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Understanding The Mechanism Of Manifestation

Mike Dooley, in his excellent book Manifesting Change, writes about an analogy for achieving goals and objectives.

As he points out, when you’re using a GPS Satellite Navigation system to obtain driving directions, the first thing you do is  feed into the machine the destination where you want to end up.

Manifest Reality:
How To Get What You Want

In a fraction of a second, the system will calculate how you get from your starting point to your finishing point, and in doing so, it will have considered every possible route, and come up with the quickest, easiest, and simplest way for you to get your destination.

It’s a fantastic analogy of how the universe works when you’re giving it an end result. You don’t need to know how the program calculates the journey from A to B; all you need to know is how to drive the car. As soon as you start out on your journey, the instructions will automatically guide you to your destination.

Manifestation is like a GPS SatNav
Is manifestation like a giant GPS system?

And note with a GPS satellite navigation system you don’t even have to feed your starting point into the system. You only have to provide your destination – yet the system can still get you there, and again it will consider every possible route for you to take before selecting the one that is going to allow you to reach your destination.

Goal setting is very similar to this, because the first thing you have to decide is where you want to get to – or rather, what you’d like your end result to be. You’ll see the importance of this very clearly, I hope: you can’t possibly hope to get a desired outcome unless you’ve made it very clear what that outcome is, both to yourself and the universe!

Your desired outcome must be both clear and accurate. Again, to return to the analogy of the GPS, if you make a mistake of only one character when you’re entering in your destination ZIP code or postal code, you can end up in completely the wrong location. Similarly, our universal Law Of Attraction requires clear instructions to work well for you.

Goals get you what you want
Goals get you what you want

For manifesting anything, therefore, your starting point is clarity about what it is you  want.

And furthermore, there is something really significant about this for your personal development. In Shadow Work, we talk a lot about Sovereign Energy. This is the energy of the leader in your life, which you can think of as the part of you which manages your life, chooses which direction to take, chooses how to get there, and controls and governs your “realm” or “kingdom”.

Some of the qualities of the sovereign, be it King or Queen, are discernment, good judgement, wisdom, clarity of purpose, generosity of spirit, and a general tendency to act for the benefit of everybody in your world.

No doubt you can see that goal setting is something that the King or Queen in you takes care of. After all, your internal King or Queen is in charge of running your life.

(If you don’t like the word King or Queen, you can substitute anything more to your taste – chief, leader, manager, Chieftain, director… Whatever suits you. The principle is always the same – this is the part of you responsible for success in the world.)

Law of Attraction At Work

So manifesting reality is the work of this sovereign part of you: and as you can imagine, the qualities of a good sovereign are the qualities that you need to be successful at manifesting your reality.

Of course the importance of having sovereign qualities at work when you’re trying to manifest anything is most clearly seen when you are able to honor (i.e. appreciate and accept whole-heartedly) your own wishes and desires.

Getting what you wan t increases your self-esteem
Getting what you want increases your self-esteem

That honoring most clearly comes in the form of believing you can manifest what you want.

And it’s also seen in the quality of acceptance: that is to say, in your own acceptance that it’s right and proper for you to know what your dreams and wishes for the future are, and right and proper that you can achieve them, whether they be material, spiritual, or emotional.

Manifesting With A Purpose

Other people have spoken of the importance of having a sense of purpose in different ways: for example, some people speak of having “a reason to get out of bed in the morning”, or “knowing what you’re on the planet to do”, or “fulfilling your sacred contract”.

But it doesn’t matter how you see this. Because knowing what you want in life, and going for it, are intrinsically rewarding to the human mind.

And the most important form of honoring you can give yourself is to believe in your ability to manifest, to achieve and acquire what you wish to have in your life. (To reiterate: as long as you know what that is, of course!)

Being Selfish

One of the problems we face in our society is that many of us are brought up not to be “selfish”. We are taught that getting what we want is somehow wrong, or that we should focus more on other people than ourselves.

In some cases, of course, people don’t even know what they want because they’ve been so effectively taught not to take any notice of their own wishes or desires.

The truth of the matter couldn’t be more different: knowing what you want, and then being able to manifest it, is actually both a gift to yourself and a gift to the world.

The gift to you is that when you are achieving your own goals and objectives, your self-esteem goes up, and you become a more effective sovereign in your own life.

