of the techniques that are available on the Internet, some of which are quite revolutionary.

But make no mistake about it, you’re certainly not going to be wealthy any time soon unless you actually start by changing the limiting beliefs which determine what you think you’re worth. Then you can manifest successfully.

You’re not going to find a new job or a new partner or a new relationship of quality, if you believe that you are only entitled to a second-rate relationship or a second-rate job or a second-rate place in the world.

The universe, while not capricious, certainly responds to what people expect of themselves, and manifests the reality that matches precisely what they regard as true about themselves – so if you haven’t yet started the process of self forgiveness, which by the way depends on forgiveness of others as well as forgiveness of self – or you haven’t started the process of changing the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, then it’s high time you began to impact your ability to live in the world happily and healthily by doing exactly that.

Principles of The Law Of Attraction

A lot of people want to know how the Law of Attraction and manifestation work. Fortunately there are a lot of authors around who can help us understand that very question.

Gabrielle Bernstein is one of them, and she’s written an article called “five tips to manifest miracles”.

In it she puts forward five simple and straightforward principles which guide manifestation for her – and you might find it interesting to read what she has to say, if you’re experiencing difficulties with manifestation or not getting the results you want.

First of all, she says it’s obvious our intentions create our reality. So  if you’re not getting the results you want through manifestation, it also logically follows that you must be doing something wrong. The whole principle that we’re working with here is that thoughts create things.

One of the most likely reasons for that, according to Gabrielle, is that you might be thinking low-level thoughts. In other words, you are experiencing energy, feelings and beliefs which prevent you from receiving what you desire. This means that the way you’re thinking now may be creating failure around manifestation.

Naturally enough, the process of manifesting usually involves clearing out these blocks so you are certain about your ability to manifest…. and equally certain about the likelihood of it appearing in your life.

And, make no mistake about it, these beliefs operate at very subtle levels. There are millions of beliefs in each and everyone of us, beliefs we inherited from our family of origin when we were growing up.

What’s holding you back might be a belief you grew up with around money or prosperity or personal power… or something else.

The problem is that you have to find these limiting beliefs, because they are stopping you manifesting what you want, and you have to clear them.

You can do this with whichever psychological and emotional clearing technique works for you.

Once you’ve done that, the next step is to become absolutely clear about the goal you are trying to achieve.

Absolute clarity alone is not enough, however, because you also have to be absolutely clear about the circumstances in which that goal can manifest.

So for example, if you’re trying to manifest a new job, then you should not only try to manifest the salary and the conditions but also the environment and the people around you, and how you will feel… Because as always, feeling good is the most important aspect of manifestation.

You see, feeling is the emotional driver behind the process of manifestation, both before and after you’ve achieved what you want.

So before you achieve what you want, the feeling energy which you put out into the universe will allow you to generate an energetic connection to whatever you want to bring into your life.

And also, maintaining a state of positive energy will allow you to manifest more easily and effectively as time goes by.

Feeling good is a kind of “sovereign” energy which puts you into your leadership and your power, makes you the owner and manager of your life, and allows you to manifest whatever you want – provided, of course, that you’ve dealt with the limiting beliefs you hold, and you are clear about the nature of your goal.

Gabrielle’s message in this context is that you should rely entirely on your internal state rather than on the external conditions you’re trying to manifest.

I agree with her to the extent that feeling is absolutely vital in manifesting anything, and concentrating purely on the external form of what you want to bring into your life is likely to be less successful.

Although it’s harsh to say it, let’s suppose that you lose your job: could that be an opportunity for you to learn something about self-worth and self-reliance?She refers to this process as clearing space, and she makes the point that if you’re getting things you don’t like – in other words circumstances are “bringing up all your shit” – then you may be getting a learning experience from the universe.

Could such a thing be an opportunity for you to learn something about how to step out of fear and into your own power?

From one perspective, the answer is obviously yes – because in every adversity, as Napoleon Hill put it, “there lies the seed of a greater benefit”.

So let’s assume that you’ve cleared the blocks and you’re absolutely crystal clear about what you want to bring into your life.

The next question is “Can you believe it, think it, and feel it, as if it is real right now?”

And how do you do that? Well, the answer is with a process of visualization, relaxation or meditation (any of which will allow you to get into the mental state where you can connect to the part of you which manifests reality in harmony with the universal force – aka “God”).

This attunement is absolutely essential, because without the correct energetic vibration of your mind, driven by your thoughts and feelings, resonating with the energy of what you want to manifest in the cosmic consciousness, manifestation is unlikely to occur.

Even when you achieve that, certainty is absolutely critical as part of your manifestation process.

If you are certain about the outcome – in other words if you completely and utterly believe you will get what you want via manifestation – then you can relax and allow the universe to manifest your desires in its own good time.

There’s often a moment of knowing, of absolute certainty (which you will recognize instantly when you experience it) during a visualization process. This signifies that the universe has heard you, and is going to manifest whatever you want.

