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Making The Law Of Attraction Work For You

The Law of Attraction

What if, in your imagination, you could create the world you actually want to live in, a world complete with all the things that you desire, a world complete with all things that you need, the world complete with all the things that would actually fulfill you?

Doesn’t that sound like an absolutely fantastic way to live? So that was open to you, is a possibility, why would you not take advantage of it, and actually do so? Why would you not live that way?

You see, the thing is this – it is absolutely possible to live in that way, it is absolutely possible to have everything you want, to eliminate health issues and health problems – including, I might add sexual problems, mental problems, emotional problems, relationship problems… Problems of any kind whatsoever, and it is absolutely possible to get whatever you want in your life.

Now I know that perhaps one of things that you’re thinking at this stage is – well, if it’s so easy, then why doesn’t everybody have everything they want?

How to create or manifest your reality? It’s easier than you think! Read on to find out more.

But of course the reality is that most people aren’t willing to make the slightest effort to get what they want, on any level of their lives – which is why people are content to put up with poverty, ignorance, stupidity, deprivation and abuse.

For those who have reached the level of consciousness which is sufficient for them to understand that there is in fact another way to run their lives, manifestation and law of attraction often escape route from poverty and deprivation in every form that it can manifest on the planet surface.

But why don’t more people take advantage of this?

Law Of Attraction

The simple answer is that most people want an easy life, and don’t understand that the simple techniques set out in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne are not in fact so simple.

Manifestation requires person to do considerable work on themselves to raise the level of consciousness to a point where they are actually able to use the techniques that will result in successful manifestation.

You see, every negative belief that you hold about yourself is an objection or an obstacle to creating reality using the Law of Attraction. For example, if you believe that your self-worth is quite low, or indeed if you believe that your entitlement to money or wealth or riches is limited, then your chance of manifesting great wealth and riches in your life is negligible. Regrettably it’s an absolute truth that you can only manifest reality around you to the level that your belief will accommodate.

This is something you can understand more clearly by closing your eyes and considering what level of cash you think you are actually going to be capable of manifesting – not what you would like to manifest, and not what you want to manifest, but what you truly actually believe you could manifest if use used all techniques available to you correctly.

Now there’s usually a huge discrepancy between what people want, and what they realize they’re actually able to sustain as a belief – and only those things that you can sustain is a belief are going to manifest in your life, because frankly, the universe knows better than you do.

What I mean by that is that if you are not capable of believing that a certain level of wealth is available to you, or that you not worthy of a certain level of wealth, then the universe is never going to present it to you, simply because it knows that you cannot handle it.

There’s no better example of this truth than the fact that 90% of lottery winners are back (financially) where they started within two years of winning a lottery jackpot. Their subconscious minds are programmed to believe that they deserve a certain wealth level – or, more likely, a certain poverty level – and as soon as the world produces a jackpot on the lottery, which disturbs the status quo, then their sense of self-worth (or lack of self-worth, to be more accurate) switches on…. after which their subconscious mind starts to bring about a series of actions which will bring their wealth level back in line with the subconscious mind’s firmly held beliefs about that person’s capacity to hold abundance or wealth.

We all know how lottery winners lose money as fast as they got it. It’s about what they believe their capacity, their right, their very right to have money or wealth or abundance that determines the circumstances in the world. It’s not about intelligence, it’s not about education, and it’s not about physical or mental ability.

We’ve all heard of people with limited ability in many different ways who are quite capable of establishing and keeping huge wealth. There is no better demonstration than that of the fact that working on the limiting beliefs that keep us subservient to others, keep us poor, or deprive us of the things we want, is absolutely the first and most essential step to changing our lives.

People often ask me how it’s possible to change limiting beliefs, and the answer is that it’s much easier than you think. While the subconscious mind is always ready to manifest whatever it believes to be true at a particular point in time, it’s also very ready to manifest something different – all it needs is persuading that there is a new reality available, one which will actually allow you to enjoy life much more, and perhaps also to gain greater wealth and freedom of spirit.

So, to this end, you might choose to use techniques like hypnosis or self hypnosis, you might choose to use deep therapy work, or you might choose to engage in a process of examining and changing limiting beliefs by using many of the techniques that are available on the Internet, some of which are quite revolutionary.

But make no mistake about it, you’re certainly not going to be wealthy any time soon unless you actually start by changing the limiting beliefs which determine what you think you’re worth. Then you can manifest successfully.

You’re not going to find a new job or a new partner or a new relationship of quality, if you believe that you are only entitled to a second-rate relationship or a second-rate job or a second-rate place in the world.

The universe, while not capricious, certainly responds to what people expect of themselves, and manifests the reality that matches precisely what they regard as true about themselves – so if you haven’t yet started the process of self forgiveness, which by the way depends on forgiveness of others as well as forgiveness of self – or you haven’t started the process of changing the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, then it’s high time you began to impact your ability to live in the world happily and healthily by doing exactly that.

Live From The End

It sounds quite compelling, doesn’t it?

“Live from the end.” But what, exactly, does it mean?

Well, it’s what Wayne Dyer described as a “most troublesome and unconventional idea” – the idea that you can train your imagination so that it accepts anything placed in it by you isn’t about a future experience, but represents your reality, right here, right now.

Video – Wayne Dyer – Attracting, Manifesting & Living From The End

You will, very probably, have heard of manifestation and Law of Attraction gurus who speak of the need to visualize things as though they were present in your life right now.

This is because the currency of the subconscious mind does not appear to involve any sense of past, present or future. In other words, it can’t tell the difference between your imagined image of something that might happen in the future, and something that is a reality right now.

It looks like Wayne’s technique is all about increasing the efficiency of visualization, the most common method of manifesting anything.

Of course, Wayne is right when he makes the observation that you are being asked to put your five senses into a box, so they can’t persuade you about what they perceive as reality right now.