And once you become a more effective sovereign in your own life, your leadership and wisdom begin to impact on the world at large.

Over time, you may find that your desires and objectives become “transpersonal” – in other words, that you begin to set goals and objectives which not only fulfill you, but which clearly work for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

This transpersonal move into manifesting stuff – not only for your own benefit but for the benefit of the world – is what enables people like Bill Gates, Bono, Bob Geldof, Hillary Clinton, Richard Branson, and many other philanthropists who are not publicly recognized, to shine a bright light into dark places in the world and to work positively for the good.

And nothing is more satisfying to the human spirit and when you’re fulfilling a purpose that you believe to be part of the bigger picture of how the universe is operating.

In short, as Mike Dooley says, “Universal principles are always at play. When it comes to choosing your end results and deliberately shaping your life, it’s up to you to decide exactly what your priorities and preferences are.”

Video – Manifestation

How To Be Happy

How to Be Happy

I think we’d all agree there’s a happiness deficit in the world today. Perhaps it’s because we’re focusing on the negative. So could it be that just changing your behaviour might make you happier?

Well, my own experience of just practising gratitude suggests this is probably true. That simple changes can produce a massive amount of joy.

Here are some suggestions from life hack about how you might be happy.

1 Give up Jealousy

And by jealousy I mean the experience of being one down to somebody else when you make a comparison between what they have and what you have. If looking at somebody else who successful gives you a goal to aspire to, so much the better. But if all it does is make you miserable and produces a sense of failure, stop doing it. Instead, focus on your own success and how you might become more successful.

2 Give up the Fear of Change.

In the work I’ve done over the years it’s absolutely extraordinary how often I’ve come across people who knew their lives were terrible, but who absolutely refused to make any effort to change simply because they were frightened of what might happen if they stepped out of their “comfort zone”. (And that’s somewhat ironic considering the comfort zone is usually a kind of hell on earth!) How could it be that somebody could fear change so much that they stick with their own hell on earth? Often it’s because they actually don’t make a simple decision to change things for the better.

3 Give up the Need to Be in Control

Being in control is only way of keeping yourself safe – but the irony is you can’t be in control of everything. It’s a simple piece of advice: “give up the need to be in control”. But it takes some effort. In fact it takes quite a bit of effort. Nonetheless, if you start recognising the certain things in certain events really are just beyond your control, and in actual fact you probably have no right to interfere anyway, then life becomes a lot easier. And ironically, it’s from that place that you can begin to manifest what you want more easily.

4 Achieve a Balance in Life

You all know what I mean by that: a balance between work and pleasure and leisure. A balance between home and family. A life where you are looking after yourself and the people around you.

5 Stop Blaming Others

This is probably the hardest single change for people to make. And of course there’s no doubt that our history, our childhood experience, our family environment, the bad boss, the awkward siblings, and so on can really impact on how we live our lives today. But just ask yourself this: did you ever meet anybody whose life improved because they were blaming what happened to them in the past? No, the only way people can improve their lives is by taking responsibility for the future. By taking responsibility and deciding once and for all that you are actually in charge of your own life, is possible for you to start focusing on solutions and shedding baggage of the past, which is almost certainly holding you back.

6 Be More Positive

It’s certainly true that where the attention goes, the energy flows. So if you’re criticizing, complaining, gossiping, focusing on the negative, moaning about how bad the news on TV is, thinking about the state of the world and all that other stuff, you’re wasting your energy. That’s energy that you could be putting into something more positive. One of my mentors once suggested to me that I stopped reading the newspaper watching the TV and radio news, and though I found it hard to give up what looks like an addiction in retrospect, I can tell you the difference it made to my mental state and energy was phenomenal. Focus on the things that you can control and change not on the ones you can’t.

7 Give Up The Need to Be Right

This was a big one for me. Of course wanting to be right is just another form of wanting to be in control, but there’s so much wasted energy goes along with this: persuading others, forcing others even to take on your point of view on attitudes and belief systems just so you feel validated. It’s pointless!

Validation comes from within, from knowing your own worth, and from having a set of values that are yours and yours alone and don’t depend on the approval or acceptance of anybody else. The only thing that need to be right produces is conflict. A wise elder knows there’s no point trying to persuade others to change their mind. They change their mind because of their experience. So give up the desire to be right all the time and use the energy that that frees up to improve your life.

8 Identify and Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs

You can find more information on that on this website!