I might add that it’s not always necessary to feel this moment of certainty, but when you do, it is an absolutely definitive indication that something is happening, somewhere in the universe, which is going to bring you what you have asked for.

And finally, the question of time boundaries arises. We are often told that when we’re trying to manifest something we should set a deadline. However, many authors who write about manifestation with the Law of Attraction will tell you that setting a time limit on manifestation is not necessary. And that, in reality, the universe should be allowed to manifest for you in its own good time. You decide!

Using The Law Of Attraction

The universal law of attraction operates in a dimension where there is no time or space, no concept of good or evil, no concept of good or bad. It is, quite simply, an energetic force which responds to the commands given to it.

Obstacles To Getting What You Want

Where do obstacles to success feature in your scheme of things?
Where do obstacles to success feature in your scheme of things?

When faced with obstacles, would you give up, or would you see them as challenges that the universe has presented to you to test your commitment?

It’s often been said that people’s greatest success lies one step beyond their greatest failure.

But I’m not too sure about this.

I rather suspect the universe is not capricious, and doesn’t need to test people whose desire is sincere. What I think’s more likely here is that people who are challenged have a belief about the difficulty of manifestation. Or, rather, they have a belief that they are going to be challenged on the way to achieving their desired outcome.

And of course if that’s what they believe, that’s what the universe will give them. There’s no reason why manifestation should be difficult, and there’s no reason why the universe should challenge you on the way to your final outcome.

If you believe that the law of attraction will produce what you want easily and effortlessly, then that’s what’s going to happen.

If, on the other hand, you believe that you can only achieve some desired outcome with a struggle, then that’s what will happen too.

One of the ways I’ve overcome my limiting beliefs is to take part in shadow work processes – a deep form of psychotherapy which changes the fundamental beliefs by which a person lives. I realized before one major piece of work that somewhere I held the belief that “life is a struggle”.

And of course, that was how my life had been up to that point. Hardly surprising, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So I did my piece of therapy work, and I brought my belief that life is a struggle into the light, transformed it into something else, and went on my way.

Going home, I stopped at the first service station I saw to pick up some groceries. I had about four or five items in my arms, and I carried them to the checkout and placed them on the counter.

The man behind the counter looked at the purchases, then looked at me, and he said: “Would you like a bag,  or are you going to struggle?”

Make of that what you will, but for me that was a clear reminder from the universe about making life easier for myself.

And it’s true: a whole series of coincidences may develop which lead you to question the law of attraction and doubt what’s happening. But like I said before, it’s not your job to know what’s happening. It’s your job to trust.

All you have to do is just accept that you will get what you want.

A long time ago I decided I wanted to work in the film industry (movie industry for you dear American readers).

And I happened to live near the offices of a small documentary film producer. I remember being consumed with the desire to work in the film industry for months. I can’t really even remember why from this distance, 30 years later! Perhaps I thought it was glamorous, or romantic, or exciting occupation…Who knows?

But it was an obsession of mine for a long time. And finally I picked up a pen and paper and I wrote my letter of application. Which landed on the desk of the managing director on the day after an employee had left the company.

What do you think happened next?

Now how does that work? Again, it’s not our business to know. It is our business to take advantage of opportunities which the universe creates for us.

And so I did, and so I spent a year in the film industry, doing a menial job while dining in the studios alongside major stars, flying round the country, and indulging my sense of self-importance, which was clearly what I needed to do at the time.

After a year, however, the universe manifested a different reality for me and I knew it was time to move on.

A good piece of advice here is this: accept that you can never tell what will happen next. Stuart Wilde says, “Watch for signs, use your feelings to help you decide, and if, after that, you’re still not sure, do nothing.” That’s actually a pretty good way of using your intuition, because if a direction is right for you, you’ll know it automatically.

But the problem is that many of us don’t listen to our intuition, so we go through great worries and difficulties in making our minds up, so we can be sure whether or not we should follow a particular option.

As a rule of thumb, remember that if you have to think about something it’s generally a mistake. When the universal law of attraction gives you what you want, you’ll know it very clearly!

And another excellent piece of advice is to start your list of requests or expectations or desired outcomes – call them what you will – with something fairly modest.

You’ll feel shock when the universe delivers them, for sure, but the point is that you will also reinforce your belief about what’s actually possible. And that it makes it possible to set out to achieve bigger objectives next time…..

Video – stick to your goals – attractive reality

Whatever you accomplish, do remember to express gratitude to the universe. And in the moment when you feel a sense of extraordinary accomplishment or surprise or joy or gratitude that this process actually works, just linger on that for a few moments.

That feeling will help you manifest even more successfully next time.

Overcoming Doubt About The Law 

How The Law Of Attraction Operates

One of the best ways to overcome negativity and self-doubt in the process of manifestation is to use a constant process of affirmation. But affirmations have been much misunderstood, especially around the law of attraction.

In general, people think that if they adopt a positive mental attitude and repeat an affirmation to themselves over and over again it will become true for them. But life isn’t so simple, as we’ve seen!