But in a religious framework, using quotes from the Bible, such as Romans 4:17, Wayne explains what he means: “call those things which do not exist as though they did.” In other words, when you turn your imagination to the highest principles of your higher self, and you imagine a picture in your mind as though it was already a reality, you align yourself to the way God works.

God, or the Universal Intelligence, or the Great Mystery, or the Cosmic Consciousness – whatever you prefer – is of course beyond time and space, for he/she/it is everywhere, simultaneously, and always has been. “Live from the end” therefore means exactly this: you visualize matters as you wish them to be at the end of the affair.

You picture your goals as though they were already your reality.

You imagine the way you want the world to be.

And it comes true. Your wishes are granted, the universe responds by manifesting your desires.

This is, of course, the way the Law of Attraction works. You are, effectively, already God, and you have the power to shape reality.

As the 20th century sage Neville observed, “disregard appearances, conditions, in fact all evidence of your senses that deny the fulfilment of your desire. Rest in the assumption that you are already what you want to be, for in that determined assumption you and your Infinite Being are merged in creative unity, and with your Infinite Being (God) all things are possible. God never fails.”

This is indeed powerful stuff for anyone interested in manifestation. Of course your imagination is powerful, for it is the link through your subconscious to the creative intelligence around you. Yet at the same time your five senses are also powerful – and they’ll certainly be attempting to convince you that they are the only way in which you can see reality as it is.

So how can you overcome their power? As Dyer suggests you can explore this area further: for example, say aloud to yourself “by placing my new reality into my imagination my future dream is a present fact.”

And as you do that, which of your five senses seems to be most resistant and irritated by your assertion that your future reality exists right now?

No matter how resistant your senses are to perceiving your new reality right here, right now, you can remind yourself that you do indeed have the power to use your imagination as you see fit, and that everything you wish to manifest in the real world – the physical world – around you has to start in your imagination and end in physical reality.

As Neville observed, “to incarnate a new and greater value of yourself, you must assume that you already are what you want to be and then live by faith in this assumption… in confidence that this new valuable state of consciousness will become incarnated through your absolute fidelity to the assumption that you are that which you desire to be.”

In other words, within your imagination you have the power to visualize everything that you want to be the reality of the world around you. You have to do this with absolute certainty. You aren’t hoping for a good outcome. You believe totally that your outcome is assured.

Law Of Attraction Requires Desire, Belief and expectancy

It’s the force of your assurance and faith – call it belief if you prefer – which will drive the process of manifestation, and the more you practice this, the more able you will become to resist the seduction of your five senses which are trying to keep you attached to a way of being that does not help manifest your desires.

Thinking from the end is thinking from a position where you know what you want to happen will indeed happen, where your imagination will come true.

And of course this requires considerable force of will: but then living a life of determined outcomes – living from the end, as Wayne Dyer has it – is a demanding way of being. This is why so few people who practice manifestation actually achieve what they want, or at least what they say they want.

(And you have to bear in mind many of these people are lukewarm about their desires anyway, so their failure may be coming from a failure of desire rather than a failure of belief.)

If you can reach the state where the picture you create in your imagination is already your reality, then you are literally already where you want to be.

This is no mere play on words – it is the way the Law of Attraction works. The universal, ineffable Law of Attraction, which will not let you down, when you meet the conditions under which the universe operates.

Can you imagine yourself living in a mindset where every image that you sum up represents your reality, and you are 100% certain of that fact?

Life has probably taught you less than positive things about yourself: the truth is that most children have many negative experiences in life, where they learn they are not smart, or good enough, or loved, or clever, or they can’t get what they want, or they have no power or control over their lives… And as adults, that’s how they continue to live.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Attract your reality and change your life.
Get what you want by living from the end.

The very fact that you’re reading this demonstrates you are not average. The very fact that you’re reading this demonstrates you have a desire to rise above where you are in life right now.

Overcoming the beliefs given to you by other people during your childhood about what you could and could not do involves considerable work. But it is possible.

If you want proof of how possible it is, read the book Dying To Be Me.

This is an example of a woman connecting with the highest possible level of self: the part of her – and you – which represents your connection to the divine, to the universe, to the energy of something much greater than yourself.

Wayne Dyer suggests that you run through “as large an inventory as you can of the things that you would like to define your life.” And then, he encourages you to shift from saying that you are not, or you are hoping to become, to “I am”.

For example, shift your thinking from “I am poor” to “I am rich and increasingly wealthy with every day that goes by”.

Shift your thinking from “l’ll never get a job” to “I have many excellent qualities to offer an employer, and employment is assured.” Shift your thinking from “I’m not good enough” to “I’m more than good enough in every way.” From “I’m poor” to “I’m rich.”

Defining yourself at the highest level possible will expand your power, transform your energy, and put you into contact with the higher elements of yourself that connect with the higher energies of the universe.

Think only positively about yourself, and constantly affirm your own magnificence. Use the form “I am”….. as in I am capable, I am magnificent, I am confident, I am worthy, I am growing, I am a powerful human being, I am an agent of the divine, I am everything I wish to be, I am in ultimate control of my destiny.

Practiced enough, you will soon come to understand that there isn’t a shred of doubt about the power you have, and your ability to manifest whatever you want.

Making Money & Manifesting Your Purpose

How Can You Live Abundantly, With Prosperity, And In Harmony With Yourself?

When you live a life which is out of line with your basic purpose or mission, there’s a part of you which always knows it is being cheated of its true expression.

That’s your inner voice, your soul, speaking.

This is the part of you that makes you look in the mirror and wonder how you arrived right where you are, right now – and then makes you question what happened to the dreams you had as a child, teenager and young adult.

