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Turn Manifestation Failure Into Success

Why Doesn’t The Law of Attraction Work For Everyone?

According to Michael Mackintosh, an important secret that’s missing from most people’s understanding of manifestation is this:

Not all desires are the same.

So, according to conventional thinking, when you use the Law of Attraction, you can manifest anything you want, and, within reason, you should be happy as a result.

But think of lottery winners – a classic example where manifestation  – or at least good luck – turns sour so often. Did you know that 90% of lottery winners are back in the same financial situation with two years of their win?

Clearly if they haven’t been able to use their winnings in a good way – which they presumably haven’t if they return to their previous  financial status quo – then you have to conclude there are things we can achieve, acquire, manifest and desire that are not in our best interests.

Sidebar: See this. And this.

The interesting thing here is that the Law of Attraction will give you what you think you want to make you happy ….. even if it’s going to make your life worse.

Sidebar: Video – Eckhart Tolle & Manifesting Reality

In other words, as I’ve said before, the Law of Attraction and the universal energy behind it are neutral.

They won’t discriminate between what’s good for you or what’s bad for you, between what’s going to have a good outcome for you and what’s going to have a bad outcome for you.

They will give you what you want…. at least some of the time.

motivation is critical in manifestation
Money isn’t everything…. your motivation may be more important when manifesting….

And if it’s true that most of the things you think you want will not result in you being happy or fulfilled (e.g. lots of money, big houses, big cars, etc), then it follows that you need to be REALLY discriminating about what you’re trying to manifest.

Only by being discriminating and careful about what you’re asking for can you have a reasonable chance of acquiring something that really fulfills you.

And the further conclusion which seems to stem from this is that if you ask for something, and you get it, this may not be a particularly good thing for you.

In other words… you need to be able to handle the consequences of actually getting whatever you ask for.

Manifest Success Not Failure

Now, how on earth are you going to be able to tell what is going to be good for you and what is going to be bad for you?

The answer seems to be that you need to identify and distinguish between wishes that come from your heart and wishes which come from your ego or your mind.

Things which come from your heart are probably the things you really do need in life to be happy or fulfilled.

Things which come from your ego, your thinking, or your mind are less likely to be fulfilling for you.

You might know that already – for example, when you come from your heart, you are much more likely to establish a meaningful relationship with other people than when you come from your head.

Manifest from the heart not the ego
Why do you want money? Is this manifestation desire heart driven or ego driven?

Why is this? Perhaps because the energy of heart desires is much more subtle – and powerful – than the energy of ego-driven desires. In fact, some say that wishes and desires which come from the ego are weak and superficial.

They may be the kind of “here today, gone tomorrow” wishes that don’t deeply ingrain themselves into your soul, or excite you when you think about them.

And in truth, if you are able to look into your heart and ask yourself what you truly want, then you might find things that are driven by your ego are just illusions, and that you don’t really want them at all.

Law Of Attraction - Love
Is this a heart driven manifestation?

Don’t forget that if you get something which doesn’t serve you in a spiritual sense (if you don’t understand what that means, think of it as being something that serves your highest good, and the good of those around you) then you’re likely to be given a “learning opportunity” for spiritual evolution!

To be honest, a learning opportunity for spiritual evolution means something which can show you what you need to avoid in future.

That doesn’t apply to everyone who manifests something from the ego: some people just remain stuck at the same level of evolution in life, learn nothing, and go on to live a life just as miserable as it was before they manifested whatever they thought they “truly desired”.

The fact is, simply manifesting something from your head – like a lot of money – can result in drama and chaos, because it’s not a true spiritual request.

As Michael Mackintosh points out, one of the ironies of The Secret  is that many of the people involved in it ended up in legal squabbling!

Far from being in the joy which The Secret was supposed to be about, they’ve ended up in unpleasant, very “real-world” consequences which are far removed from the spiritual aspects that should underpin manifestation.

So how can you identify your heart’s pure and true desires?

Well, you can start by coming from a place where you see yourself as a truly wonderful part of the universe – an eternal being whose essence is love and power and joy.

If you can do this, in a spiritual sense there’s very little you will need to complement your existence.

And Another Viewpoint Of Manifesting Reality?

While we are beings with our heads in the clouds, we surely have our feet on the ground, so it’s worthwhile manifesting things that can make our earthly existence better.

To do this from a pure place, from a spiritual place, in other words from your heart’s true desires, you can meditate and reflect on what it is that you really want.

And Michael Mackintosh has a few questions which should allow you to identify the truth about your desires….

For example, he asks you to consider “What would be the highest physical manifestation of your inner nature?”

And he suggests you consider this: “At the end of your life, what would you like to be remembered for?”

And since the essence of manifestation from the heart is about service, perhaps one question you could ask yourself is “What would be the greatest service I could render to the planet, the one which would leave me most fulfilled?”

If you want to know the other questions, I suggest you buy Michael’s book – you can find it here. (Title: Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Most People.)

These are not small questions. They are very spiritual questions: finding your heart’s true desires and then manifesting a way to enact them is highly spiritual.

When you think of this kind of manifestation you’re thinking of people like Florence Nightingale, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Nelson Mandela. And you’ll observe that for those people there was a great deal of personal sacrifice involved in the manifesting their dreams and desires – because they weren’t ego driven.

They were driven by a heartfelt desire to improve the world around them.

Find A Mission That Matters

To feed your soul, you might engage in a mission which involves helping other people find their true level of fulfillment and satisfaction.

That way, you’re almost certain to have your own needs met and your own problems solved.

And this is the meaning of something that you may have heard before when looking for ways to manifest your desires: “Follow your heart and the money will follow”.

This is a principle that suggests that money, and not only money, but also abundance and love, will come because of what you’re doing.

manifesting happiness or money
Happiness or money – which would you prefer to manifest?

In other words, when you find a state of being (such as happiness) which comes from a desire to truly serve others, you’re more likely to find a way of making money from it.

For example, if you manifest money for a specific purpose which is in tune with your best interests and the best interests of the world around you, then manifesting money is fine.

That’s because money becomes a resource from which you can develop other possibilities to serve.

In other words, to put it more simply, money in itself is not evil or bad, nor is it good.

It’s just a commodity which you can use in a spiritual way for service or an ego-driven way for materialistic purposes.

Another way of putting this: if you are planning to use money in a way that seems more spiritual, then you’re more likely to be successful at manifesting, simply because your ego is “out of the way” and your spiritual purpose is aligned with the universe.

But interestingly enough, some people do not know if their desires are really what they want (i.e. heart driven desires) or an illusion that serves to indulge themselves (i.e. ego driven).

Michael Mackintosh offers four methods you can use to establish the nature of your desires.

Number 1: Simply to ask yourself “does it feel natural?”

Number 2: Tune into God and the universe, to ask them what is right for you, and be open to a new and different vision.

Number 3: Consider how the product of number 2 feels.

Number 4: Relax, allow, and let go of your expectations, so that you can stop trying to produce an answer to your questions and instead wait for the answers to come to you.

And in keeping with the old mantra “Ask and it shall be given unto you”, it is possible to ask for answers to the most fundamental question of all – “What are my heart’s true desires? What should I be asking for?”

How Spiritually Evolved Are You?

Reasons Why Things May Not Be Happening For You

First of all the Law of Ascension.

It will not have escaped you, I’m sure, that despite the assertions you hear over and over again that each and everyone of us can use the Law of Attraction equally well, some people do seem to be more successful than others.

Could it be that they are spiritually more evolved?

Some people seem to manifest things effortlessly. Indeed, I have experienced this myself: sometimes just a simple thought has been enough to make things change overnight.

Other people can practice and practice and practice, yet manifestation never seems to deliver for them.

What Michael Mackintosh calls the Law of Ascension is a way of representing our level of conscious evolution.