Simply telling yourself something which is manifestly untrue isn’t going to drive it into the subconscious, because your conscious mind will act as a filter and annoyingly remind you about the truth of what you’re saying.

But what affirmations can do is to slowly and gradually change your attitudes, and thereby make manifestation and using law of attraction more easy.

So you might, for example, use them before you go to bed at night, when you wake up in the morning, and perhaps during the day: repeat them three times, slowly and thoughtfully, and confirm to yourself that they are indeed becoming true. Here are some examples of affirmations:

“Everything I need comes to me effortlessly and easily.”
“I attract fulfilling and mutually supportive friendships.”
“I am part of the infinite consciousness of the universe. I do not judge others. I accept them who for who they are.”
“I see only beauty and the people around me, and we mutually strengthen and refresh each other for the highest good of all concerned.”
“I’m a powerful and positive individual, and everything that happens to me this day is from my highest good. I tracked only positive events people and places towards me.”
“I follow the energy of my highest evolution at all times.”

Affirmations like this can, as Stuart Wilde says, “act like small twigs in a fire”, and by constantly putting more affirmations into the fire, you can build a more and more positive attitude, a hotter and hotter energy, if you like, that can drive things forward for you at a speed that will astonish you.

You can complement that process by manifesting what you want continually. After all, why put up with less than you can have, be less than you can be, and live with things that interfere with your ability to be who you truly are?

A final word: as you open up to new energies, always protect yourself with white light or golden light, imagining it flowing around you before you set out into the everyday world, and understand that this energy represents part of your connection with the universe, your connection with the living spirit, the cosmic consciousness or the infinite intelligence.

Live From The End

It sounds quite compelling, doesn’t it?

“Live from the end.” But what, exactly, does it mean?

Well, it’s what Wayne Dyer described as a “most troublesome and unconventional idea” – the idea that you can train your imagination so that it accepts anything placed in it by you isn’t about a future experience, but represents your reality, right here, right now.

Video – Wayne Dyer – Attracting, Manifesting & Living From The End

You will, very probably, have heard of manifestation and Law of Attraction gurus who speak of the need to visualize things as though they were present in your life right now.

This is because the currency of the subconscious mind does not appear to involve any sense of past, present or future. In other words, it can’t tell the difference between your imagined image of something that might happen in the future, and something that is a reality right now.

It looks like Wayne’s technique is all about increasing the efficiency of visualization, the most common method of manifesting anything.

Of course, Wayne is right when he makes the observation that you are being asked to put your five senses into a box, so they can’t persuade you about what they perceive as reality right now.

But in a religious framework, using quotes from the Bible, such as Romans 4:17, Wayne explains what he means: “call those things which do not exist as though they did.” In other words, when you turn your imagination to the highest principles of your higher self, and you imagine a picture in your mind as though it was already a reality, you align yourself to the way God works.

Law of Attraction
We are all part of a bigger whole, so we can connect with something larger than ourselves and attract our own reality

God, or the Universal Intelligence, or the Great Mystery, or the Cosmic Consciousness – whatever you prefer – is of course beyond time and space, for he/she/it is everywhere, simultaneously, and always has been. “Live from the end” therefore means exactly this: you visualize matters as you wish them to be at the end of the affair.

You picture your goals as though they were already your reality.

You imagine the way you want the world to be.

And it comes true. Your wishes are granted, the universe responds by manifesting your desires.

This is, of course, the way the Law of Attraction works. You are, effectively, already God, and you have the power to shape reality.

As the 20th century sage Neville observed, “disregard appearances, conditions, in fact all evidence of your senses that deny the fulfilment of your desire. Rest in the assumption that you are already what you want to be, for in that determined assumption you and your Infinite Being are merged in creative unity, and with your Infinite Being (God) all things are possible. God never fails.”

This is indeed powerful stuff for anyone interested in manifestation. Of course your imagination is powerful, for it is the link through your subconscious to the creative intelligence around you. Yet at the same time your five senses are also powerful – and they’ll certainly be attempting to convince you that they are the only way in which you can see reality as it is.

So how can you overcome their power? As Dyer suggests you can explore this area further: for example, say aloud to yourself “by placing my new reality into my imagination my future dream is a present fact.”

And as you do that, which of your five senses seems to be most resistant and irritated by your assertion that your future reality exists right now?

No matter how resistant your senses are to perceiving your new reality right here, right now, you can remind yourself that you do indeed have the power to use your imagination as you see fit, and that everything you wish to manifest in the real world – the physical world – around you has to start in your imagination and end in physical reality.

As Neville observed, “to incarnate a new and greater value of yourself, you must assume that you already are what you want to be and then live by faith in this assumption… in confidence that this new valuable state of consciousness will become incarnated through your absolute fidelity to the assumption that you are that which you desire to be.”

In other words, within your imagination you have the power to visualize everything that you want to be the reality of the world around you. You have to do this with absolute certainty. You aren’t hoping for a good outcome. You believe totally that your outcome is assured.