9 Find a Supportive Group Who Are on Your Side

Were all social creatures, and it’s extraordinarily easy to fall in with people who have a negative influence on you. To fall in with people who have no aspirations, or ambitions or drive. If you’re in a group of people like this, you’re almost certainly going to achieve far less than you otherwise could. You need to be surrounded by people who inspire you, people who act as role models, people who support you, and people who truly want you to live your life to the fullest.

10 Let Go of the past

Sometimes it isn’t possible to let go of the wounds that we experienced in childhood, and therapy or some kind of reparative work is needed to heal the wounds. I don’t think it is true you can just sidestep this stuff, but if you feel that the past is holding you back, then go and do something about it. Get some good therapy, join a support group, take of some practice like mindfulness or meditation. Just do something. By taking action, the past can become a source of wisdom and experience rather than holding you back by drawing your energy repeatedly to the negative experiences that you had during childhood.

Manifesting Money With Napoleon Hill

The Mystery Of Manifestation

Napoleon Hill’s most famous book is undoubtedly Think and Grow Rich. It’s sold over 100 million copies since it was published in the 1920s – a fact which testifies to its extraordinary power.

Think And Grow Rich
Think And Grow Rich

But it may not help you work out the meaning of manifestation or help you find a practical way to manifest your desires.

You see, although Napoleon Hill wrote that “in every chapter of this book, mention has been made of the moneymaking secret which has made fortunes more than 500 exceeding the wealthy men who might have carefully analysed over a long period of years”, I don’t think the secret is either clear or obvious.

Hill wanted to tease people because he thought it would be more valuable to them if they could find out what the secret of manifestation was for themselves.

Even so, if you read the book you may well end up mystified as to exactly which secret he was referring to! The truth is that manifestation is a process that everyone can do, and we don’t need to be teased by a guru from the 1920s!

So I’m going to review this book chapter by chapter, and then tell you exactly what it is that Napoleon Hill was so reticent about revealing.

Because although he may have wanted to keep the secret hidden for his own reasons, perhaps of all the books that have been written about manifestation, Think and Grow Rich is the one that explains the principles most powerfully.

But in modern times, we need to put the prejudices of Hill’s time aside and ignore the way he speaks about race and culture and gender. Even though those anachronisms do not alter the value and truth of the principles which Napoleon Hill set out in this book, it can be, in places, an uncomfortable read. (Racism in particular, was so much more common then – but Hill’s book is full of unconscious prejudice of one kind or another.)

Instead, you can use my summary of the principles of manifestation!

So, Think and Grow Rich was written in the 1920s, and the men in the book who Napoleon Hill studied as he investigated manifestation and Law Of Attraction principles included the industrial barons of the time like Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie.

I’ve heard people say that times have changed, and there are no longer the kinds of opportunities for making money open to those rich industrialists around the turn of the 19th century. Yet this is total piffle!

If you think of people like Richard Branson of Virgin, Steve Jobs of Apple, Bill Gates of Windows, and Larry Page and Brin Sergey of Google, amongst literally thousands of others, you can only conclude that opportunity has always been available – and still is….

Sidebar: Steve Jobs inspiring Harvard students. The text. Let him inspire you, too. Or just watch the video below.

The video. Success is made, not born.

Sidebar: Success Is A Product Of Your Own Creation

From The Guardian newspaper, England, November 2014. 

Who’s Hayley Parsons? She’s a 41-year-old Welsh entrepreneuse. She left school at 16 with [few qualifications] , got a job making tea in an insurance office, then got a job selling insurance for a company called Admiral, where she helped to set up [an insurance comparison site]. And it was at this point, in 2006, that she spotted a niche in the market for a Welsh insurance price and product comparison site…

You’d think someone would have got there first. But no one had. So Parsons set up, which crucially let people compare policy details as well as prices, worked hard and made the company a huge success while her husband Mark quit his job to look after their two children. She’ll get £44m [ that’s 44 million UK pounds – about 68 million US dollars ] for selling her stake in this deal, on top of whatever else she’s already made.

 Of her success, Hayley says: “I think a lot of it comes down to attitude and personality…. I’m not afraid to go for something and do it… I meet so many people in business who just get stuck up their own backsides and that’s not me at all.”

For those who are ready to manifest wealth and success – or indeed, anything else that they want – the opportunities are always available.