Conscious Evolution & Manifest Success

It’s our level of conscious evolution that determines how much power we have when we attempting to manifest using Law of Attraction principles.

You see, like it or not, it is a fact that we are not all equally developed or evolved as conscious human beings: I think you only have to look around you to see how true that is!

And the simple fact of the matter is that in terms of connection with the universe, the higher your level of consciousness, the the higher your level of spiritual evolution, the more power you have to manifest things.

This is because with a high level of consciousness you are nearer the plane of spiritual evolution that leads to enlightenment.

By definition, enlightenment is connection with the universal life force, the field from which everything emanates. To put it another way, the higher your level of consciousness (or spiritual evolution), the more of the time you’re going to be in close connection with the universe.

This makes manifestation much easier and consistent.

Mediation changes brain waves - could it be a key to spiritual evolution?
Mediation changes brain waves – could it be a key to spiritual evolution?

Regrettably, if your level of spiritual evolution is low (in other words, if your level of consciousness is low), then your personal power is low, and your connection with the universal energetic field from which everything manifests is much weaker and – probably – less consistent.

What that means is that you’re less likely to be able to manifest anything. And indeed, if you do manifest things, these outcomes will probably appear inconsistently in your life.

Now, it may not seem fair to you that we do not all have the same level of consciousness, but it is a regrettable fact. Even though we live in a democracy where we are all supposed to be equal, the truth of the matter is that as far as manifestation is concerned, there is no such concept of equality .

Some people are more gifted at manifesting, at co-creating reality, than others. It’s as simple as that.

Will you manifest your dreams
Will you do whatever it takes to manifest your dreams?

And it equally follows that if you wish to become more effective at using the Law of Attraction then you need to increase your level of consciousness, or engage in a process of spiritual evolution.

That’s because simply sitting there “thinking about something” won’t be effective in bringing it into physical reality in your world unless you have the energetic power and the level of evolution of consciousness necessary to focus your mind in a consistent way.

To put this another way, it’s like saying that manifestation is not the product of the effort you put into it. Rather, it’s the product of the level of spiritual power and conscious evolution you have.

So, if you don’t have the power to feel good, to think positively, and to attract new things, then you may use Law of Attraction – at least as it is traditionally taught – day in, day out and you’re going to have zero success.

Manifest Success

Manifestation - the universal connection
Your are connected to the Universe, and it will help you get what you want

The more evolved an individual is (in other words the higher they are up the spiritual evolutionary tree), the more remarkable their manifestation will be – effortless, easy, and consistent.

Indeed, in states approaching enlightenment, manifestations appear so often they make an individual’s life look like a series of constant miracles and synchronicities.

Regrettably it can be shocking to people to discover the real truth about this. (We are not all equal, after all.)

But when you know that how well the Law of Attraction works for you depends on your level of conscious evolution, you are empowered…….. because you can do something to advance your spiritual evolution.

Some of things that can help you to do that include

  • spiritual practice
  • meditation
  • deep psychotherapy
  • clearing out the emotional wounds from your past
  • not investing your emotional energy in defending against those wounds
  • accruing more energy to focus outwards into the world and the objectives you want to achieve.

Of course when your spirit is diminished energetically because your vital force must be used to defend against emotional wounds from childhood, you’re less likely to have energy available for spiritual practice of any kind

Maybe that’s why manifestation doesn’t work for some people who haven’t taken any steps along a path of personal development.

Positive thinking achieves your outcomes
Positive thinking can achieve almost anything…including conscious evolution.

Make no mistake about it: letting go of old limitations and delusions about “where you are in life” will unquestionably allow you to access higher energies that can raise your level of consciousness….. and therefore make manifestation more successful and reliable.

The truth is that no matter how enlightened you or any of us may feel, we are all still carrying emotional baggage from the past which will, to a greater or lesser extent, be affecting our ability to see the world as it truly is.

That means we cannot manifest reality in the way that we might want, nor can we focus the energy which we need to drive the process of manifestation.

In short, you may not be seeing the world as it is – you may be seeing a distorted version of the world because of your obscured perception and comparatively low level of consciousness.

So how easy is it to let go of old limiting beliefs and develop a high level of spiritual evolution?

Make no mistake – the object here is to become innocent and work towards being “the person you always were”. And that’s a truly wonderful path through life.

But it takes time…. so I suppose my question is: “Are you willing to make conscious evolution a part of your life, so that the inhibitions and limitations of the past will drop away from you, and you can manifest what you want in the world today?”

Or will you give up, as you may have given up with different things many times before, and live a dreary and banal life, dying as a loser?

One technique which can definitely help here is surrendering to a higher power. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to believe in “God”.

Changing your beliefs can be liberating
Believe in something outside yourself.

It seems to be a fundamental human need to believe in some kind of higher power – an energetic force or entity which is given various names by people such as the Divine, the Creator, Cosmic Consciousness, the Great Mystery, the Unity, and of course many other names as well.

But whatever you believe, it’s certainly true that if you have some kind of spiritual relationship with a higher power, you’re going to find it easier to raise your level of consciousness than if you don’t. (By the way, synchronicities reveal as much. They occur much more often for spiritually evolved people.)

Why? Because having a relationship with a higher power that is personally meaningful reminds you that in fact you are part of the universe, and not an isolated individual being here on the planet Earth. 

Sidebar: You are part of the whole, and as such, it would only be natural for you to have an ability to communicate with the universe and to connect to it in such a way that you can influence how things manifest in the world at large.

And along with this, there is some responsibility on you to be loving to all life, and to respect and honor both the planet that you live on, and the other lifeforms with which you share it.

Ego Desires and Heart Desires

As you can see around you all the time, every day, when things come from the ego, or when actions and thoughts and feelings are driven by ego, selfishness and self-interest (at the expense of other people) tends to be the order of the day.

When you’re working from your ego, what you see is the world distorted through your own desires and needs and wants. Click here to learn more.

That’s when you don’t see the world through a vision of love and cooperation, of sharing and harmony.

It follows, therefore, that the more you can stay in a place of love and acceptance, a place where you honor all living beings and the world around you, the more likely you are to be in a place from which you can communicate effectively with the universal energies.

This idea has been expressed in various ways, including the concept of surrender to the highest good – also described as “aligning with the divine”.

But the essence of it is simple: the principle which drives everything positive in the world is love, so when you align yourself with love, you are aligning yourself with universal forces and divine power, as well as surrendering to the highest good for all concerned, and letting go of attachment and ego….

And this, perhaps more than anything, can help you to manifest what you want as quickly as possible. With the proviso, I might add, that you are seeking to obtain something for the highest good of all concerned rather than your own self-interest.

(As we discussed earlier, when self-interest comes into play, things tend to go wrong with the process of manifestation.)


But What If Manifestation Doesn’t Work?

Of course, as I’ve already mentioned, one of the big problems people experience when trying to manifest with the Law of Attraction is – wait for it – it doesn’t seem to work!

Although there are many reasons for people’s failure to manifest successfully, if you happen to be trying to use the Law of Attraction and it’s not working you can be quite dispirited.

You see, there’s a widespread viewpoint that all you have to do is form an image of what you want, picture it with great certainty, and it’ll mysteriously appear in your life.

But that’s too simple a viewpoint!

I’ve repeatedly said that the universe isn’t fickle, by which I mean is basically programmed to give you what you want, but there are some things you have to do to make this happen.

We know about the obvious ones, like ensuring you have complete belief in the process, not setting targets you don’t believe you can achieve, and taking action of some kind to move towards your objective – but are there more subtle factors at work which might prevent the law of attraction from working?

It’s a fair question and one that deserves serious consideration.

Manifestation Misery

A lot of the teaching around the law of attraction seems to focus on three simple steps: Ask – Believe – Receive.