Desire, belief and expectancy are all needed for effective attraction
Desire, belief and expectancy are all needed for effective attraction

Law Of Attraction Requires Desire, Belief and expectancy

It’s the force of your assurance and faith – call it belief if you prefer – which will drive the process of manifestation, and the more you practice this, the more able you will become to resist the seduction of your five senses which are trying to keep you attached to a way of being that does not help manifest your desires.

Thinking from the end is thinking from a position where you know what you want to happen will indeed happen, where your imagination will come true.

And of course this requires considerable force of will: but then living a life of determined outcomes – living from the end, as Wayne Dyer has it – is a demanding way of being. This is why so few people who practice manifestation actually achieve what they want, or at least what they say they want.

(And you have to bear in mind many of these people are lukewarm about their desires anyway, so their failure may be coming from a failure of desire rather than a failure of belief.)

If you can reach the state where the picture you create in your imagination is already your reality, then you are literally already where you want to be.

This is no mere play on words – it is the way the Law of Attraction works. The universal, ineffable Law of Attraction, which will not let you down, when you meet the conditions under which the universe operates.

Can you imagine yourself living in a mindset where every image that you sum up represents your reality, and you are 100% certain of that fact?

Life has probably taught you less than positive things about yourself: the truth is that most children have many negative experiences in life, where they learn they are not smart, or good enough, or loved, or clever, or they can’t get what they want, or they have no power or control over their lives… And as adults, that’s how they continue to live.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Attract your reality and change your life.
Get what you want by living from the end.

The very fact that you’re reading this demonstrates you are not average. The very fact that you’re reading this demonstrates you have a desire to rise above where you are in life right now.

Overcoming the beliefs given to you by other people during your childhood about what you could and could not do involves considerable work. But it is possible.

If you want proof of how possible it is, read the book Dying To Be Me.

This is an example of a woman connecting with the highest possible level of self: the part of her – and you – which represents your connection to the divine, to the universe, to the energy of something much greater than yourself.

Wayne Dyer suggests that you run through “as large an inventory as you can of the things that you would like to define your life.” And then, he encourages you to shift from saying that you are not, or you are hoping to become, to “I am”.

For example, shift your thinking from “I am poor” to “I am rich and increasingly wealthy with every day that goes by”.

Shift your thinking from “l’ll never get a job” to “I have many excellent qualities to offer an employer, and employment is assured.” Shift your thinking from “I’m not good enough” to “I’m more than good enough in every way.” From “I’m poor” to “I’m rich.”

Defining yourself at the highest level possible will expand your power, transform your energy, and put you into contact with the higher elements of yourself that connect with the higher energies of the universe.

Think only positively about yourself, and constantly affirm your own magnificence. Use the form “I am”….. as in I am capable, I am magnificent, I am confident, I am worthy, I am growing, I am a powerful human being, I am an agent of the divine, I am everything I wish to be, I am in ultimate control of my destiny.

Practiced enough, you will soon come to understand that there isn’t a shred of doubt about the power you have, and your ability to manifest whatever you want.

The Alchemy Of Faith

The title of this post is taken from Deborah L. Price’s book, Money Magic – Unleashing Your True Potential For Prosperity And Fulfilment.

In the chapter of her book with the same title, she’s talking about what she describes as the most essential ingredient of financial well-being – faith.

She describes faith as essential element in the confidence and trust necessary to manifest a greater reality.

Yet, as she also says, many of us find faith difficult – particularly when things are not moving too well for us, or perhaps in the direction we want.

The irony is, of course, that while it’s easy to have faith when everything is going well, the moments when we need our faith the most are precisely those when we are least likely to have it, and we lose touch with the the higher power or the spirit within us.

She also makes the observation that faith is something which has just become another commodity in our society – it comes and goes, and seldom lasts.

The vicissitudes of life are considerable, and life is indeed unfair, painful, and difficult beyond all expectation and reason. Maintaining vitality and energy takes a lot of time, effort and courage – and no wonder therefore, that to live on the basis of faith, on the basis of what might happen or could happen, is challenging.

Yet Deborah is fundamentally talking about the spiritual aspect to faith, giving the word a deeper meaning which goes beyond the mere ability to maintain your belief in yourself or your aspiration when the going gets tough. (That’s what we call belief – read more here.)

And she reckons that forgiveness is a major element of this process – she says that when you forgive, “the Spirit within you wakes up and allows you to be free and available to the possibilities waiting for you. In working with my clients, I have found that those who are willing to forgive experience a higher degree of abundance and prosperity. Conversely, those who are unwilling to forgive themselves or others seldom move beyond their archetypal pattern.”

Now that’s a sobering thought. How many people in your life have you not yet forgiven for what they did to you? Could this be holding you back from manifestation success?

Manifestation and spirituality
Can you forgive those who have trespassed against you?

Well, let’s try and find out. In what way could forgiveness help the process of manifestation?