Truly, all riches do have their beginning in an idea.
Truly, all riches do have their beginning in an idea.

And remember, the techniques you have available to you today for transforming the way your mind operates are far superior to the ones available in Hill’s day.

Manifesting What You Want

Hill talks a lot about “autosuggestion” which basically seems to amount to writing out instructions to yourself on a card, and then carrying it around with you, memorizing it, and reading it yourself several times a day.

Nowadays this process of re-programming the subconscious can be done in many other ways, much more efficiently … and yet, oddly enough, Hill’s methods will still work if you use them with dedication.

In the introduction to Think and Grow Rich, Hill says we are all the masters of our fate because we have the power to control our thoughts.

Grasp this, for it is the most important factor behind every single aspect of your life today.

The mind has incredible power, the power to adapt the world around you to match the way that you’re thinking.

And the power of the mind can work to produce both positive and negative outcomes. It will convert just as quickly thoughts of poverty into physical reality as it will thoughts of riches.

With that in mind, and in a spirit of open-mindedness, let’s begin on the facts and information Napoleon Hill provided which can entirely change your financial destiny.

Read on in the next post all about the first principle of success.

The Law Of Attraction & Manifestation – The Kybalion

Manifestation is something that really confuses people.

A lot of people believe in the idea, or at least would like to believe in the idea, but find it quite difficult to actually make it work for them.

Yet the truth of the matter is that one of your purposes in life is to learn how to harness your desires, wishes and energies, and turn them into reality.

As Napoleon Hill put it, “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” We have been given both the power to imagine and outcome, and the means to achieve it.


There are traditions going back to the beginning of recorded human history which speak of the power of Manifestation and The Law of Attraction.

Manifestation is the ability of any human being to use certain techniques to manifest what he or she desires.

The Law Of Attraction – more accurately Laws – are the principles which you can use to manifest your desires.

There’s nothing mysterious about this.

Although the early teachers of manifestation tried to hide their teachings in secrecy and mystery, and tried to limit the knowledge for a select few who had undergone initiation rituals of one kind or another, the fact is this knowledge is now and always has been available to everyone.

Or at least, to those who care to look for it.

And manifesting your desires is a healthy way to live.

You know that your thoughts create reality — otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. But you may wonder how you can control your thoughts, and you may want to know what techniques you have to use, so that manifestation of your desires becomes consistent and reliable.

The Kybalion - An Ancient Text On ManifestationOne of the original accounts of how to turn thoughts into reality was the Kybalion.

This was an ancient Egyptian text, but its origins are irrelevant.

Our only interest in it today is to see what it can tell us about Laws Of Attraction and the process of Manifestation.

The Kybalion was written by an Egyptian sage called Hermes. That’s why these teachings are called hermetic teachings. Like many others who have been interested in manifestation, Hermes tried to make sense of the principles behind this phenomenon by classifying and ordering what he thought was going on.

And so, to make sense of it, he came up with seven sacred secrets or principles of manifestation. Here, they are, with some comments about how they relate to us nowadays as we  manifest our desires.

The First Sacred Hermetic Secret Or Principle Of Manifestation

Everything in the entire universe, whether physical, intellectual, spiritual or emotional, is part of an all-encompassing divine creation.

People give this different names: The Mystery, All That Is, The Life Force, Cosmic Consciousness, and so on … you may have your own name for it.

Of course if this is true, and we are all living inside an omnipresent and omniscient energy force, or divine presence, then we are all more connected than we are separate, more similar than we are different.

A Modern Interpretation

Nothing, as you know, is permanent.

Change is a continuous force all around us. And whether you call controlling and directing energy of the universe Spirit, Divine Wisdom, or All That Is, this energy is present in every place.

In the Kybalion, Hermes put it like this: “That which is the fundamental truth, the substantial reality, is beyond true naming, but wise men call it the All. In its essence, the All is unknowable. The All must have continuously and always existed, for nothing else could create it, and nothing else could exist outside it. The All must be infinite in space as there is no place outside of it.”

cosmic consciousness
Cosmic Consciousness? The All? The Mystery? Call It What You Will…

This, of course, begins to sound a bit like “God”. But do we really need to consider the nature of Spirit, the nature of “All That Is”?

No, we do not, simply because spirit transcends our understanding, just as it always has and always will.