In other words, you simply ask for what you want by presenting your request to the universe; you then try and believe that you already have it – something that is called acting “as if” – using the joy and energy you feel about the prospect of having your goals achieved to “drive” the process; and finally you wait until what you want is delivered to you by the universe.

It sounds great – essentially you just sit back and dream. And of all the places where these ideas have been put forward, none has exceeded The Secret for offering a simple representation of the process – and emphasis of how easy it is.

Rhonda Byrne – The Story of Manifesting The Secret

Manifestation Misery!

But that clearly isn’t true, because many of the people who are disappointed with the results they get other ones who have read The Secret (read a critique here.)

So what’s going on ? Why isn’t manifestation working for people?

We know that different people will have different outcomes from using Law of Attraction principles the way it’s traditionally been taught.

One possibility is that you have rather inconsistent success – you find some good things coming into your life – and that’s fantastic – but you’re not really quite sure how that happened.

Not everyone using The Secret will get results like these two magnificent manifestors – Branson and Robbins!

Manifestation at its finest
Richard Branson
Tony Robbins - master manifester
Tony Robbins – Master of Manifestation

And in fact if the Law of Attraction is sometimes working for you and sometimes it isn’t, you’re almost certainly going to be confused: why is it sometimes effective, and why is it sometimes not?

Is it your fault, or is it the Law of Attraction which is unreliable?

The truth is, if you don’t know what’s responsible for your success you’re likely to be very confused indeed.

And of course another possibility is that it simply didn’t work for you all – no matter how hard you tried, the Law of Attraction doesn’t come up with the goods, which can be the most disheartening of all outcomes because it causes you to lose faith in yourself and in the Law of Attraction, which you may well have been relying on to completely transform your life.

I’m not sure if the third possibility is even worse: where you’ve managed to manifest things that you want, but you’ve experienced some negative side effects.

You got what you want, but you’ve also got a whole gamut of unforeseen problems, and your life’s ended up worse than it was before you started trying to manifest anything!

Indeed, it’s not uncommon for people to manifest what they think they want, then discover that their life is actually no better than it was before…or perhaps it’s even worse because now they have unexpected negative side-effects to deal with.

I remember one person who manifested a beautiful loving relationship, or so he thought, and only years later discovered that his “ideal partner” had been lying and cheating him for years, and had reduced him and his business to bankruptcy by stealing the profits.

Not good, but sadly not uncommon either.

And another possibility is that people can’t focus on the energetic requirements for successful manifestation.

Either they lose interest in what they’re trying to achieve, or they’re distracted by something else, or they simply can’t sustain a positive frame of mind for long enough to maintain the energy that is needed to drive the process of manifestation.

Quieting their mind so that they can enjoy meditation. The same must be true of people’s ability to quite their mind so that they can visualize and think about the particular thing they’re trying to manifest in their lives.

So what’s going on?

Sidebar: Before we look at that, I’d like to invite you to consider Byron Katie’s work on improving your life. Just check it out here.

Well, the fact of the matter is that it isn’t that traditional teaching about the Law of Attraction is wrong. It’s just not actually complete.

You see, there are several more aspects to the Law of Attraction which can make your attempts to use it much more successful.

And we will start with one of them which Michael Mackintosh has described as “the new method” of using the Law of Attraction.
He describes what he calls four “missing secrets” which are traditionally not taught in work about the Law of attraction.

#1 The Law of Ascension
#2 Not All Desires Are The Same
#3 It’s The Opposite of What You expect
#4 The “Obvious” Secret

Let’s look at these in order, starting in the next post.


The Law Is Not Infallible

Michael Mackintosh has written an e-book explaining why the Law of Attraction doesn’t always work for people. If you are one of those people, and you want more consistent success in manifesting your reality, it’s well worth reading what he has to say.

As you might expect, there are several reasons why your attempts to manifest reality using principles based on the Law of Attraction might not be working.

Soul Purpose

First of them, perhaps is that you’re not coming from a soul purpose.

In other words, what you’re trying to achieve, what you’re trying to co-create in your world, is actually driven by egotistical desire rather than spiritual need.

For it would seem that universal laws of attraction respond best to people who manifest reality from a spiritual motivation.

To have both spiritual need and spiritual motivation, you must of course engage in a process of spiritual development.

And then the question which comes up is – well, yes, but what exactly is spiritual development (or spiritual evolution as it is sometimes known)?

And of course it’s not easy to define, but what we can say is that it involves a transpersonal connection to an energy or system or concept greater than oneself. And that seems to be easier for people who have invested in some form of spiritual development.

And spiritual evolution is the product of a spiritual practice of some kind, done on a daily basis – for example, meditation, praying, or conversation with God.

If it’s true that being a spiritually developed individual leads to greater success and co-creating reality, then you may well feel that you want to adopt a spiritual practice.

Bill Harris has written about several principles which he describes as personal development, but which seem to me very akin to spiritual evolution.

Video: Bill Harris On Spiritual Evolution

I offer some of his ideas here in the hope that if you choose to adopt any of these practices, you may well find that you become more spiritually “evolved”, and better able to establish the personal relationship with the divine, or the universe, or God – no matter what you call it – that will help you to manifest more easily and more successfully.

Here we go with some principles of spiritual evolution.

First of All, Let Whatever Happens Be OK

You see, there’s a sense in which everything that happens to you, and everything which happens on this planet, is inevitable.

Every moment is the product of all that has gone before, and until the influence of your past history on YOU is removed from your present situation, you may find that your attempts at manifestation aren’t as easy or as successful as you might like.

Of course it’s easy to say something as banal as “let whatever happens be OK” when things are going well.

But mastering this principle – which is very definitely a spiritual expression of your humanity – maybe harder when things are difficult.

It stands to reason that your motivation for using Law of Attraction techniques is going to be a massive factor in whether or not you have enough self-discipline to engage in a spiritual practice of one kind or another.

Will you manifest your dreams
Will you do whatever it takes to manifest your dreams?

For that, you need to be convinced that both the rewards available to you by using LoA and manifestation techniques, and the improvement in your personal well-being you may get by following a more spiritual path, are sufficiently rewarding in some way to make it worthwhile the investment of time and effort that you’re going to put into them.

But for people who want to be in charge of their lives, people who want to control their destiny, there’s no real alternative.

No matter what your resistance, you need to overcome it to move on in life to a better and more developed place.

The problem is, of course, that those things which hold you back are the very things which you created for yourself in childhood because they seem to offer you safety from whatever threatened you.

Changing those patterns, which are deeply impressed into the neural circuits of the brain, can be very challenging.

And when resistance comes, you can make a choice to overcome resistance or not. And it is that choice which will allow you to move forward in life or keep you stuck where you are.

It follows that the more resistance you feel to engaging in a spiritual practice or a path of personal development is a direct reflection of the benefits you might obtain by doing so.

So the first principle is that of letting whatever happens be OK.

I mean, when you think about it,  the things in your life that you don’t like are as they are anyway, whether you resist them or not.

To say that you should accept them as OK doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t seek to try and change them, or indeed change yourself.

Far from it! What it means is that you give up your addiction or attachment to things being the way they are, and you open yourself up to the possibility of difference.

This is a philosophical position which enables you to accept anything that happens to you in life as a lesson which can teach you something you need to learn. (Now, what can I learn from this adversity?)

In every adversity lies the seed of a greater benefit.
In every adversity lies the seed of a greater benefit.

It’s an evolved spiritual position too, because most people regard adversity as an assault on their being, or as unfair, or as random chance, when in fact it is an opportunity to learn something for your own benefit.

Keep in mind also, that to the extent you can actually accept that whatever is happening to you is OK, you’re going to lessen your suffering.

Any rule that you have, any guideline, any “internal map” of the world, or any beliefs about how the world is “supposed” to be, are going to make you less comfortable, and cause you stress of one kind or another.