Spirituality, Forgiveness and Manifestation

Forgiveness, says Deborah, is the one of the most important steps we can take on the path toward fulfilment.

And the reason for this, she says, is that the unhealed wounds, the resentment and blame, which we all feel when we’ve been a victim of something or someone, are obstacles that block the flow of good into our lives.

It’s an important point, yet you need to remember when you’re considering your anger towards those who’ve sinned against you that forgiveness does not mean forgiving the act, it means forgiving the person who trespassed against you.

You can always change the energy that exists between you and another human being, alive or dead. And the point perhaps is this – when you forgive somebody, the energy which you are currently using to hold yourself hostage to the relationship between you and that person, is now available for you to use in manifesting your wants.

If you take spirituality to a deeper level, then of course it means a connection with the divine, or the world around you, or the universal intelligence – or whatever form of words you want to use for the power which exists is greater than ourselves.

And of course if you take God as meaning the Universal Intelligence, then you already know that this power is within you, since you are an integral part of the universe, and your subconscious mind is a direct connection to the universal intelligence.

Prayer, says Deborah, is one of the most powerful spiritual tools available to us. Yet praying is not about making demands of the universal intelligence, nor about pleading with it or begging. It is the best way to establish a relationship to spirit.

And furthermore, prayer is not something that should leave you feeling small and powerless. This is a connection between you and another part of yourself, the cosmic whole. This is actually a connection between you and another part of yourself.

And in this frame of mind, prayer becomes more about gratitude and asking for guidance than about asking for some specific objective.

Reconnecting With Your Spiritual Self

It’s possible that the widespread sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in society comes from the lack of connection we have with spirit.

And this isn’t just about being caught up in material wishes and demands – it’s about the loss of connection with spirituality or God or the universal intelligence.

This loss of connection is because we need to go inwards to find our spiritual truth – and life constantly demands our attention goes outwards.

Indeed, it sometimes seems that society and the world at large is becoming more and more demanding of our outwardly directed attention – which naturally leaves us less time and energy to contemplate the internal, spiritual, aspect of our existence.

If you want to manifest successfully, then I suggest that you explore the spiritual side of your existence, and perhaps develop a spiritual practice which can aid you in connecting to the divine, the universal intelligence, or the world around you.

Spirituality is helpful in manifestation

You may be wondering, particularly if you’re new to the concept of a spiritual practice, what constitutes spirituality and what makes for a spiritual way of connection with the force greater than ourselves, outside of ourselves (the universal intelligence or God)?

There are many ways.

Essentially, each and every one of them involves directing your attention internally, rather than externally to the world around you.

A few minutes’ silent contemplation each morning, or deep relaxation and meditation, or a walking meditation barefoot in your garden each day… There are as many different spiritual practices as there are individuals living on the face of this planet, and each and every one of them will serve you in a different way.

But the more you develop the connection between yourself and the spiritual world within and around you, the more successful your manifestation will be.

It can be hard for some people to accept the connection between spirituality and manifestation, but it is there.

And at the same time, even just writing your goals down every morning will help you manifest what you want, so it’s not as though spirituality is an absolute prerequisite for successful manifestation. No, the point, I think, is more that having a spiritual practice brings you more closely back into line with who you truly are, and emphasizes your connection to the divine.

And since manifestation comes from that energetic and mysterious place beyond yourself, and since the Law of Attraction depends entirely on you establishing connection with that greater and wider space, so you can make contact with the energy of the universal intelligence, it follows that any spiritual practice which helps you develop connection in this way will also help you manifest more successfully.


Get Serious About Manifesting

Desire is the thing that keeps people alive in seemingly hopeless circumstances.

A concentration camp victim in the Second World War who became famous for his work after the war in the field of human psychology, Victor Frankl, explained how some people stayed alive in the most appalling conditions because of their desire to see their home again, or their family, or because of their sheer willpower to survive.

Others gave up easily, yet their physical condition was no worse than the survivors: they just lacked the hope and desire that gave others the motivation to survive. They literally had nothing to live for. Or at least, they didn’t have the desire to keep them alive.

Sure, that’s an extreme example, but it serves to make the point that desire is one of the most powerful motivating forces in the human mind.

So no matter what you want, you have to find some way to instil the desire to make it happen, to drive your manifestation.

And one way to do this is to think about the benefits of getting what you want.

So, for example, if you wanted to be in a romantic relationship, then you would have to go some way beyond the idea that “it would be nice to be in a relationship”.

What specifically would excite you about the prospect being in a relationship: would it be the prospect of marriage, romance, wonderful sex, companionship, children…?

Only you know what it is that fuels your desire. Your wish to manifest something.

And of course, it follows that if you can’t find enough things that are exciting and powerful enough for you to put the energy and manifestation, then you may well not achieve your goal.

And you won’t achieve your goal if you think it’s a great idea now, but in a couple of weeks’ time you somehow lose your enthusiasm and passion for it.

Having identified the reasons why you really want something, you need to think about those reasons regularly – and get excited about them!