Given the grace to use Spirit (or whatever you call the universal energy) to manifest our desires, need we look beyond the techniques that we can use to get what we want, or should we be content in knowing that the universe has granted us the power of manifestation?

To me the answer is clear: explanation is not necessary. It is our grace that we can manifest whatever we wish, when we know how to do so.

And do we really need to consider the divine paradox — that matter is both illusory and real, simultaneously?

Modern quantum physics teaches us that matter is energy, and energy is matter, and that surely, is that!

The point for us right here, right now, in manifesting our desires is to simply keep in mind that because matter and energy are interchangeable,  the power of our brains is such that it can influence the manifestation of matter around us.

It’s also able to change events and energies around us so that certain outcomes can occur, can be made manifest.

And in any event, it’s not true that our universe is either an illusion or a paradox. In fact, our physical universe is but one, very real, manifestation of the energy of the universe.

It happens to be the manifestation that we require for our lives as physical beings on this planet.

At the same time, because we are also spiritual beings and we have an energetic existence, we can connect with the energy behind the universe, and influence how things manifest on earth.

Every system of manifestation, every example of Law Of Attraction, depends upon a certain mental process.

The hermeticists, the followers of the Egyptian sage Hermes, used words like meditation and divine attention to describe the process that somebody needed to use before they could engage with the mental energy, the spiritual energy of the universe. Others have called these processes, desire, belief, visualization, faith and more.

NASA's Space Telescope Shows Us The Extent Of Our Universe
NASA’s Space Telescope shows us the extent of our Universe

The Second Sacred Secret

The phrase which has come to sum up The Second Sacred Hermetic Principle is: “As above, so below … as below, so above.”

What this means in practice is that the physical, spiritual, or mental activities are subject to the same spiritual laws.

A Modern Interpretation

We all know the saying “As above, so below;  as below, so above”. The “above” refers to the spiritual plane, and “below” to the physical. That’s how people think of our spiritual existence – somehow higher than us. But it’s incorrect to do so, because all three planes of existence co-exist together in the same time and space.

So, in one sense, dividing our existence into spiritual, mental, and physical realms is artificial – they are all aspects of life and existence which co-exist together.

In other words, the physical, mental and spiritual realms reflect the qualities, each of the other. People think of the spiritual plane as having the highest vibrational energy – and maybe it does.

For me, a more useful way to think of these three planes of existence is to see them as different aspects of the All, the Mystery, All That Is,  Cosmic Consciousness, or whatever name you wish to use for the power of the Universe.

We can touch the cosmic consciousness by using our minds in certain ways.

Any formula for manifesting your desires, for getting what you want, achieving success, setting goals and making them come true, will ALWAYS involves some mental process that allows connection between your mind and the cosmic consciousness.

The most ancient form of such connection, of course, is prayer. But how many people have been let down by prayer over the years? Far more, I suspect that have had their desires manifested. We’ll examine why prayer works so inconsistently in the section of these writings about Belief.

The Third Sacred Secret

Everything in the universe is composed of matter which vibrates at a certain rate; and matter is just a physical form of energy.

Matter and Energy Are The Same Thing At The Atomic Level
Matter and energy are the same thing at the Atomic Level

We all know that is true, as the work of the atomic physicists from the days of Einstein onwards has shown.

It is a powerful and amazing thought, even so: what appears to be solid is, in fact, just energy. And since energy is universal, and manifests in different forms only because it has different energetic frequencies, it follows that we can probably influence what’s going on around us by changing the frequency of our own vibrations.

A Modern Interpretation 

The fact that energy and matter are interchangeable means that every thought, every emotion, every desire, attracts to itself its physical equivalent.

You’ve probably experienced how your mood can be affected by the mood of others — and, as you know, the same is true in reverse.

When you with a person who is happy, you tend to feel happy, and when you’re with a person who is depressed and negative, you feel your own mood lowering. (Unless you protect yourself from the transmission of their energy to you.)

Naturally energy flows from a higher energetic state to a lower energetic state.

That’s why you raise your emotional energy when manifesting…. (we’ll see how you can do this later on).

Somehow, the mind has the power to attract towards you the things about which you consistently think: so if you consistently think about poverty, you’re raising your awareness of poverty, and you’re avoiding the opportunities that wealth presents to you.

This means you generally have a “poverty consciousness”.