Although this may sound sad, it doesn’t need to be. Even if you’re well aware that you’re not living the life that’s right for you, you can always find your mission or purpose, get back on track, and live it more fully.

But we’re not living in a society which has the ceremonies and the skills and the elders who might help us find our path, so many people struggle for a lifetime trying to discover what it is they are meant to be doing.

Before they die, unfulfilled, never having discovered this.

(See The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying at the bottom of this page.)

On the other hand, as long as you’re constantly working towards manifesting your true purpose in life, it’s fair to say that there is no such thing as a mistake, just “learning experiences” which can help you find your true path.

Now, you may or may not believe that there is one specific purpose that you’ve been put on the earth to fulfill, but suppose for a minute that were true.

How would that change your vision of the future and what you wanted from life? 

In fact, consider this question: could it be that you’re not following your true path because you believe “there’s no money in it for you” or “you can’t afford to make the change”?

So many people want to make changes, feel trapped, don’t know how to find the thing it is they need to do. Most commonly, this is because they feel trapped by money (or the lack of money).

Indeed, most people think money is a one way ticket to freedom.

For most of us money represents a solution to all our problems, which is why so many people spend so much time trying to manifest it using the Law of Attraction.

Yet those who write about fulfillment generally say “follow your heart and the money will follow” – or some variation of that philosophy.

What they’re saying is that all we need to do is follow our soul’s path, rely on our intuition to take us along our own individual path, and that somehow prosperity and abundance will come naturally.

What a fearful prospect for the majority of us! Abandoning what we know…. for the unknown…..

Eckhart Tolle: Your Soul Purpose

The Law Of Attraction Never Fails – You Just Have To Trust It

Most of us aren’t in touch with our souls, and we certainly don’t know what our soul purpose might be. The very idea that we have a soul purpose may even frighten us.

So for all our lives something, somewhere in our souls remains unsatisfied and the question is always present, rarely expressed: “How will I feel if I die,  never having fulfilled myself and manifested my purpose and potential?”

No wonder, therefore, that we start trying to manifest money using the Law of Attraction.

We perceive money as a commodity that can give us power and freedom and control over what happens to us – including the opportunity to manifest our deepest desires.

Wow! What a paradox!

Does money come before we discover our true purpose, or does money come from discovering our true purpose?

The fact is – it can happen either way round. Just as well, really.

We live in a society where materialistic values rule. We are all in some way dependent on having enough money to sustain our lives. And most of us don’t have the mechanisms to look into ourselves, discover our true purpose, and make it manifest.

Video – Manifesting Money

So What’s The Solution?

Deborah Price – in her book Money Magic – suggests that it’s important to know the difference between abundance and prosperity. She defines abundance as having plenty – or more than enough. And she defines prosperity as being successful or fortunate.

Most of us think that prosperity means we need to have a fortune in the bank account. Yet true prosperity comes in many different forms – it’s the reward of following a path which matches your basic life purpose.

Some of those forms of prosperity are – love, contentment, happiness, true friendship and companionship. And more.

Indeed, prosperity is usually the product of following your path to fulfillment – your individual mission or purpose in life (I use the words interchangeably).

When anyone discovers – or to put it more accurately, recovers – this part of themselves, they truly begin to shine in their magnificence.

Yet many people fail to discover their gift because they are constricted by the belief that the expression of their gift must have something to do with their occupation or vocation – in other words, how they earn money.

The fact of the matter is that what you do to earn money will not always reflect who you truly are.

And those who manage to find a connection between their spiritual path (i.e. their mission or purpose) and the way they and their livelihood are indeed truly blessed.

In part, it’s a lack of faith or vision that prevents us from seeing how often our livelihood and purpose can be intertwined.

Most people seem to believe that earning money by following your path in life is the exception rather than the rule.

That’s because so many people are restricted by fear, or possibly because they simply choose to see life that way.

In reality, when someone steps on to their path with complete commitment, the universe produces miracles of manifestation which facilitate their progress.

What is needed to achieve this happy state is both faith, and surrender.

Yet all is not lost if you are not yet in a place where you can generate enough faith to surrender to the “will” of the universe.

All that the Law of Attraction requires to operate for you, just as it does for everyone else, is your belief in what you’re trying to manifest, your expectancy that it will do so, and your intense desire to have that outcome in your life, and some action which will bring it towards you.

If this is how you choose to approach manifestation then you could usefully consider how you might express your true gifts and talents separately from the way you earn your living.

Top 5 Regrets Of the Dying

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

See it all at Bronnie Ware’s blog:

See the book based on her experiences (the link will take you there):


To Ensure Your Success

As we’re beginning to see, manifesting reality isn’t as simple as The Secret made it seem!

No surprise there, I guess!

But if you’re really trying to get something that you want, and it’s just not working, what are you going to do about it?

To start with, have a look back at some of the other posts on this blog, which deal with this very problem. Then come back here!

In this post we’re going to look at more ideas you often see repeated by writers on The Law of Attraction, and see how true they are.

But What Do You Have To Actually Do?

Something that you hear a lot when people talk about the Law of attraction is that it’s not your job to make anything happen….

It sometimes seems all you have to do is form the vision, believe in the vision, expect the vision to be created and it will manifest automatically.

But this is so wrong.

And if you believe that idea, then you’re being more than a little bit naive – the universe works according to certain universal laws, and the Law of Attraction high on that list, but another universal law is “you don’t get something for nothing”.

You actually have to do something.

Yes, that’s right, you have to take action if you want to manifest your desires.

I suspect very few people would find that a surprise – were all custom to the law of cause and effect work in our lives: you do something, something happens.

Some physical action, I mean.

But even here, the “experts” don’t agree. Some say you have to take “Massive Action” (goodness!)

Others say that all you have to do is just take some small action which demonstrates to the universe the are actually serious about your intention.