I’ve mentioned many times in my writings on manifestation and the use of law of attraction, how one of the biggest obstacles to people’s success in manifesting what they want is the fact that they don’t believe they are either worthy of the outcome, or that the outcome can actually occur.

The same principle applies to beliefs about who you are and how you should respond, as well as beliefs about how the world should operate – these are probably historical beliefs that hold you back, and if you believe that the world should be a certain way, then you’re almost certainly interfering with the universe is ability to manifest reality for you in a particular way.

You probably also suffer in some way when other people break the rules which you hold dear, because they are your map of the world!

Would it be possible, perhaps, for you to consider that there are other ways of being, and that somebody else’s behavior or attitudes, or their thoughts and feelings, are indeed theirs alone and need not impact on you?

For example, if you’re surrounded by people who don’t believe that law of attraction is a real concept, or if you’re surrounded by people who disrespect how you are trying to improve yourself, can you accept that that is OK?

When you think about it, this is really quite a spiritual place to be. Such acceptance of “what is” has an immediate and obvious benefit of reducing the amount of stress you feel about your place in the world, though.

And more – such acceptance is actually a route to transformation and healing, to the release of unresolved mental or emotional blocks.

By releasing things in this way you can detach yourself from the toxic attitudes and beliefs you’ve absorbed in the past – which were almost certainly never yours, but were given to you by somebody else whose best interests may not have matched yours.

You may recognize the truth of all of this, but you actually need to do something practical: you might need to do a daily meditation, or you might wish to find a self-hypnosis program which can help you maintain your center in the face of any “attack” that might be launched on you.

Read more in the next post about another principle of spiritual evolution.

A Few Things That Help Manifest Success

Considering how important the Law of Attraction can be in our lives, it’s surprising that more people don’t make an effort to understand how it operates.

Why? Well, when you are thinking, for most of the time your thought energy will be too disparate and unfocused to impact the world around you.

Only when you’re thinking in a very focused way with a clear objective in mind, and you do it repeatedly, will you be likely to send out enough energy to impact the universe.

It follows that you need to be able to control your mind to make sure that you’re sending out both the right messages (to get what you want) and you’re doing it in the right way (to ensure the universe responds).

Take, for example, the way in which people attempt to find love by using the Law of Attraction.

Video: Jack Canfield – Law of Attraction & Love

It Must Be Love, Love, Love… Nothing More, Nothing Less…

But does it work? Many people report that while they may get a few dates, they tend not to meet the partner they expect to spend the rest of their lives with.

On the superficial level, I’d argue that the universe is giving you what you expect – so if you don’t really expect to get the partner of your dreams, your belief isn’t strong enough, you won’t get it… The universe always responds in kind to your thoughts.

But that’s too simplistic. Certainly you need to stop the negative thoughts going through your mind, and replace them with positive ones.

And there’s more to it than that. What you’re trying to do is tell the universe that you need AND WANT something positive.

Start from the position that you’re actually in complete control when you use law of attraction.

Remember the law of attraction is called a “law” because it always works (as long as you’re using it correctly!)

Decide whether you going to try and manifest an extremely specific vision of the person you want – which might, for example, include hair color, occupation, age, weight, size and so on – or if you’re going to try and just manifest some more general qualities such as happiness, love, fulfillment or intimacy.

That’s a critical decision, because there are plenty of ways of obtaining happiness (or love, or fulfillment, or intimacy) – some of which you won’t even thought of yet!

By taking this route, you’re giving the universe more opportunities to give you what you want.

Yet of course it could be that you really want something very specific, for whatever reason. Just bear in mind that it may be hard to manifest a more specific vision than a more general one.

Another common use for Law of Attraction is in manifesting prosperity.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Once again, you have to send out the right messages to the universe before it will respond by manifesting what you want. This was emphasized in The Secret.

Obviously, if you’re thinking of prosperity then your mind will be attuned to opportunities for you to gain greater prosperity.

If, however, you’re thinking of limitation, lack and debt, then the universe may respond in kind to those thoughts.

And even if you can summon up a strong belief that the law of attraction can manifest things for other people, you might not be able to believe that for yourself.

This can be a sticking point which requires you to deal with deep-seated beliefs about yourself. Some of the most common beliefs that people experience when they’re trying to develop a prosperity consciousness are: “I’m not worth it”, “I might not be able to cope with success”, “I don’t deserve it”, “This isn’t the way things should be for me”, and so on.

Boosting Self-Esteem

Of course you can use Law of Attraction to manifest intangible things and states of mind, just as you can use it to manifest prosperity and tangible goals.

One of the most useful things for anyone in this world of ours is to have high self-esteem and a positive attitude. Of course we all have a negative side, and we all have limitations of some kind.

But you don’t get anywhere in life by focusing on your limitations!

What you might wish to do, when trying to manifest anything, as you may well imagine, is to radiate positive energy, optimism, gratitude and clear focused goals.

Easy to say, harder to do?

fordPerhaps that’s only true if your belief system tells you that’s true.

The practice of gratitude is an extremely helpful technique for changing the mindset that is predominantly negative into one that is predominantly positive.

You’ll find that after only three weeks of daily practice of gratitude – which need be for no more than five minutes twice a day – your whole mental attitude will switch from a negative orientation to a positive orientation.

You can reinforce this by writing up and pinning your goals on your walls where you can read them every day, by writing about your expectations and things that you are grateful for in a journal, and by only associating with positive people.

Think And Grow Rich
Think And Grow Rich

If you have a serious lack of positive people in your life, then create an imaginary council of advisers in your mind, who will support you unfailingly in everything you do. (That’s the basis of the Mastermind Group described by Napoleon Hill in his classic work Think and Grow Rich).

It needs hardly be said, I’m sure, that if you’re working on intangible objectives such as losing weight, or creating a more successful future for yourself, it’s important to be conscious of how you’re thinking and feeling at all times.

What that means in practice is having a greater level of awareness of your thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t necessarily mean stopping negative thoughts from occurring, but it does mean replacing any negative thoughts you have with positive ones.

And another aspect of using Law of Attraction that people sometimes overlook is the necessity for consistency.

Changing your goals and objectives from moment to moment will not lead to success.

If you do that, the energy behind your thought processes is too disparate.

Equally, you need to use law of attraction principles every day for the law to work successfully for you. And no matter how hard that may seem, no matter how much resistance you may have to doing so, it’s that consistency which will make manifest what you want in the world around you.


People sometimes ask about positive affirmations: and no wonder, because there is a lot of misunderstanding around the subject.

We all know that affirmations are things that we tell ourselves – but it’s amazing how rarely they seem to come true. That’s probably because most people don’t actually believe the affirmation they’re repeating to themselves!

After all, they have a lifetime history of negativity to battle against.

Think about it: it’s hardly likely that just repeating an affirmation a couple of times morning and evening is going to change your mindset around a particular issue.

The way to use affirmations correctly is to ensure that you’re in a state of mental and physical relaxation before you use them.

Napoleon Hill, one of the first and most well-known self-improvement gurus, suggested that you could simply repeat affirmations forcefully over and over again, and that sheer force of repetition would drive them deeper and deeper into your mind.

Maybe that’s true; but why would you put yourself through something so challenging?

By engaging in a process of self hypnosis or trance visualization, you can drive positive affirmations much deeper into your subconscious – and you can do it much more easily.

More About The Law Of Attraction!

We’ve been exploring the way in which the Law Of Attraction works. Find the first post in this series here.

Most experts who know anything about the Law of Attraction agree that the reason the Law works is because we are all part of the same energy field.

You can think of this field as an energy that holds the potential of everything that could come into existence in the future. And when the human mind interacts with that, the energy field will respond in some way.

It may, for example, respond by bringing about coincidences which allow particular events, circumstances, and objects to manifest in the physical world. Or it may respond by bringing people together in some way.