This simply means you’re functioning at one end of the poverty / wealth polarity – and by changing your thoughts to what some might consider to be a “higher” frequency vibration, you can raise your expectations so that you move both mentally and physically to the prosperity end of the spectrum.

And the same is true of any other polarity that exists in your life: health, wealth, relationships, success – these things are there for the taking, and the primary step to achieving them is to match your vibrations, your energies, your thought processes, with the energy in the world that will make these things manifest as a positive, healthy reality for you.

To put it more simply: you get what you think about.

But of course, you have to think about your desires in a particular way – which is the whole point of manifestation and Law Of Attraction.

The Fourth Sacred Secret

Everything that appears to be an opposite is in fact just simply a polarity.

So, like masculinity and femininity, poverty and prosperity are simply at opposite ends of another spectrum. Enlightenment and ignorance are another pair of qualities which occur at different ends, at different polarities, of another spectrum.

By raising our energy so that it more closely approaches that of the higher end of a particular spectrum, it’s possible to transmute unwanted and undesirable situations into something more positive.

A Modern Interpretation

If you worry about money, or complain that you don’t have enough, your thoughts are at the poverty end of the finance polarity. That’s what you attract.

And even if you don’t appear to have money right now, simply changing your thought processes to focus on prosperity and opportunity will change your physical circumstances.

But of course you must believe that prosperity is possible.

Releasing, eliminating, changing, or even destroying your limiting beliefs is a fundamental aspect of getting what you want and manifesting success.

Take love and hate.

Love And Hate Are Polarities On A Single Spectrum
Love And Hate Are Polarities On A Single Spectrum

A lot of people think these are completely different things. Yet they are simply opposite ends of a polarity: very few people feel either completely pure love or completely pure hate. Most of us experience a mix of these emotions.

The principle of polarity also allows you to influence another person’s mental state: to either elevate or depress it.

Another example: depression and fear can be transmuted into positivity and courage.

And you almost certainly will have experienced how the transmission of mental energy from one person to another can be conducted.

If you consistently attract negative people to you, is it because you are negative yourself? (Misery loves company!) Or is it because these depressed people are taking your positive energy to make themselves feel better?

The Fifth Sacred Secret

The Kybalion suggests that the entire universe operates to a precise and predictable rhythm.

A Modern Interpretation

While the Kybalion seems to suggest that every movement in one direction will produce a compensating movement in the opposite direction – in other words every success hast to be followed by a failure, every rise to be followed by a fall – the truth is rather different.

Success can be a continuous process. Getting what you want can be practiced each and every day.

There’s no negative karma coming just because you get what you desire. The universe did not give you the power to manifest what you want only to take it off you again.

If people succeed and then subsequently fail, they do so merely because they have a belief system which holds that every success has to be followed by failure.

Change your belief system, to expect success, and success will be a continuous process. We are not subject to any kind of Law Of Compensation as the Kybalion suggested.

Success is not followed by some kind of Karmic Payback - it is yours to keep. Whether or not you do so depends on your belief system.
Success is not followed by some kind of Karmic Payback – it is yours to keep. Whether or not you do so depends on your belief system.

The Sixth Sacred Secret

This is simply the law of cause and effect: every cause has its effect, every effect has its cause. Chance does not exist: it’s only a name given to the law of cause and effect where those two qualities are not yet recognized.


Cause and Effect Are Inevitable
Cause and effect are inextricably linked….. 

While there are many levels of causation, the essence of this principle is that nothing can happen by chance.

Life mastery, the ability to manifest using the Law Of Attraction, is the product of YOU becoming a conscious cause rather than a passive recipient of effect.

A Modern Interpretation

Every event has a cause.

Even so, I don’t buy into the idea that wherever you are in life right now is the product of your own creation.

Too many people have suffered abusive childhoods and are still experiencing the consequences in their own adult lives for me to believe that the universe – or even the people themselves – actually chose to manifest into an abusive childhood so that they could “learn something”.

I think this is banal and simplistic, and possibly even an insult to the creative design of the universe. (And I might be wrong, of course.)

I’d much prefer to understand the law of cause and effect working as follows: that in your adult life today, every single action you take has a consequence. What the universe gives you is the power to redeem your situation….

The Law Of Cause And Effect May Be Simpler Than It Seems!
…and The Law Of Cause And Effect may be simpler than it seems! Every action has a consequence. Simple. Or not.