Again, how can we to sort out the truth from the flim-flam?

Well, it’s obvious that you can’t just sit around visualizing your objectives and hope they will manifest.

You do have to do something to give the universe plenty of opportunity to manifest it in your life.

So taking tangible steps isn’t just about proving to the universe you’re serious about what you want. Indeed, it’s by taking action, by creating opportunities, that you allow the universe to deliver what it is you want.

I don’t agree with the proposition that you really have to act as though there was no other possible truth for you (ie take Massive Action) – that’s called burning your bridges, and while it demonstrates commitment, I don’t think the Law of Attraction or the universal consciousness require it of you.

But I do think you need to demonstrate your commitment in some very positive and tangible way – for example by taking steps towards your objective that are realistic for you.

Taking massive action can destroy your belief in what you’re trying to achieve. If I wanted $1 million, and I visualized that appearing in my bank account, for the purpose of buying a beautiful retreat center in natural woodland, let’s say, the concept of “massive action” might include going to the bank and raising a $1 million mortgage before the money had appeared….. oh dear.

Indeed, it might do, and for some people that probably would work.

But for many others it would destroy their faith and belief in the process, and cause them more difficulties than they can cope with.

In other words, they would be taking a step too far for their belief system to cope with!

You, like everyone else, must take steps that are geared to your belief system, geared to your capacity to believe in what you’re trying to do, and match your ability to influence events in the physical world.

There are so many aspects to this: when you start believing, really believing, in something that you really desire, and you take action to manifest it in the world, the universe will start offering you extraordinary coincidences and synchronicities which can rapidly take you further towards your goal.

These are your opportunities, and they may only be around for a short time – your challenge is to grab them when they present themselves.

Indeed, it’s your challenge to pay attention to the signs and clues that are presented to you, and then it’s your challenge to act upon them.

So Is Massive Action Necessary?

No:  in my opinion it’s not.

You can manifest your desires by taking small actions: get on your phone and speak to someone whose name cropped up in a conversation. Get some information on how to achieve a certain objective. Start researching the informational resources that you need to bring your dream into reality. Buy the domain name for your website. Post the package. Take the trip…. Whatever it is, do it now.

The Universe Is Calling You to Action

Make no mistake about it: ideas don’t turn into reality on their own.

Ideas become reality because you take simple tangible steps that drive you constantly towards your goals.

Vision alone is not enough.

You know what your vision is, and you hopefully also know that you are not concerned with what are known as “the cursed hows” – in other words, the exact way in which your desire is going to manifest.

But make sure you keep a journal and a record of the things that occur to you, of what the universe seems to be telling you, of the opportunities that present themselves.

When ideas and plans occur to you, write them down. Why? Because if you try and remember them all, you’ll forget them.

Next, prioritize what you need to do, and focus on a few selective things that will get things moving.

You don’t have to be all things to all men. You don’t have to do everything that occurs to you.

But you do have to do something. Choose the things that you believe will give you the biggest impact with the least effort.

And stay focused! Don’t allow the distractions of Facebook (and all the other stuff available to you) to take you on a different path, for example.

And there are plenty of other distractions on the Internet: but a sign of your sovereignty, the strength of your inner king or queen, is your ability to stick to the path that you have chosen and work towards getting what you want.

It’s all too easy to find other things to do while you should be working on your goals, but they won’t serve you in the long run. Even when your mind is bored, or your attention distracted, there’s always something you can do which is more profitable and more useful in keeping you on the path to your ultimate objective.

So in this regard, make sure that your days are structured, and you know what you’ll be doing when.

Remember: You Don’t Know Everything

And nor can you. And nor should you. Get help and support where necessary, find information wherever you can, and take the opportunities that the universe offers you to improve your knowledge and skills.

Constant self-development – not necessarily in a spiritual sense, but in a practical sense, may really help you to achieve your objectives faster and more easily.

Only you can know the skills that will help you get to where you’re going: learning a language, developing greater computer skills, training in some craft, taking a course in business administration…. When you open your eyes to the possibilities, you see one thing that generally escapes us in life: opportunity is everywhere.

And YOU therefore need to make the choice about what’s most important for you, about what will drive you towards your goal fastest.

One thing’s for sure: if you’re off track, the universe will give you a sign and an opportunity to get back on track.

A Mastermind Group Can Help Manifest Anything

One of the ideas that you come across repeatedly in reading about the Law of Attraction and manifestation is the idea of the mastermind group.

I think this came originally from Napoleon Hill’s writings. He described a group of people working together as having brainpower and emotional energy many times greater than that of an individual working alone.

The effect is not additive, it’s geometric – in other words the power of five people’s minds working together is much more than five times the sum of their brainpower.

That’s why you need to be around people inspire you: you need to be around people who excite you: you need to be around people who are successful: you need to be supported by people who can mentor you and show you what success really means.

You could do this alone, of course, but why believe some old story about nobody being there to help you?

The truth is there are plenty of people who would willingly accept you as an apprentice, a partner, a colleague, a supporter –  and show you what to do to be successful.

When you form a mastermind group, make sure that the people in it are truly supportive of you and what you want to achieve. Meet regularly, and discuss ideas in a positive and supportive way.

Brainstorming with a group of people like this who are on track to achieve the same or similar objectives can be a massive step forward in making your own success manifest.

More About The Law Of Attraction!

We’ve been exploring the way in which the Law Of Attraction works. Find the first post in this series here.

Most experts who know anything about the Law of Attraction agree that the reason the Law works is because we are all part of the same energy field.

You can think of this field as an energy that holds the potential of everything that could come into existence in the future. And when the human mind interacts with that, the energy field will respond in some way.

It may, for example, respond by bringing about coincidences which allow particular events, circumstances, and objects to manifest in the physical world. Or it may respond by bringing people together in some way.