And the more ways you can find of reinforcing the feelings of excitement and anticipation that will fuel your desire to make your goal manifest, the better.

So you might cut out photographs that represent your objective, and look at them every day, spending time feeling the emotion that might be associated with having that objective in your life. (That’s what people call a Vision Board.)

Or you might record an MP3 speaking of the advantages and excitement that you would feel after manifesting something successfully, and play it yourself in a hypnotic state every day.

You might think about how achieving your goal could make your life better, and improve the lives of people around you.

By focusing on the excitement and anticipation and benefits of achieving your goal, you can increase your desire and maintain it at a high level.

And when you do that, you’re much more likely to be successful manifesting.

Wishy-washy “wanting” simply won’t cut the mustard.

Get real here! The life you’re living right now is not a rehearsal. It’s the only one you’re going to get.

And if you’re going to get what you want in your life, then you have to be serious about manifestation.

You have to stop the distractions. You have to maintain focus. You have to have a good reason for actually getting what you want to manifest.

You have to have a clear plan of how you’re going to manifest anything.

And of course more than anything else, you have to know what it is that you want – and why you want it.

But the point is that once you know why you truly want to manifest your goal, you can begin working more powerfully by continually sending the right messages to your subconscious mind.

And that will inform your subconscious you are serious about manifesting your objective, so it will help you achieve whatever you wish to have in your life.

Let me make something clear to you: you’re going to greatly increase the chance of getting what you want by focusing on it, and acting “as if” you already have it in your grasp.

Do you think, for example, Nelson Mandela would have achieved freedom for the indigenous populations of South Africa if, for all those years that he was imprisoned in jail, he’d been thinking about defeat rather than victory?

The answer is obvious, isn’t it?

But what you might not appreciate is that even allowing doubts to creep in can be destructive of your success in manifesting what you want.

Indeed, I’ve heard it said that perhaps “even the slightest doubt” will stop you getting what you want to manifest.

I’m not sure I completely believe that, but I do know that the more you focus on the achievement of what you want, the more likely you are to get it.

The more energy and desire you can summon up for your objective, the more likely it is that the universe will manifest it for you.

The more you are able to direct the focus of your subconscious mind, the more likely you will get what you want.

And the more intense the desire you feel for a certain outcome, the more likely it is to manifest in your life.

If you truly want to live a particular kind of life then you will make the effort to sustain your desire for your goals.

And if you discover that they aren’t quite right for you, then you can adjust them: in fact, that’s quite a normal process – if you find you going off track you bring yourself back onto the right track.

But make no mistake about it – manifesting successfully requires your constant attention to whatever you’re trying to achieve.

And that attention is needed for only 10 or 15 minutes twice a day – not a high price to ask for a life that will look very different when you have manifested your goals, surely?

No – and you still need to commit to doing it.

Can you do that, right here, right now? Are the goals, objectives and outcomes that you claim you want in your life sufficiently powerful for you to find the time to focus on them twice a day during visualization sessions?

Are those goals and objectives sufficiently powerful and important for you to find ways of increasing your desire to have them in your life?

You need to decide that right here, right now.

Making Money & Manifesting Your Purpose

How Can You Live Abundantly, With Prosperity, And In Harmony With Yourself?

When you live a life which is out of line with your basic purpose or mission, there’s a part of you which always knows it is being cheated of its true expression.

That’s your inner voice, your soul, speaking.

This is the part of you that makes you look in the mirror and wonder how you arrived right where you are, right now – and then makes you question what happened to the dreams you had as a child, teenager and young adult.

Although this may sound sad, it doesn’t need to be. Even if you’re well aware that you’re not living the life that’s right for you, you can always find your mission or purpose, get back on track, and live it more fully.

But we’re not living in a society which has the ceremonies and the skills and the elders who might help us find our path, so many people struggle for a lifetime trying to discover what it is they are meant to be doing.

Before they die, unfulfilled, never having discovered this.

(See The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying at the bottom of this page.)

On the other hand, as long as you’re constantly working towards manifesting your true purpose in life, it’s fair to say that there is no such thing as a mistake, just “learning experiences” which can help you find your true path.

Now, you may or may not believe that there is one specific purpose that you’ve been put on the earth to fulfill, but suppose for a minute that were true.

How would that change your vision of the future and what you wanted from life? 

In fact, consider this question: could it be that you’re not following your true path because you believe “there’s no money in it for you” or “you can’t afford to make the change”?

So many people want to make changes, feel trapped, don’t know how to find the thing it is they need to do. Most commonly, this is because they feel trapped by money (or the lack of money).

Indeed, most people think money is a one way ticket to freedom.

For most of us money represents a solution to all our problems, which is why so many people spend so much time trying to manifest it using the Law of Attraction.

Yet those who write about fulfillment generally say “follow your heart and the money will follow” – or some variation of that philosophy.

What they’re saying is that all we need to do is follow our soul’s path, rely on our intuition to take us along our own individual path, and that somehow prosperity and abundance will come naturally.