Even when you cannot understand why something has happened to you, you can safely assume that the law of cause and effect is at work. Perhaps the cause of what has happened to you (the effect or outcome) is simply too complicated to see clearly.

To take responsibility for your own life, it is necessary to accept that you CAN AND DO create, right here, right now, the things that happen to you.

No matter how bad your childhood may have been, and no matter how limiting the environment in which you grew up, you do now have the power, if you choose, to change your situation by taking control of the causes of what happens in your life, of your “outcomes”.

You can also visualize your outcomes – or effects – so you set clear and specific objectives for your life, which your mind will then go to work to produce. That is how you really take full responsibility for your life.

The Seventh Sacred Secret

This is a development of the fourth Sacred Secret: it ascribes male and female energy to every force and creation in the universe.

I’m not entirely clear what Hermes meant by this, but he seemed to think that a combination of male energy and female energy were important in manifestation.

He wasn’t referring to conventional gender roles here, but something more like female energy being an attracting force and male energy being a creative force.

A Modern Interpretation

Rather than thinking of every event and experience in the universe as governed by feminine and masculine energy, let us simply say that there are different and complementary forces at work in the world, some of which will get us what we want, and others which will not.

  • The energy of creation, the energy of manifestation.
  • The energy of visualization, the energy of action.
  • The energy of cause, the energy of effect.
  • The energy of passion, and the energy of passivity.
  • The energy of desire, and the energy of acceptance.
  • The energy of belief, and the energy of hopelessness.
  • The energy of expectancy, and the energy of despair.

Perhaps these are better ways of describing the opposing energetic forces that the Kybalion described as masculine and feminine.

All energies are needed for manifestation.
All energies are needed for manifestation.

So we can take as much or as little of this as we wish, and transmute it into a modern system of manifestation.

Manifesting Your Desires

One of the most interesting things about working with Law Of Attraction principles is how easily and quickly they work: at least, when you have mastered the antecedents, the requirements, the preconditions, for the universal laws to take effect.

We don’t really have to look at complicated principles which were created by less sophisticated peoples (by our standards) than ourselves to explain a natural process.

The basis of manifestation is simple: intense desire, complete belief, and confident expectancy. Oh, and action in the world….

You can see and hear more about Desire, Belief, Expectancy and Action on this website.

Take away from the Kybalion some simple straightforward truths:

That whenever negative energies present, so must the positive energy be present too. Napoleon Hill summed this up when he said that “in every adversity there lies the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

Maintain your expectations towards the positive end of every polarity. Keep your thoughts positive, and you will manifest positive outcomes. Napoleon Hill summed this up: “The way you think determines the quality of your life.”

Balance visualization and creative thought with action.

And remember that you can think of your inner masculine and feminine as having different skills and abilities.

Since each of us has an inner masculine energy and an inner feminine energy, we are all capable of manifesting our desires by using the Law Of Attraction.

The masculine loves to take action, the feminine loves to create ideas. The masculine loves to go out and build, while the feminine taps into the creative unconscious.

One way to balance your masculine and feminine energy is to consistently engage in giving and receiving: give something every day (time, money, friendly words, or something more tangible) without any attachment to receiving praise, rewards or gratitude. This is your masculine energy at work.

And also allow your feminine to receive: it is very receptive to the whispers of the divine, of the collective unconscious. Quiet time, meditation, visualization, will allow your feminine to receive, to pass ideas on to the masculine, the energy which is always ready to take action.

“The possession of knowledge, unless accompanied by manifestation and expression in action, is like the hoarding of precious metals: a vain and foolish thing. Knowledge, like wealth, is intended for use.” – The Kybalion

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Law Of Attraction And Manifestation Defined

Here are two of the most important questions in the Universe: 
What is Manifestation? What is The Law Of Attraction?

And the third most important question, which you might be asking yourself, is this: How can I make it work for me?

What Do We Mean By Manifestation?

Quite simply, we can define manifestation as getting what you want by asking the Universe to provide it. Of course, you have to “ask” in a certain way! That’s what this site is all about.

Success can be measured in financial terms and many other ways.
Success can be measured in financial terms and many other ways.

Most people think of this in terms of financial success. But it can be anything – a great relationship, a job, a life partner, a house, a lifestyle…. you name it, the Universe is willing to provide it.

Expect success - and it will manifest
Are you ready for the full impact of success in your life?