That idea is, of course, the basis of the saying “thoughts attract things”. And indeed, “like attracts like”.

And here’s another principle behind the Law of Attraction: your thoughts can impact what’s created in your world.

Energy & The Attraction Of What You Want

The idea of an energy field is a simple explanation for something that we don’t really understand.

Here’s a video on the subject.

A lot of people like to think of the Law of Attraction as having something to do with quantum physics. As you know, that includes the well proven fact that energy and matter are indivisible and the same at the level of the atom.

(There’s an idea floating around that this is all to do with the brain acting as a quantum computer.)

That’s true, but it doesn’t necessarily explain how the Law Of Attraction works. What I think we can say with certainty is that there is an energy field around which can be impacted by our thoughts.

At this point many people will object by saying, “Sure, but if that’s so, then why don’t ALL the things that I think about manifest?”

It’s a little bit of a naive question. Haven’t you noticed how thoughts in themselves are generally short lived and transient? They usually don’t hold enough energy to affect the universe.

If you’re setting a goal or an objective that you want to create in your life, it’s necessary to be – well, if not obsessed, certainly focused and clear about your intention to manifest whatever it is you want.

Most people set an objective, then the minute anything else important comes along that seems even slightly important, they get totally distracted and forget all about it.

To manifest anything, not only do you have to believe that it will appear in your life, but you also have to to maintain your focus for as long as it takes to get it.

That doesn’t mean thinking about something every minute of every day, but it certainly means thinking about it a lot! In fact it means thinking about it a lot more than most people ever think about their so-called objectives or goals.

Persistence and determination are very necessary here.

Besides those qualities there’s another one that’s needed for this to work: the energetic force that propels your desires into the universe needs to have sufficient energy to change physical reality. And this energy is the energy of your feelings.

Because even though maintaining a high level of emotional energy around your your expectations of achieving your objective sounds like a simple thing to do, the truth is that most people pretty quickly lose their excitement and enthusiasm.

They get bored, they get distracted, they stop believing. And all of those things bring the process of attracting, or co-creating, a new reality to a complete stop.

The Negative And The Positive Are Equally Attractive

Bear in mind that this energy doesn’t have to be positive, although most writers on the Law of Attraction suggest that you should use joy and excitement to help yourself manifest things.

In reality, any intense feeling will propel the process: that includes hatred, and anger, and the other negative emotions such as rage and jealousy and fear.

(Which of course is why the things we fear, if we think about them consistently, will often come to pass.)

In general most people writing about the Law of Attraction suggest that you visualize your objective and then feel the energy associated with its manifestation. Which of course is meant to be joy and delight, at least in most cases!

So let’s just summarize where we are at now:

  • You need a clear objective you can believe in.
  • You need to believe in the process of reality creation and you need to believe that the Law of Attraction is able to deliver what you desire.
  • You need emotional energy of some kind associated with that thought going out into the world.
  • And you need to have a positive goal that is for yourself or your own benefit.
  • None of this is very complicated. But how easy is it?

That’s the rub, of course. Most people find it quite difficult to manifest anything other than trivialities like a parking space. (Try it! Believe it will open up for you. It usually happens. Coincidence? Hah.)

You see, that’s the power of belief – most of us can believe in a parking space appearing. But you may not necessarily believe that bigger things – like having a million dollars in your bank account – can happen.

Read more about the idea of quantum computers here. And the associated idea of a form of consciousness which could manifest reality on that last link.

The Feelings Which Drive The Law of Attraction

It’s probably better if these feelings are positive rather than negative. The reason being that when you send out negative energy to help yourself manifest something, you’re often opening up the possibility of experiencing negative emotions yourself.

However, I have used anger very successfully to propel my desires and outcomes into the world, so I don’t want to deny something that is true for me and may well be true for other people as well.

I think many of us don’t really feel much joy in life. And if we are trying to use the feelings of gratitude and joy, and happiness and excitement, that we expect to feel when our vision manifests, there may simply not be enough energy behind our desire for the Law of Attraction to operate effectively.

But if you were in debt, and you were somehow able to summon up an intense feeling of anger about how you got into that situation, you could very well use that emotion to propel your thoughts out into the universe – as long as they were thoughts of abundance.

However, if you focus on fear, and you’re constantly thinking about how much you owe and the size of your debt, it’s pretty obvious that your focus and attention will be mostly on the negative aspect of being in debt. You do not have a prosperity consciousness.

A lot of people have asked me how they can deal with that problem.

Here’s a tip that I picked up from Mike Dooley, a great manifester: when you feel disbelief or fear of a negative outcome, or any other negative thoughts pop into your mind, just allow yourself to doubt your negative experience is true.

In other words, set your objective as a positive expectation, visualization, goal or objective – use whatever word and whatever technique suits you. And then, when negativity or negative beliefs or fear strike (as they surely will) you can gently just allow yourself to doubt that your disbelief is correct.

You see the power of this? You offer both your conscious and your unconscious mind (this is the same thing as your “subconscious”) the possibility that, in fact,  your fear may be misplaced and your doubt about future outcomes is in error.

And that allows for the possibility of something different happening.

A Brief Summary Of The Laws Of Attraction

Using the Law of Attraction isn’t difficult – after all, it’s based on a another Law of Nature, which simply says that “like attracts like”.

But of course in reality there’s more to it than that. Let’s find out exactly what might be!

One of the things I’ve noticed about writings on the Law of Attraction is that people basically write about it in a way that reflects their own experience. That’s fair enough, but the problem is their experience may not work for everybody else!

So are there some basic rules that control the Law of Attraction and how it operates?

I think there are. And here’s what I think they are.

Attraction & Creating – Basic Laws

First of all, for some reason, the Law of Attraction works in a positive dimension. What I mean is that if you try to prevent something happening it won’t work. If you try to avoid something, you won’t manifest the avoidance. If you try to create a negative, you most likely won’t succeed.