That idea is, of course, the basis of the saying “thoughts attract things”. And indeed, “like attracts like”.

And here’s another principle behind the Law of Attraction: your thoughts can impact what’s created in your world.

Energy & The Attraction Of What You Want

The idea of an energy field is a simple explanation for something that we don’t really understand.

Here’s a video on the subject.

A lot of people like to think of the Law of Attraction as having something to do with quantum physics. As you know, that includes the well proven fact that energy and matter are indivisible and the same at the level of the atom.

(There’s an idea floating around that this is all to do with the brain acting as a quantum computer.)

That’s true, but it doesn’t necessarily explain how the Law Of Attraction works. What I think we can say with certainty is that there is an energy field around which can be impacted by our thoughts.

At this point many people will object by saying, “Sure, but if that’s so, then why don’t ALL the things that I think about manifest?”

It’s a little bit of a naive question. Haven’t you noticed how thoughts in themselves are generally short lived and transient? They usually don’t hold enough energy to affect the universe.

If you’re setting a goal or an objective that you want to create in your life, it’s necessary to be – well, if not obsessed, certainly focused and clear about your intention to manifest whatever it is you want.

Most people set an objective, then the minute anything else important comes along that seems even slightly important, they get totally distracted and forget all about it.

To manifest anything, not only do you have to believe that it will appear in your life, but you also have to to maintain your focus for as long as it takes to get it.

That doesn’t mean thinking about something every minute of every day, but it certainly means thinking about it a lot! In fact it means thinking about it a lot more than most people ever think about their so-called objectives or goals.

Persistence and determination are very necessary here.

Besides those qualities there’s another one that’s needed for this to work: the energetic force that propels your desires into the universe needs to have sufficient energy to change physical reality. And this energy is the energy of your feelings.

Because even though maintaining a high level of emotional energy around your your expectations of achieving your objective sounds like a simple thing to do, the truth is that most people pretty quickly lose their excitement and enthusiasm.

They get bored, they get distracted, they stop believing. And all of those things bring the process of attracting, or co-creating, a new reality to a complete stop.

The Negative And The Positive Are Equally Attractive

Bear in mind that this energy doesn’t have to be positive, although most writers on the Law of Attraction suggest that you should use joy and excitement to help yourself manifest things.

In reality, any intense feeling will propel the process: that includes hatred, and anger, and the other negative emotions such as rage and jealousy and fear.

(Which of course is why the things we fear, if we think about them consistently, will often come to pass.)

In general most people writing about the Law of Attraction suggest that you visualize your objective and then feel the energy associated with its manifestation. Which of course is meant to be joy and delight, at least in most cases!

So let’s just summarize where we are at now:

  • You need a clear objective you can believe in.
  • You need to believe in the process of reality creation and you need to believe that the Law of Attraction is able to deliver what you desire.
  • You need emotional energy of some kind associated with that thought going out into the world.
  • And you need to have a positive goal that is for yourself or your own benefit.
  • None of this is very complicated. But how easy is it?

That’s the rub, of course. Most people find it quite difficult to manifest anything other than trivialities like a parking space. (Try it! Believe it will open up for you. It usually happens. Coincidence? Hah.)

You see, that’s the power of belief – most of us can believe in a parking space appearing. But you may not necessarily believe that bigger things – like having a million dollars in your bank account – can happen.

Read more about the idea of quantum computers here. And the associated idea of a form of consciousness which could manifest reality on that last link.

The Feelings Which Drive The Law of Attraction

It’s probably better if these feelings are positive rather than negative. The reason being that when you send out negative energy to help yourself manifest something, you’re often opening up the possibility of experiencing negative emotions yourself.

However, I have used anger very successfully to propel my desires and outcomes into the world, so I don’t want to deny something that is true for me and may well be true for other people as well.

I think many of us don’t really feel much joy in life. And if we are trying to use the feelings of gratitude and joy, and happiness and excitement, that we expect to feel when our vision manifests, there may simply not be enough energy behind our desire for the Law of Attraction to operate effectively.

But if you were in debt, and you were somehow able to summon up an intense feeling of anger about how you got into that situation, you could very well use that emotion to propel your thoughts out into the universe – as long as they were thoughts of abundance.

However, if you focus on fear, and you’re constantly thinking about how much you owe and the size of your debt, it’s pretty obvious that your focus and attention will be mostly on the negative aspect of being in debt. You do not have a prosperity consciousness.

A lot of people have asked me how they can deal with that problem.

Mike Dooley
Mike Dooley

Here’s a tip that I picked up from Mike Dooley, a great manifester: when you feel disbelief or fear of a negative outcome, or any other negative thoughts pop into your mind, just allow yourself to doubt your negative experience is true.

In other words, set your objective as a positive expectation, visualization, goal or objective – use whatever word and whatever technique suits you. And then, when negativity or negative beliefs or fear strike (as they surely will) you can gently just allow yourself to doubt that your disbelief is correct.

You see the power of this? You offer both your conscious and your unconscious mind (this is the same thing as your “subconscious”) the possibility that, in fact,  your fear may be misplaced and your doubt about future outcomes is in error.

And that allows for the possibility of something different happening.

A Brief Summary Of The Laws Of Attraction

Using the Law of Attraction isn’t difficult – after all, it’s based on a another Law of Nature, which simply says that “like attracts like”.

But of course in reality there’s more to it than that. Let’s find out exactly what might be!

One of the things I’ve noticed about writings on the Law of Attraction is that people basically write about it in a way that reflects their own experience. That’s fair enough, but the problem is their experience may not work for everybody else!

So are there some basic rules that control the Law of Attraction and how it operates?

I think there are. And here’s what I think they are.

Attraction & Creating – Basic Laws

First of all, for some reason, the Law of Attraction works in a positive dimension. What I mean is that if you try to prevent something happening it won’t work. If you try to avoid something, you won’t manifest the avoidance. If you try to create a negative, you most likely won’t succeed.

It’s like saying “I don’t want to be in debt.” The reason this doesn’t work is because the very act of thinking and visualizing a state of “not being in debt” is focusing on the problem that you want to solve – which is the reality that you don’t have enough money.

You need to focus on the solution – generating more wealth!

Or suppose you were to say, “I don’t want my daughter to marry her boyfriend.” Again, you’re focusing on the problem rather than on the solution.

What you need to have in mind is a clear objective, framed in a positive way. If you don’t want to be in debt, what do you want? A million dollars or pounds or euros or whatever in your bank account by this time next year?

If you don’t want your daughter to marry her boyfriend, what do you want? The fact that she should be happy in life?

In fact this second example is another misconception. What’s very clear is that you can’t manifest something using the Law of Attraction for another person. While you can send them blessings and love and positivity (or indeed the opposite), you can’t actually control the choices they make.

This is because we are all born with potential to make free choices and free decisions; when somebody else makes those choices and decisions for us, it takes away our power. The universe doesn’t seem to allow this.

A Summary So Far

So where have we got to so far? Let’s see. Two points, I think:

1) Your objective must be positive, and it must be for yourself.

2) Whatever it is that you’re trying to manifest – which is what we call your objective – using the Law of Attraction should be specifically defined.

Ah, yes – a specific goal. Really? Well, this is an issue that causes a lot of debate and discussion among people working with the Law of Attraction.

Some people say that the less specific your goal, the more likely you are to get it. Others say that you need to precisely set out the details of your objective before the universe will produce what you want.

But it stands to reason, I think, that the more specific you are in setting your goal, the narrower the range of opportunities you give to the universe for producing what you want.

So if you were trying to attract someone to have a relationship with, you’d probably want to visualize yourself enjoying qualities like happiness, joy, intimacy and love in a beautiful relationship, rather than the specific details of a certain individual.

(Remember, if you’re trying to make a particular person fall in love with you, you’re contravening a universal law – that of free will.)