But only if you do things a certain way. You see, we were given the power to manifest what we want, but there are some requirements that the Universe expects us to fulfill.

These are summed up in the eternal or universal Law of Attraction. This is a Law of Nature which has always existed, will always exist and is our birthright. It goes like this:

Desire + Belief + Expectancy + Action => Manifestation

Another word for belief is faith. So now we can define a universal Law of Attraction.

And What Is The Law of Attraction?

Yes, here it is! To repeat, the definition of Law of Attraction is simply:

Desire + Belief + Expectancy + Action => Manifestation

So. What does it mean?

I will take you through every step of the law on this website. But the essence of it is simple:

When you desire something with total commitment and passion, so strong that you can almost taste your desire for a certain outcome, and you combine that with complete faith or belief in your ability to achieve it, you activate the universal mechanism by which you can get whatever you want.

Combined with your complete expectancy that whatever you want will manifest, and some action on your part to show your commitment to your desired outcome, the universe offers you the opportunity to get what you want more easily than you could ever imagine.

Indeed, this process is almost magical – or at least it can seem that way! But the definition of manifestation and the meaning of our universal Law Of Attraction given above are simple and compelling.

Note: some people wonder about the difference between belief and expectancy. I always sum it up like this: I believe a man or woman can go into space, but I don’t expect to go there myself….

How To Get What You Want

And how do you convey your desire, your belief and your expectancy to the universe (or infinite intelligence, also known as cosmic consciousness or the Mystery or even God)?

You can visualize your desired outcome, firing up the energy of your visualization with intense emotion. (This MUST matter to you! In other words, your outcome MUST be important. It MUST be something you really care about, with your heart and soul.)

You can act “as if” you have already achieved it.

You can pray, with faith.

You can take action to show your commitment.

You can “burn your bridges” so you have no alternative but to seek out your objective. (Note: I don’t recommend this approach!)

You can surround yourself with like-minded people who support you.

And you can do much more, all of which is explained on this website.

Is the sun rising or setting on your ambition?

Is the sun rising or setting on your ambition?


Manifestation Is Not New

Since the earliest days of humanity, men and women alike have known about the secrets of manifestation. Many have tried to define it, to give it meaning.

Some seekers after these truths have tried to keep the information secret. Others have tried to spread the word, and been highly successful.

Napoleon Hill comes to mind here. I feature a lot of his work on this website. His book Think and Grow Rich is said to have sold over 100 million copies. Think about that for a moment: 100 million copies since 1937.

Think And Grow Rich
Think And Grow Rich

Others have spread the word and been highly successful but ridiculed for it – at least by the ignorant and unknowing. The Secret was a great book in many ways, but author Rhonda Byrne has received a lot of ridicule because of it. Why? She was simply setting out the secrets of getting what you want, just as many others have done before her.

Perhaps those who are too scared or hidebound or blinkered to see the possibility of their own greatness are scared by the greatness of others. Perhaps the sense of lack of fulfillment that comes from not achieving greatness or even just fulfilling your potential is too painful, so they seek to bring others down to their level. Who knows?

And for those who can rise above limited thinking, the rewards are waiting. And the knowledge of how to achieve whatever you desire is described on this website. And the meaning of it all will be clear, the definition simple.

All you need is within you now. This website can help you access it, so that you can achieve success in whatever field you wish.

As A Person Thinketh, So She or He Becomes

You are what you think. Or to put it another way, “All that you achieve and all that you fail to achieve is the direct result of your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs.”

You can blame others for your life, or your state of affairs – and most people do. But this changes nothing. Your life is now your creation, the end product of your beliefs, your thoughts, and your actions.

You make or unmake yourself by the thoughts you keep and the attitudes and beliefs you hold. You can be either your own greatest ally or your own worst enemy!

Doubt and fear never accomplished anything, and never will. They always lead to failure. Purpose, energy, presence and power, and all other strong thoughts, are lost when doubt and fear gain dominance.

But when you conquer doubt and fear you have conquered failure.

When you hold the positive, the powerful, the creative energy of the universe, you can manifest whatever you want. You can truly be the master of your destiny. You really can live the life you wish.

You alone hold the key to your future, and your success, and your achievements in life. Feast or famine: you choose. It is only down to you.

Our Deepest Fear (by Marianne Williamson)

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Marianne Williamson narrates her own work on success.