What a fearful prospect for the majority of us! Abandoning what we know…. for the unknown…..

Eckhart Tolle: Your Soul Purpose

The Law Of Attraction Never Fails – You Just Have To Trust It

Most of us aren’t in touch with our souls, and we certainly don’t know what our soul purpose might be. The very idea that we have a soul purpose may even frighten us.

So for all our lives something, somewhere in our souls remains unsatisfied and the question is always present, rarely expressed: “How will I feel if I die,  never having fulfilled myself and manifested my purpose and potential?”

No wonder, therefore, that we start trying to manifest money using the Law of Attraction.

We perceive money as a commodity that can give us power and freedom and control over what happens to us – including the opportunity to manifest our deepest desires.

Wow! What a paradox!

Does money come before we discover our true purpose, or does money come from discovering our true purpose?

The fact is – it can happen either way round. Just as well, really.

We live in a society where materialistic values rule. We are all in some way dependent on having enough money to sustain our lives. And most of us don’t have the mechanisms to look into ourselves, discover our true purpose, and make it manifest.

Video – Manifesting Money

So What’s The Solution?

Deborah Price – in her book Money Magic – suggests that it’s important to know the difference between abundance and prosperity. She defines abundance as having plenty – or more than enough. And she defines prosperity as being successful or fortunate.

Most of us think that prosperity means we need to have a fortune in the bank account. Yet true prosperity comes in many different forms – it’s the reward of following a path which matches your basic life purpose.

Some of those forms of prosperity are – love, contentment, happiness, true friendship and companionship. And more.

Indeed, prosperity is usually the product of following your path to fulfillment – your individual mission or purpose in life (I use the words interchangeably).

When anyone discovers – or to put it more accurately, recovers – this part of themselves, they truly begin to shine in their magnificence.

Yet many people fail to discover their gift because they are constricted by the belief that the expression of their gift must have something to do with their occupation or vocation – in other words, how they earn money.

The fact of the matter is that what you do to earn money will not always reflect who you truly are.

And those who manage to find a connection between their spiritual path (i.e. their mission or purpose) and the way they and their livelihood are indeed truly blessed.

In part, it’s a lack of faith or vision that prevents us from seeing how often our livelihood and purpose can be intertwined.

Most people seem to believe that earning money by following your path in life is the exception rather than the rule.

That’s because so many people are restricted by fear, or possibly because they simply choose to see life that way.

In reality, when someone steps on to their path with complete commitment, the universe produces miracles of manifestation which facilitate their progress.

What is needed to achieve this happy state is both faith, and surrender.

Yet all is not lost if you are not yet in a place where you can generate enough faith to surrender to the “will” of the universe.

All that the Law of Attraction requires to operate for you, just as it does for everyone else, is your belief in what you’re trying to manifest, your expectancy that it will do so, and your intense desire to have that outcome in your life, and some action which will bring it towards you.

If this is how you choose to approach manifestation then you could usefully consider how you might express your true gifts and talents separately from the way you earn your living.

Top 5 Regrets Of the Dying

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

See it all at Bronnie Ware’s blog:

See the book based on her experiences (the link will take you there):


To Ensure Your Success

As we’re beginning to see, manifesting reality isn’t as simple as The Secret made it seem!

No surprise there, I guess!

But if you’re really trying to get something that you want, and it’s just not working, what are you going to do about it?

To start with, have a look back at some of the other posts on this blog, which deal with this very problem. Then come back here!

In this post we’re going to look at more ideas you often see repeated by writers on The Law of Attraction, and see how true they are.

But What Do You Have To Actually Do?

Something that you hear a lot when people talk about the Law of attraction is that it’s not your job to make anything happen….

It sometimes seems all you have to do is form the vision, believe in the vision, expect the vision to be created and it will manifest automatically.

But this is so wrong.

And if you believe that idea, then you’re being more than a little bit naive – the universe works according to certain universal laws, and the Law of Attraction high on that list, but another universal law is “you don’t get something for nothing”.

You actually have to do something.

Will you manifest your dreams
Will you do whatever it takes to manifest your dreams?

Yes, that’s right, you have to take action if you want to manifest your desires.

I suspect very few people would find that a surprise – were all custom to the law of cause and effect work in our lives: you do something, something happens.

Some physical action, I mean.

But even here, the “experts” don’t agree. Some say you have to take “Massive Action” (goodness!)

Others say that all you have to do is just take some small action which demonstrates to the universe the are actually serious about your intention.

Again, how can we to sort out the truth from the flim-flam?

Manifestation requires action
Actions speak louder than sitting around visualizing what you want to manifest!

Well, it’s obvious that you can’t just sit around visualizing your objectives and hope they will manifest.

You do have to do something to give the universe plenty of opportunity to manifest it in your life.

So taking tangible steps isn’t just about proving to the universe you’re serious about what you want. Indeed, it’s by taking action, by creating opportunities, that you allow the universe to deliver what it is you want.