It’s like saying “I don’t want to be in debt.” The reason this doesn’t work is because the very act of thinking and visualizing a state of “not being in debt” is focusing on the problem that you want to solve – which is the reality that you don’t have enough money.

You need to focus on the solution – generating more wealth!

Or suppose you were to say, “I don’t want my daughter to marry her boyfriend.” Again, you’re focusing on the problem rather than on the solution.

What you need to have in mind is a clear objective, framed in a positive way. If you don’t want to be in debt, what do you want? A million dollars or pounds or euros or whatever in your bank account by this time next year?

If you don’t want your daughter to marry her boyfriend, what do you want? The fact that she should be happy in life?

In fact this second example is another misconception. What’s very clear is that you can’t manifest something using the Law of Attraction for another person. While you can send them blessings and love and positivity (or indeed the opposite), you can’t actually control the choices they make.

This is because we are all born with potential to make free choices and free decisions; when somebody else makes those choices and decisions for us, it takes away our power. The universe doesn’t seem to allow this.

A Summary So Far

So where have we got to so far? Let’s see. Two points, I think:

1) Your objective must be positive, and it must be for yourself.

2) Whatever it is that you’re trying to manifest – which is what we call your objective – using the Law of Attraction should be specifically defined.

Ah, yes – a specific goal. Really? Well, this is an issue that causes a lot of debate and discussion among people working with the Law of Attraction.

Some people say that the less specific your goal, the more likely you are to get it. Others say that you need to precisely set out the details of your objective before the universe will produce what you want.

But it stands to reason, I think, that the more specific you are in setting your goal, the narrower the range of opportunities you give to the universe for producing what you want.

So if you were trying to attract someone to have a relationship with, you’d probably want to visualize yourself enjoying qualities like happiness, joy, intimacy and love in a beautiful relationship, rather than the specific details of a certain individual.

(Remember, if you’re trying to make a particular person fall in love with you, you’re contravening a universal law – that of free will.)

On the other hand, if you want more money, you might think it would be appropriate to visualize having a million dollars in your bank account by this time next year.

And some people – in fact lots of people – would agree with you.

Others, interestingly, would say this isn’t the right way to go about it. What you should be visualizing, they would say,  is something more general that produces a sense of abundance for you.

That might, for example, mean starting a business which does a great deal of good in the world, and in the process makes you rich.

It can be hard to cut through different views like this, and get to the truth, although in fact I think there’s a simple explanation which resolves different views and opinions on the right way to go about attracting wealth and abundance.

You see, one of the things we do know about the Law of Attraction is that it absolutely depends on a person’s ability to believe that what they’re trying to manifest will in fact appear in their lives.

I think you can see quite clearly that if you’re trying to manifest a million dollars in your bank account, yet at the same time you fundamentally don’t believe there’s any way this could happen – well, it won’t happen.

The Importance Of Belief In The Law of Attraction

If you extend the concept that belief is essential for manifestation, and you state it like this: “The Law of Attraction will only create in your life or bring into your life those things which you believe to be possible” – well, then I think you have an explanation as to why different people have different approaches.

It’s because they believe that a particular approach to manifestation will work for them.

Other people believe in a different approach to manifestation – and unsurprisingly that’s what works for them. In other words, what you believe to be true is true.

Coincidence Or synchronicity? Or Something More?

A lot of people ask if the Law of Attraction isn’t just coincidence or synchronicity.

The answer to that is, “yes and no”.

In the sense that the universe produces coincidences to take you nearer and nearer to your goal or objective then, yes, it can look like coincidence when something you have been desiring to create in your life manifests for you.

On the other hand, it depends what you think of as “coincidence”. If you think a coincidence is pure chance, then co-creation between you and the universe is not a coincidence.

We’ve all had the experience of thinking about a friend and then hearing the phone ring, only to pick it up, and discover that the person on the other end is the person we’ve just been thinking about.

This is a good example of telepathy at work. It’s quite possible to communicate subconsciously, not in words as we would communicate verbally, but in an energetic form which allows us to enter the consciousness or awareness of another person.

Indeed, whether you believe that is possible (or not) is probably quite a good indicator of whether or not you are going to be successful in using the Law of Attraction.

You see, you have to suspend your disbelief and enter what can sometimes seem like a magical world when you begin to manifest your reality.

We’ll talk more about this in the next post, which you’ll find above this one in the list of latest posts (or you can just click on the link).

Levels Of Consciousness

Making Success Manifest

You probably wonder what makes success apparently so easy to achieve for some people and so difficult for others (you, perhaps).

Is it effort, is it determination, is it willpower?

Well yes, to some degree it’s all of those things. And it’s also about intelligence and courage and vision.

But then again, when you look at some people who’ve achieved success, it seems inconceivable that they could have done so using those qualities – because they don’t seem to possess them!

(I think we all know somebody who seems to have achieved something in life that seems difficult to understand when we look at their talents and abilities.)

So what is it that sets you apart form successful people?

The answer is simple: their minds are somehow ready to attract abundance in a way that yours may not be.

And this isn’t just about positive thinking, although that’s certainly major part of it. It’s actually about the Law of Attraction

You see, the thing is that very few of us actually know how powerful the human mind is.

And make no mistake about it. That power is available to each and everyone of us, including you.

Which raises the interesting and obvious question of why we are not all as successful as Bill Gates or Richard Branson.

And the first answer to that is: most people don’t focus on a particular objective. They may not even know what they want…. and if they do, they may not be able to stay focused on it.

People let opportunities slip by, or their minds jump from one topic or question to another, never making a decision to pursue one thing with single-mindedness, and perhaps never even identifying what it is that really drives their passion.