On the other hand, if you want more money, you might think it would be appropriate to visualize having a million dollars in your bank account by this time next year.

And some people – in fact lots of people – would agree with you.

Others, interestingly, would say this isn’t the right way to go about it. What you should be visualizing, they would say,  is something more general that produces a sense of abundance for you.

That might, for example, mean starting a business which does a great deal of good in the world, and in the process makes you rich.

It can be hard to cut through different views like this, and get to the truth, although in fact I think there’s a simple explanation which resolves different views and opinions on the right way to go about attracting wealth and abundance.

You see, one of the things we do know about the Law of Attraction is that it absolutely depends on a person’s ability to believe that what they’re trying to manifest will in fact appear in their lives.

I think you can see quite clearly that if you’re trying to manifest a million dollars in your bank account, yet at the same time you fundamentally don’t believe there’s any way this could happen – well, it won’t happen.

The Importance Of Belief In The Law of Attraction

If you extend the concept that belief is essential for manifestation, and you state it like this: “The Law of Attraction will only create in your life or bring into your life those things which you believe to be possible” – well, then I think you have an explanation as to why different people have different approaches.

It’s because they believe that a particular approach to manifestation will work for them.

Other people believe in a different approach to manifestation – and unsurprisingly that’s what works for them. In other words, what you believe to be true is true.

Coincidence Or synchronicity? Or Something More?

A lot of people ask if the Law of Attraction isn’t just coincidence or synchronicity.

The answer to that is, “yes and no”.

In the sense that the universe produces coincidences to take you nearer and nearer to your goal or objective then, yes, it can look like coincidence when something you have been desiring to create in your life manifests for you.

On the other hand, it depends what you think of as “coincidence”. If you think a coincidence is pure chance, then co-creation between you and the universe is not a coincidence.

We’ve all had the experience of thinking about a friend and then hearing the phone ring, only to pick it up, and discover that the person on the other end is the person we’ve just been thinking about.

This is a good example of telepathy at work. It’s quite possible to communicate subconsciously, not in words as we would communicate verbally, but in an energetic form which allows us to enter the consciousness or awareness of another person.

Indeed, whether you believe that is possible (or not) is probably quite a good indicator of whether or not you are going to be successful in using the Law of Attraction.

You see, you have to suspend your disbelief and enter what can sometimes seem like a magical world when you begin to manifest your reality.

We’ll talk more about this in the next post, which you’ll find above this one in the list of latest posts (or you can just click on the link).

Levels Of Consciousness

Making Success Manifest

You probably wonder what makes success apparently so easy to achieve for some people and so difficult for others (you, perhaps).

Is it effort, is it determination, is it willpower?

Well yes, to some degree it’s all of those things. And it’s also about intelligence and courage and vision.

But then again, when you look at some people who’ve achieved success, it seems inconceivable that they could have done so using those qualities – because they don’t seem to possess them!

(I think we all know somebody who seems to have achieved something in life that seems difficult to understand when we look at their talents and abilities.)

So what is it that sets you apart form successful people?

The answer is simple: their minds are somehow ready to attract abundance in a way that yours may not be.

And this isn’t just about positive thinking, although that’s certainly major part of it. It’s actually about the Law of Attraction

You see, the thing is that very few of us actually know how powerful the human mind is.

And make no mistake about it. That power is available to each and everyone of us, including you.

Which raises the interesting and obvious question of why we are not all as successful as Bill Gates or Richard Branson.

And the first answer to that is: most people don’t focus on a particular objective. They may not even know what they want…. and if they do, they may not be able to stay focused on it.

Manifestation - the universal connection
You are connected to the Universe, and it will help you get what you want. Assuming you know what that is!

People let opportunities slip by, or their minds jump from one topic or question to another, never making a decision to pursue one thing with single-mindedness, and perhaps never even identifying what it is that really drives their passion.

(Often the thing about which a person is most passionate is the thing in which they could find fulfillment and success most easily.)

Yet it’s no wonder so many people fail to achieve!

Our society is stressful, and each of us is required to juggle many different balls, think of many different things, hold many different responsibilities, and the stresses and strains people experience go far beyond anything the world has known in previous generations.

It’s no wonder that in this kind of environment people fail to use their minds in the way that their minds were, quite frankly, designed to be used.

Because, make no mistake about it, manifestation isn’t a gift given to a few people. It’s potentially open to everybody.

Law of Attraction Made Manifest

The Law of Attraction – which is to say the law by which the universe responds to the thoughts and feelings that we put out into it – is exactly the same for everyone.

I agree that it’s true you need a certain level of consciousness to be able to manifest what you want with Law of Attraction. But again, developing that level of consciousness is a possibility for every single human being on this planet.

And the truth is, very few of them will ever do so.

But so what? That’s their responsibility. Your responsibility is to take care of yourself, to learn how to use Law of Attraction as best you may, and benefit from it as is your natural right.

Will you manifest your dreams
Will you do whatever it takes to manifest your dreams?

That leads us to a place where we can summarize the qualities necessary for manifestation to take place successfully:

  • Learn to focus and relax.
  • Deal with the beliefs and behaviors that inhibit you from achieving success. (Mostly negative beliefs about yourself and the world around you.)
  • Find out what it is that you really desire more than anything else in life.
  • Decide that you’re actually going to achieve it, come what may.
  • Develop a state of mind in which you have absolutely no doubt whatever that you can achieve it.
  • Expect it to manifest in your world.
  • Take action immediately, no matter how small to take you in the general direction of what it is you want to achieve.
  • Be grateful for everything and think positively.
  • Don’t allow any negative thoughts to cross your mind and destroy your belief in the reality of your desires.
  • Associate with other people who will support you and reinforce your self belief.
  • And above all visualize what you want every day.

It’s a simple list, or so it seems, but many people would say that actually it’s impossible to do those things – just because their environment is so disordered or chaotic or distracting… Or, no doubt, because of some other excuse.

Yes, excuse! To me none of those are explanations for failure. They are simply excuses from people who are scared to succeed, or who don’t believe that they can succeed and who would rather “sit” in that belief than do something positive to change their lives better.

Harsh? Well, you’ll probably be having a reaction if you see some truth for you in what I just said. In fact you’ll probably be denying the reality of what I’m saying!

Positive thinking achieves your outcomes
Positive thinking can achieve almost anything…

And in fact it’s not easy to dispel negative beliefs about yourself – if it were, the world would be a much more positive place, and people would generally have a much higher opinion of themselves than they actually do.

There are many obstacles to thinking positively. For some reason the mind seems to be programmed to move more rapidly and powerfully towards the negative than towards the positive.

That’s an expression of human nature, sadly.

It seems to be something about the fear response we have to so many people and situations. (It might even be a genetically programmed emotional response that is designed to keep us safe from strangers or novel situations.)

Perhaps the way this hinders success is by causing us to diminish or deny possibilities and to find reasons not to pursue our aspirations.

So when I talk about people having to have a certain level of consciousness what I really mean is that people have to be prepared to work at overcoming the obstacles that stand between them and success.

And anything that takes hard work and a certain amount of effort doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone!


Do you block yourself from success in manifesting what you want?
Do you block yourself?

Many people think that manifestation using Law of Attraction is an easy process, and that they can succeed simply by visualizing what they want for a few minutes twice a day.

And of course there are a lot of people who have propagated that viewpoint. (The Secret, anyone heard of it?)

But it isn’t true, for this reason. Most people have a vague idea of what they’d like. A bigger house, a big car, rate of financial wealth, perfect relationship… that kind of thing. But when they start visualizing it their minds immediately produce all kinds of and objections. No, it’s not for you…. you can’t have it….. you aren’t worth it…. you can’t do it…. and so on….

Want a million dollars? Sure, so sit down and visualize it. Oh dear, as soon as you start visualizing it you may realize that you don’t believe for a minute you’re capable of generating a million dollars.