I don’t agree with the proposition that you really have to act as though there was no other possible truth for you (ie take Massive Action) – that’s called burning your bridges, and while it demonstrates commitment, I don’t think the Law of Attraction or the universal consciousness require it of you.

But I do think you need to demonstrate your commitment in some very positive and tangible way – for example by taking steps towards your objective that are realistic for you.

Taking massive action can destroy your belief in what you’re trying to achieve. If I wanted $1 million, and I visualized that appearing in my bank account, for the purpose of buying a beautiful retreat center in natural woodland, let’s say, the concept of “massive action” might include going to the bank and raising a $1 million mortgage before the money had appeared….. oh dear.

Indeed, it might do, and for some people that probably would work.

But for many others it would destroy their faith and belief in the process, and cause them more difficulties than they can cope with.

In other words, they would be taking a step too far for their belief system to cope with!

You, like everyone else, must take steps that are geared to your belief system, geared to your capacity to believe in what you’re trying to do, and match your ability to influence events in the physical world.

There are so many aspects to this: when you start believing, really believing, in something that you really desire, and you take action to manifest it in the world, the universe will start offering you extraordinary coincidences and synchronicities which can rapidly take you further towards your goal.

These are your opportunities, and they may only be around for a short time – your challenge is to grab them when they present themselves.

Indeed, it’s your challenge to pay attention to the signs and clues that are presented to you, and then it’s your challenge to act upon them.

So Is Massive Action Necessary?

No:  in my opinion it’s not.

You can manifest your desires by taking small actions: get on your phone and speak to someone whose name cropped up in a conversation. Get some information on how to achieve a certain objective. Start researching the informational resources that you need to bring your dream into reality. Buy the domain name for your website. Post the package. Take the trip…. Whatever it is, do it now.

The Universe Is Calling You to Action

Make no mistake about it: ideas don’t turn into reality on their own.

Ideas become reality because you take simple tangible steps that drive you constantly towards your goals.

Vision alone is not enough.

You know what your vision is, and you hopefully also know that you are not concerned with what are known as “the cursed hows” – in other words, the exact way in which your desire is going to manifest.

But make sure you keep a journal and a record of the things that occur to you, of what the universe seems to be telling you, of the opportunities that present themselves.

When ideas and plans occur to you, write them down. Why? Because if you try and remember them all, you’ll forget them.

Next, prioritize what you need to do, and focus on a few selective things that will get things moving.

You don’t have to be all things to all men. You don’t have to do everything that occurs to you.

But you do have to do something. Choose the things that you believe will give you the biggest impact with the least effort.

And stay focused! Don’t allow the distractions of Facebook (and all the other stuff available to you) to take you on a different path, for example.

And there are plenty of other distractions on the Internet: but a sign of your sovereignty, the strength of your inner king or queen, is your ability to stick to the path that you have chosen and work towards getting what you want.

It’s all too easy to find other things to do while you should be working on your goals, but they won’t serve you in the long run. Even when your mind is bored, or your attention distracted, there’s always something you can do which is more profitable and more useful in keeping you on the path to your ultimate objective.

So in this regard, make sure that your days are structured, and you know what you’ll be doing when.

Remember: You Don’t Know Everything

And nor can you. And nor should you. Get help and support where necessary, find information wherever you can, and take the opportunities that the universe offers you to improve your knowledge and skills.

Constant self-development – not necessarily in a spiritual sense, but in a practical sense, may really help you to achieve your objectives faster and more easily.

Only you can know the skills that will help you get to where you’re going: learning a language, developing greater computer skills, training in some craft, taking a course in business administration…. When you open your eyes to the possibilities, you see one thing that generally escapes us in life: opportunity is everywhere.

And YOU therefore need to make the choice about what’s most important for you, about what will drive you towards your goal fastest.

One thing’s for sure: if you’re off track, the universe will give you a sign and an opportunity to get back on track.

A Mastermind Group Can Help Manifest Anything

Surround yourself with people who share your ambition
Surround yourself with people who share your ambition

One of the ideas that you come across repeatedly in reading about the Law of Attraction and manifestation is the idea of the mastermind group.

I think this came originally from Napoleon Hill’s writings. He described a group of people working together as having brainpower and emotional energy many times greater than that of an individual working alone.

The effect is not additive, it’s geometric – in other words the power of five people’s minds working together is much more than five times the sum of their brainpower.

That’s why you need to be around people inspire you: you need to be around people who excite you: you need to be around people who are successful: you need to be supported by people who can mentor you and show you what success really means.

You could do this alone, of course, but why believe some old story about nobody being there to help you?

The truth is there are plenty of people who would willingly accept you as an apprentice, a partner, a colleague, a supporter –  and show you what to do to be successful.

When you form a mastermind group, make sure that the people in it are truly supportive of you and what you want to achieve. Meet regularly, and discuss ideas in a positive and supportive way.

Brainstorming with a group of people like this who are on track to achieve the same or similar objectives can be a massive step forward in making your own success manifest.