(Often the thing about which a person is most passionate is the thing in which they could find fulfillment and success most easily.)

Yet it’s no wonder so many people fail to achieve!

Our society is stressful, and each of us is required to juggle many different balls, think of many different things, hold many different responsibilities, and the stresses and strains people experience go far beyond anything the world has known in previous generations.

It’s no wonder that in this kind of environment people fail to use their minds in the way that their minds were, quite frankly, designed to be used.

Because, make no mistake about it, manifestation isn’t a gift given to a few people. It’s potentially open to everybody.

Law of Attraction Made Manifest

The Law of Attraction – which is to say the law by which the universe responds to the thoughts and feelings that we put out into it – is exactly the same for everyone.

I agree that it’s true you need a certain level of consciousness to be able to manifest what you want with Law of Attraction. But again, developing that level of consciousness is a possibility for every single human being on this planet.

And the truth is, very few of them will ever do so.

But so what? That’s their responsibility. Your responsibility is to take care of yourself, to learn how to use Law of Attraction as best you may, and benefit from it as is your natural right.

That leads us to a place where we can summarize the qualities necessary for manifestation to take place successfully:

  • Learn to focus and relax.
  • Deal with the beliefs and behaviors that inhibit you from achieving success. (Mostly negative beliefs about yourself and the world around you.)
  • Find out what it is that you really desire more than anything else in life.
  • Decide that you’re actually going to achieve it, come what may.
  • Develop a state of mind in which you have absolutely no doubt whatever that you can achieve it.
  • Expect it to manifest in your world.
  • Take action immediately, no matter how small to take you in the general direction of what it is you want to achieve.
  • Be grateful for everything and think positively.
  • Don’t allow any negative thoughts to cross your mind and destroy your belief in the reality of your desires.
  • Associate with other people who will support you and reinforce your self belief.
  • And above all visualize what you want every day.

It’s a simple list, or so it seems, but many people would say that actually it’s impossible to do those things – just because their environment is so disordered or chaotic or distracting… Or, no doubt, because of some other excuse.

Yes, excuse! To me none of those are explanations for failure. They are simply excuses from people who are scared to succeed, or who don’t believe that they can succeed and who would rather “sit” in that belief than do something positive to change their lives better.

Harsh? Well, you’ll probably be having a reaction if you see some truth for you in what I just said. In fact you’ll probably be denying the reality of what I’m saying!

And in fact it’s not easy to dispel negative beliefs about yourself – if it were, the world would be a much more positive place, and people would generally have a much higher opinion of themselves than they actually do.

There are many obstacles to thinking positively. For some reason the mind seems to be programmed to move more rapidly and powerfully towards the negative than towards the positive.

That’s an expression of human nature, sadly.

It seems to be something about the fear response we have to so many people and situations. (It might even be a genetically programmed emotional response that is designed to keep us safe from strangers or novel situations.)

Perhaps the way this hinders success is by causing us to diminish or deny possibilities and to find reasons not to pursue our aspirations.

So when I talk about people having to have a certain level of consciousness what I really mean is that people have to be prepared to work at overcoming the obstacles that stand between them and success.

And anything that takes hard work and a certain amount of effort doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone!


Many people think that manifestation using Law of Attraction is an easy process, and that they can succeed simply by visualizing what they want for a few minutes twice a day.

And of course there are a lot of people who have propagated that viewpoint. (The Secret, anyone heard of it?)

But it isn’t true, for this reason. Most people have a vague idea of what they’d like. A bigger house, a big car, rate of financial wealth, perfect relationship… that kind of thing. But when they start visualizing it their minds immediately produce all kinds of and objections. No, it’s not for you…. you can’t have it….. you aren’t worth it…. you can’t do it…. and so on….

Want a million dollars? Sure, so sit down and visualize it. Oh dear, as soon as you start visualizing it you may realize that you don’t believe for a minute you’re capable of generating a million dollars.

And such a limiting belief means that you won’t be able to manifest
what you want.

Make no mistake about it, it really is as simple as that.

You see, the universe picks up on positive energy and it responds to it by producing whatever it is that people expect to have. Provided, of course, that their belief is total, their expectation complete, and their desire absolute.

Those are hard criteria for all but a few of us to summon up, and unless you’ve done a great deal of personal development work you may find it a challenging indeed to develop firm belief in what you’re trying to manifest.

So that’s probably why a lot of authors in this area advise people to try and manifest things that are just a little beyond their current level of abundance or achievement.

It’s because that’s believable.

Video – Believing What You Can Manifest

For most people, believing that something a little bit beyond where they are at the moment can be achieved is easy enough. But believing that you can generate a million dollars if you happen to be finding it hard to put the next rent check together – well, that’s something else altogether.

On the other hand of course those authors who talk about setting your aspirations far beyond where you are moment are probably  speaking from their own experience: they – most likely – have no difficulty believing they can manifest immense wealth.

And that’s the key – this process will work invariably and without fail, provided that you believe and expect to get what you want. 

People who have achieved great deal of success have got where they are by single-mindedly focusing on what they want.

And they almost certainly don’t even realize what they are doing: for them, living in a state of complete belief about the reality they can manifest is natural. There’s no self-doubt inside them!

So how can you, as an ordinary person, going to be able to manifest great success if you can’t summon up the same level of self-confidence and self belief?

Well, you could try to eliminate limiting beliefs with Shadow Work or Self Hypnosis – programs are easily available these days on the Internet.


I’ve met people who think that by sitting in a chair visualizing themselves slim, they’ll be able to lose weight.

Do you really think that that’s possible?

(As a matter of fact, I actually do think it’s possible, but I know that 99% of the people in the world believe that to be a ridiculous idea – so it’s not true for them. It’s as simple as that!)

So what that means is that you actually have to take some action.

You have to do something.