And such a limiting belief means that you won’t be able to manifest
what you want.

Make no mistake about it, it really is as simple as that.

You see, the universe picks up on positive energy and it responds to it by producing whatever it is that people expect to have. Provided, of course, that their belief is total, their expectation complete, and their desire absolute.

Those are hard criteria for all but a few of us to summon up, and unless you’ve done a great deal of personal development work you may find it a challenging indeed to develop firm belief in what you’re trying to manifest.

So that’s probably why a lot of authors in this area advise people to try and manifest things that are just a little beyond their current level of abundance or achievement.

It’s because that’s believable.

Video – Believing What You Can Manifest

For most people, believing that something a little bit beyond where they are at the moment can be achieved is easy enough. But believing that you can generate a million dollars if you happen to be finding it hard to put the next rent check together – well, that’s something else altogether.

On the other hand of course those authors who talk about setting your aspirations far beyond where you are moment are probably  speaking from their own experience: they – most likely – have no difficulty believing they can manifest immense wealth.

And that’s the key – this process will work invariably and without fail, provided that you believe and expect to get what you want. 

People who have achieved great deal of success have got where they are by single-mindedly focusing on what they want.

And they almost certainly don’t even realize what they are doing: for them, living in a state of complete belief about the reality they can manifest is natural. There’s no self-doubt inside them!

So how can you, as an ordinary person, going to be able to manifest great success if you can’t summon up the same level of self-confidence and self belief?

Well, you could try to eliminate limiting beliefs with Shadow Work or Self Hypnosis – programs are easily available these days on the Internet.


I’ve met people who think that by sitting in a chair visualizing themselves slim, they’ll be able to lose weight.

Do you really think that that’s possible?

(As a matter of fact, I actually do think it’s possible, but I know that 99% of the people in the world believe that to be a ridiculous idea – so it’s not true for them. It’s as simple as that!)

So what that means is that you actually have to take some action.

You have to do something.

Want to lose weight? Exercise daily and stop eating junk food might be a good start.

Want a partner? Get out and meet people. That might help.

Want a new car? Decide what it is you want. Immerse yourself in that knowledge.

And of course at the same time you should be visualizing yourself achieving your desired outcome.

By doing that, you feed your mind with positive energy and images that it can use as a template for the new you, with success manifested.

You see, the thing is this: you actually have to have the right intentions before the universe will “co-operate” with you.

When we talk about Law of Attraction, what we mean by that is that certain things need to happen in a certain order before manifestation can occur.

Remember, I said earlier that a certain level of consciousness would help people to manifest reality – indeed, some would argue that manifestation needs a fairly advanced level of consciousness.

In essence, what this means is that Law of Attraction will only give you abundance when you are ready for it – both mentally and spiritually.

And of course you can develop your readiness by taking small steps, by achieving incremental targets one at a time.

The question, really, I think is this: are you actually ready to write your own destiny? And if you are, how much time and effort are you willing to commit to it?

Just For Fun – Manifesting A Post On This Blog

The Power Of The Unconscious In Manifestation 

I have been working this afternoon on the power of the unconscious mind, and its ability to produce synchronicity, coincidence, and generally act as a gateway between your conscious intentions and the astounding power of the universe. It is, in short, an agent of manifestation.

So I thought I’d have a bit of fun to close my working day, and open Napoleon Hill’s book Think And Grow Rich at random, to see if I could construct an article with any kind of synchronicity.

I’ll tell you what did strike me immediately: the fact that Think And Grow Rich is a book written in 1928! It’s desperately in need of updating.

However, it does contain some fundamental truths about manifestation, and Hill’s writing  is good in some areas.

He strong, for example, when he talks about the sixth sense being the agent through which “infinite intelligence” can communicate with everyone of us.

Now I know what he means by infinite intelligence – he means cosmic consciousness, universal energy, the collective unconscious, or some higher power, which appears to be the collective memory and knowledge of the universe, together with some kind of space-time continuum out of which an infinite number of possibilities can manifest on our physical plane.

Not that Hill put it that way, LOL!

Rather, Hill referred to the sixth sense as the creative imagination, but to be honest you can call it what you will. He was right in saying, however, that it defies description. And he was also right in saying that it can’t be described to someone who hasn’t mastered the philosophy of manifestation.

In short, unless you’ve experienced the power of the subconscious for yourself, you’re not likely to be able to fully understand it. And, you probably won’t believe in it, either.

As Hill said, you can only understand the creative imagination if you have spent time exploring how it operates, and using it as the “medium of contact between the finite mind of man and infinite intelligence”.

The creative intelligence, or the sixth sense, or the unconscious mind, have a spiritual aspect to them: they are the gateway, or the point of contact, between the human mind and the collective unconscious or infinite intelligence.

The way in which this works is mysterious to us, even now, but it’s certainly the means by which “miracles” appear to happen in our lives. Yet of course manifestation only appears to be a miracle because we don’t know the full explanation of how our minds can connect with the infinite intelligence of the universe.

What we do know is that manifestation is not a magical process, and in one sense at least it’s not a mysterious one either.

Manifestation takes place because our minds have the ability to communicate with infinite intelligence. And infinite intelligence is able to transmute our desires into concrete or material form.

Internal counsellors and manifestation

So one of the things that Hill wrote about was his internal, imaginary council. This was composed of historical figures in his imagination including Napoleon, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison and other notable figures from the world of business and science at the time.

Hill invited these figures – initially nine of them – into his imagination and sat them around what he called the council table, where he acted as chairman. And then he allowed them free range of expression, so they could say what they wanted to, they could make observations as and when they felt so inclined, and they could offer advice in response to his questions.

So far so good – quite an ingenious process, don’t you think?

Hill started this process because he wanted to incorporate the character of his counselors into his own psyche – specifically, he says in his book, to overcome the disadvantages of the circumstances into which he was born (he speaks of the handicap of being born into an environment of ignorance and superstition).

At the time, the development of psychology as a science was taking place in America, and people like William James were coming up with the first ideas about how personality and character was formed.

Hill clearly believed that a man’s character was determined by his dominant thoughts, and he believed that if he incorporated the best and most impressive characteristics of his imaginary counselors into his own behavioral and emotional repertoire, he would take on those characteristics.

Again, a fair assumption, quite sophisticated for his time.

But something rather unexpected began to happen: Hill began to experience these characters as though they were real.

For example, they developed individual habits and characteristics in his imagination, and sometimes they offered individual advice and behaved in a very idiosyncratic way.

It’s no wonder that at the time Hill kept this to himself: indeed, he didn’t speak of it until he was in the last third of his life, by which time, as he wryly observed, he had more courage to speak of such matters than he had in his youth!

Eventually, the meetings became so realistic that Hill developed some anxiety about the consequences, and discontinued them for several months.

Indeed, it appears that Hill might have thought he was going mad, although what he actually said was: “I was afraid if I continued them I would lose sight of the fact that the meetings were purely experiences of my imagination.”

Yet it’s clear from his writing about his counselors that he really suspected something above and beyond the power of his imagination was at work here.

One night, he had a dream in which Abraham Lincoln came to him and told him how essential his work would be in inspiring future generations, as a result of which he reconvened his imaginary council, and set it back to work.

Now Napoleon Hill does emphasize the fact that he knew this council was purely imaginary, but he also said that “While the members of my cabinet may be purely fictional, and the meetings existent only in my imagination, they have led me into glorious pats of adventure, rekindled an appreciation of true greatness, encourage creative endeavor, and embolden the expression of honest thought.”

He then goes on to talk about the sixth sense, what he described as the source of “hunches”. And then he specifically said that during his meeting with his counselors, he found his mind most receptive to ideas, thoughts, and knowledge which reached him through his sixth sense. Indeed, he attributed his counselors full credit for such ideas, facts or knowledge as he received through inspiration.

In other words, Hill regarded his imaginary counselors as being a gateway to infinite intelligence.

He had, in short, developed a mode of connection with infinite intelligence using symbols and imagination in his own mind. (Read more about master mind groups here.*)

And although he started out years before with the intention of taking on the characteristics of the men who he recruited into his council, in later years, he began to use them as a source of inspiration and information.

Although he freely admitted that he did not depend entirely on information from this source, what he said was that he went to his imaginary counselors with “every difficult problem which confronts me and my clients. The results are often astonishing, although I do not depend entirely on this form of counsel”.

Now what’s interesting about this to me is that people often speak of the power of the unconscious when they are talking about manifestation, yet I don’t really see anybody, anywhere, using a system as refined as Napoleon Hill’s as a mechanism for contacting infinite intelligence.

Just imagine, for a moment, if you could develop a system like this in your mind, and use it as a deliberate conduit through which you could communicate your intentions and goals – in short the things you wish to manifest – to the universal intelligence.

Would this not be a very powerful and effective adjunct to the process of manifestation?

Perhaps this was what Hill meant when he spoke about “the secret” that he had concealed within the pages of Think And Grow Rich?

*When success guru Napoleon Hill interviewed Andrew Carnegie, inquiring as to the secret of his success, Carnegie replied that it could be traced to the “sum total of the minds” of his business associates–his managers, accountants, chemists and so on. He called this combined brain power a “master mind,” and attributed to it the power of his success. Hill came to believe that a Master Mind was not only the key to Carnegie’s success, but the secret to the success of all great men, the “very foundation stone of all outstanding personal achievements.” From Art Of Manliness.

Manifest Success

Michael, who saw this website, sent in this inspirational success story about how he manifested a loving relationship.

Because of my background – an unwanted child, brought up in an emotionally abusive family by parents who were limited in every way – I found it hard to trust anyone as I grew up, and at some point I came to the conclusion that I would always be alone.

After all, that seemed like the safest way to be in the world.

Alone or together? your life is what you think it is...
Alone or together? Your life is what you think it…

At the same time, I was very adept at making friends – though interestingly enough, those friendships never lasted long when circumstances moved us physically apart.

And yet of course there was a consequence as I moved through puberty and adolescence into early adulthood – one I never expected: it seemed impossible for me to establish a long-term intimate romantic relationship.

Perhaps because of my desire to explore the world, I was never lacking short-term relationships – even one night stands – but that intimate, close relationship? It never appeared.

So finally, at the age of 39, I decided I’d had enough of this and things had to change. So the first thing that I did was to address my belief that “I’ll always be alone.” After all, when you think about it, there could hardly be a worse belief to hold if you’re looking for an intimate relationship than this!

How did I deal with it? By doing deep personal therapeutic work. To be exact, Shadow Work (look it up on the internet if you want). Now I’m not suggesting that everybody needs to do this to achieve success with their goal setting. But the Law of Attraction is a law that only works when certain conditions are met.

But I do believe that if you have deep-seated beliefs about yourself which are directly oppositional to your desired outcomes, you will have a hard time believing you can get what you want.

Since belief is essential to the process of manifestation, it’s not the work of a genius to see that things are going to be – shall we say – more challenging than they otherwise would be.

Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill

It’s entirely possible to reprogram your subconscious by using self hypnosis, autosuggestion (as Napoleon Hill and others so wisely suggested almost a hundred years ago), and simple repetition and affirmation.

You’ll find your own way, I have no doubt… and I see there is a page on this website about overcoming limiting beliefs which might be helpful in guiding you to different solutions to this challenge to manifestation.

So having done my “work”, I then needed to set my goal. And that was very simple: an intimate relationship with a beautiful woman who would be my soulmate for life, in a relationship of strength, quality, and mutual respect.

It was a long time ago now, but I seem to recall setting this goal in April, and applying a deadline of July 31 to getting this outcome. That’s often helpful, by the way, because it focuses the mind; but, like the goal itself, you have to believe it’s possible.

Just to reiterate, once again, if I hadn’t done the work on my belief that “I would always be alone”, it doesn’t seem very likely that I’d have been successful in achieving my outcome.

And my belief system at the time told me that if I set a target of achieving that outcome within, say, one week, I wouldn’t be successful. You get the point, I’m sure. Do what you believe in!

And so every weekday for three months, I spent about half an hour every afternoon visualizing myself in a loving relationship, enjoying the most wonderful experiences imaginable.

Wayne Dyer - Wishes Fulfilled
Wayne Dyer – Wishes Fulfilled

Now, when we talk about the emotional energies that can fuel manifestation, some of the most powerful appear to be love, gratitude and joy.

Indeed, Wayne Dyer, in his book Wishes Fulfilled, speaks of love as the only emotional fuel for manifestation.

Video: Wayne Dyer at Wanderlust Festival

Of course when I was imagining (or “envisioning” – a word which absolutely sums up the nature of this process) this particular outcome, or, to put it another way, seeing and feeling my relationship in my imagination as a current reality, it was easy to summon up the energies of love, gratitude and joy. After all, in my mind, that was the very nature of my “experience to be”!

My desire was so strong for this relationship that I didn’t question it would happen. My self respect had reached the point where I believed it was possible, that I was a good enough person to have a loving relationship which would last, and I enjoyed my visualizations.

Going to Greece may not be necessary for everybody who wants a relationship!
Going to Greece may not be necessary for everybody who wants a relationship!

And then at some point in this process, a catalogue from a holiday company dropped through my door.

This was from  a company which owned a holistic holiday retreat center on a Greek island, where I’d visited a couple of years before. On impulse – or by design? – I signed up for a holiday in a particular two-week period in July.

I guess if I am honest about it, I did imagine that might be place where I could manifest a soulmate… particularly since most participants at this particular retreat center were women! But I can’t honestly say that I went there with the specific intention of meeting a partner.

And then, something arose: I think, looking back, it was some kind of important family gathering, but I’m not sure. The outcome, however, I remember very clearly: I had to move my two-week holiday back to start on 30 June.

And so, on June 30, I took the 24-hour trip by train, plane, boat, coach, another boat, and another coach to my destination. And on the way I traveled with my fellow holidaymakers, meeting, I thought, almost all of them.

Well, you’re probably ahead of me now. What happened next? At the introductory meeting on July 1, sitting in the opening circle, I looked across and I saw the woman I knew was there for me. How did I know? Well, how does one know these things?

And it was easy and delightful and exciting, and we’re still together 20 years later. Perhaps the most interesting point about the story is this: my beloved had to alter the dates of the holiday she’d booked, because of an invitation she’d received to a wedding. In fact, she had to move them in the opposite direction; she had to move the holiday forwards two weeks. And so her time in this beautiful holistic retreat center coincided with mine.

Positive thinking achieves your outcomes
Positive thinking can achieve almost anything…

Now, what business is it of mine to know how the universe might have arranged and rearranged our lives, and arranged and rearranged everybody else’s lives so that the exact combination of circumstances that was necessary for us to meet was manifested in our physical reality?

The answer I think is clear: don’t mess with the Cursed Hows! Set your goal, have faith, keep the faith, supply the emotional energy, take some action, and one way or another the universe will manifest whatever it is you want.

When you hear a story like this, “miracles” become commonplace. And I suppose, for The Universal Force, God, Divine Intelligence, The Great Mind – call it what you will – miracles really are commonplace. After all, they happen every day….as our universal Law Of Attraction makes clear.

As Mike Dooley says: “Never give up. Everything that’s happened and is happening now is playing to your favor. Let this be your modus operandi and remember: throughout every journey, the miracles of progress are almost always invisible. What surrounds you today is no indicator of what’s going to unfold tomorrow. Where you are is never who you are.”

Video: Mike Dooley