Want to lose weight? Exercise daily and stop eating junk food might be a good start.

Want a partner? Get out and meet people. That might help.

Want a new car? Decide what it is you want. Immerse yourself in that knowledge.

And of course at the same time you should be visualizing yourself achieving your desired outcome.

By doing that, you feed your mind with positive energy and images that it can use as a template for the new you, with success manifested.

You see, the thing is this: you actually have to have the right intentions before the universe will “co-operate” with you.

When we talk about Law of Attraction, what we mean by that is that certain things need to happen in a certain order before manifestation can occur.

Remember, I said earlier that a certain level of consciousness would help people to manifest reality – indeed, some would argue that manifestation needs a fairly advanced level of consciousness.

In essence, what this means is that Law of Attraction will only give you abundance when you are ready for it – both mentally and spiritually.

And of course you can develop your readiness by taking small steps, by achieving incremental targets one at a time.

The question, really, I think is this: are you actually ready to write your own destiny? And if you are, how much time and effort are you willing to commit to it?

Law Of Attraction And Manifestation Defined

Here are two of the most important questions in the Universe: 
What is Manifestation? What is The Law Of Attraction?

And the third most important question, which you might be asking yourself, is this: How can I make it work for me?

What Do We Mean By Manifestation?

Quite simply, we can define manifestation as getting what you want by asking the Universe to provide it. Of course, you have to “ask” in a certain way! That’s what this site is all about.

Most people think of this in terms of financial success. But it can be anything – a great relationship, a job, a life partner, a house, a lifestyle…. you name it, the Universe is willing to provide it.

But only if you do things a certain way. You see, we were given the power to manifest what we want, but there are some requirements that the Universe expects us to fulfill.

These are summed up in the eternal or universal Law of Attraction. This is a Law of Nature which has always existed, will always exist and is our birthright. It goes like this:

Desire + Belief + Expectancy + Action => Manifestation

Another word for belief is faith. So now we can define a universal Law of Attraction.

And What Is The Law of Attraction?

Yes, here it is! To repeat, the definition of Law of Attraction is simply:

Desire + Belief + Expectancy + Action => Manifestation

So. What does it mean?

I will take you through every step of the law on this website. But the essence of it is simple:

When you desire something with total commitment and passion, so strong that you can almost taste your desire for a certain outcome, and you combine that with complete faith or belief in your ability to achieve it, you activate the universal mechanism by which you can get whatever you want.

Combined with your complete expectancy that whatever you want will manifest, and some action on your part to show your commitment to your desired outcome, the universe offers you the opportunity to get what you want more easily than you could ever imagine.

Indeed, this process is almost magical – or at least it can seem that way! But the definition of manifestation and the meaning of our universal Law Of Attraction given above are simple and compelling.

Note: some people wonder about the difference between belief and expectancy. I always sum it up like this: I believe a man or woman can go into space, but I don’t expect to go there myself….

How To Get What You Want

And how do you convey your desire, your belief and your expectancy to the universe (or infinite intelligence, also known as cosmic consciousness or the Mystery or even God)?

You can visualize your desired outcome, firing up the energy of your visualization with intense emotion. (This MUST matter to you! In other words, your outcome MUST be important. It MUST be something you really care about, with your heart and soul.)

You can act “as if” you have already achieved it.

You can pray, with faith.

You can take action to show your commitment.

You can “burn your bridges” so you have no alternative but to seek out your objective. (Note: I don’t recommend this approach!)

You can surround yourself with like-minded people who support you.

And you can do much more, all of which is explained on this website.

Is the sun rising or setting on your ambition?

Manifestation Is Not New

Since the earliest days of humanity, men and women alike have known about the secrets of manifestation. Many have tried to define it, to give it meaning.

Some seekers after these truths have tried to keep the information secret. Others have tried to spread the word, and been highly successful.

Napoleon Hill comes to mind here. I feature a lot of his work on this website. His book Think and Grow Rich is said to have sold over 100 million copies. Think about that for a moment: 100 million copies since 1937.

Others have spread the word and been highly successful but ridiculed for it – at least by the ignorant and unknowing. The Secret was a great book in many ways, but author Rhonda Byrne has received a lot of ridicule because of it. Why? She was simply setting out the secrets of getting what you want, just as many others have done before her.

Perhaps those who are too scared or hidebound or blinkered to see the possibility of their own greatness are scared by the greatness of others. Perhaps the sense of lack of fulfillment that comes from not achieving greatness or even just fulfilling your potential is too painful, so they seek to bring others down to their level. Who knows?

And for those who can rise above limited thinking, the rewards are waiting. And the knowledge of how to achieve whatever you desire is described on this website. And the meaning of it all will be clear, the definition simple.

All you need is within you now. This website can help you access it, so that you can achieve success in whatever field you wish.

As A Person Thinketh, So She or He Becomes

You are what you think. Or to put it another way, “All that you achieve and all that you fail to achieve is the direct result of your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs.”

You can blame others for your life, or your state of affairs – and most people do. But this changes nothing. Your life is now your creation, the end product of your beliefs, your thoughts, and your actions.

You make or unmake yourself by the thoughts you keep and the attitudes and beliefs you hold. You can be either your own greatest ally or your own worst enemy!

Doubt and fear never accomplished anything, and never will. They always lead to failure. Purpose, energy, presence and power, and all other strong thoughts, are lost when doubt and fear gain dominance.

But when you conquer doubt and fear you have conquered failure.

When you hold the positive, the powerful, the creative energy of the universe, you can manifest whatever you want. You can truly be the master of your destiny. You really can live the life you wish.

You alone hold the key to your future, and your success, and your achievements in life. Feast or famine: you choose. It is only down to you.

Our Deepest Fear (by Marianne Williamson)

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Marianne Williamson narrates her own work on success.